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Caylee in car-saet with Baby Mo'

Caylee in car-seat with Baby Mo' (doll #1)

We all know little Caylee Marie had her favorite baby doll named, Mama or “Mo”.  Caylee, according to those who’d spent time with her, hardly went anywhere without her “Mo”…  It was this baby doll that Cindy claimed to have found in Caylee’s car-seat when the car was brought home on July 15th.

But what puzzles me about this claim is this:


The Amscot branch manager who had Casey’s car towed, said, in one interview, that she went up and looked inside the car.  She saw that it was a little messy and remembered seeing a baby blanket on the backseat.

I do not recall if she mentioned the car-seat, but we don’t hear any mention of the baby doll.

**  The blanket she spoke of was NOT among the items given to LE and it was never mentioned by anyone.

Side View of Caylee's car-seat

Side View of Caylee's seat (all or parts of doll should have been visible)


The Johnson’s Wrecking Service manager says, when the car had been there for 4 days, he took notice.  He talked about scoping out the goods he may inherit if a car is never claimed.  So he goes to the car to check it out, sees the car-seat inside and, supposedly, noticed an odor.  He said he assumed it was just garbage or spoiled leftovers, as he was accustomed to in his line of work, and thought nothing more of it.

Again, no mention of the baby doll.


Casey Anthony’s father and Caylee’s grandfather (we know him well), looks inside the car when he opens the door.  He mentions shoes, clothes and car-seat were there…

But NO MENTION of his grand-baby’s favorite baby doll!

How is it that these people all saw the car, the seat and so on, but never noticed the FLESH-COLORED baby doll sitting in the car-seat?  They all expressed concern at seeing a child’s seat in an abandoned car, but failed to notice something resembling a BABY was in it?

Could it have been oversight?  Was it hard to see at certain angles?  Did it just not stand out, for some reason,  like the mess and the shoes and the clothes did?

Casey Anthony's back seat

Back seat of Casey's car shows car-seat, heels, boots and a dryer sheet

That may fly for Sanchez and even Mr. Birch.  But what was George’s excuse for failing to notice Baby Mo’ , who his missing granddaughter never went anywhere without?

Is it possible that maybe that doll was not in the seat when the car was left at Amscot?  Is it possible it was not mentioned by these 3 people because it was not there at all?

Could Baby Mo’ have been at the Anthony home all along?

Was the doll planted?

If so, we’d surely have to wonder, “WHY?”


Caylee’s Grandmother first mentions the baby doll in the seat in her LE interview.  Why not before?  She mentions the boots, shoes and famous gray pants in the back seat.  She said the boots were on the floor behind the front seat and she “never touched them”.

Funny, because I recall seeing those shoes ON the back seat in the photos.  Another oversight?…

Cindy says she noticed the backpack—- IN THE TRUNK.

But GEORGE said he saw the backpack—- IN THE BACKSEAT

Blue crate filled with stuff, allegedly, from Casey's car

Blue crate filled with stuff, allegedly, from Casey's car, showing doll #2

OK, so here’s where it gets a little more confusing.  Take a look at the three different dolls we see in the photos.  The one with Caylee in May 2008 (see top) shows a doll still wearing her clothes (Cindy claimed that Caylee was known to strip down all of her dolls).  Whether that is relevant or not, I don’t know.  But please note that doll #1 has permanently closed eyes and no lashes.

We have a picture of doll #2 (black white evidence photo below).  Now, this is one of the dolls used as evidence in court, yes?– Remember the doll with the stains?  In looking at this particular doll we see that it has eyes that open and close, unlike doll number one.

Another of Caylee's doll collection.

Doll #3

There is a third doll (shown above) which is seen in other evidence photos.  The doll, #3, has permanently opened eyes

We have three different dolls linked to Caylee, all of which have different eyes, but yet, only dolls #2 and #3  are shown as evidence in court.

In other words, we are MISSING doll #1!

Doll #1 was the doll seen with Caylee in the most recent photos of her before her demise.   They made a big deal of the doll as proof that Caylee never left her mother’s care ALIVE.  The reasoning behind that, was because certain witnesses claimed Caylee took her doll/dolls “EVERYWHERE”.  I’ve seen a whole lot of photos in which no doll is visible, for one, and two, if those statements are accurate, well….


UPDATE:  It has been brought to my attention that doll #3 may have been used as a “control doll”, and not necessarily from the Anthony home.