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The first part of this post talks about the events surrounding the playhouse and what led us there to begin with.

Now I want to talk about the actual evidence which supports my idea that someone, other than Casey, was involved in dealings with Caylee’s body.

Let’s start with some of the events that occurred following the Casey-car-chase and the sudden, mysterious odor that found it’s way into her Pontiac.

We know that Casey ran out of gas sometime before 7am on June 27th.  From there, a stranded Casey, makes a 2 minute call to Mom.  Later, she calls Amy, tells her about the smell again, and that she thinks Dad may have run over something when he used her car.  Then, she calls Jesse, wondering if he can come help out with his gas cans.  “No can do”, says Jesse.  Approximately 4 hours Later Tony texts Casey and she calls to have him come pick her up.

(What the heck was she doing between, whenever the car actually ran out of gas, and 12pm?… )

3 days later, as we all well know, the car is towed.  Done…


– On July 1st, The Anthony home blows Casey’s cell up: 1:43am, 1:51am, 1:52am, and 2:02am.  Casey checks her voice-mail after each call.  The calls start up again at 6:56am, 7:33am,  and 7:50am.  Again, Casey checks her voice-mail each time and then finally, calls back at 7:54am.  No one picked up.  About 2 hours later, at 9:33am, the Anthony home rings Casey again.  She does not pick up.  The calls continued throughout the morning and afternoon until Casey called back and had a 4 minute conversation with whoever answered.  More calls were  made from the Anthony home, sporadically, until 10:51pm.  No more contact was made.

Some type of plumbing emergency occurred on this evening, prompting the Anthony’s to call a plumber out, shortly after business hours (8pm).

8:52pm the Anthony’s make another unanswered call to Casey.

– July 2nd starts out the same way, with calls from the house, starting at 12:13am.  They tried 7 more times in those wee hours, giving up at 12:37am.  A connection was finally made, between Casey and the Anthony’s, around 7 and 8am, for 25mins.

** ( This is the same day that the “CMANTHON OF GENTIVA”, “Dairy Of Days” doc was “created at 10:42am)

– On July 3rd, Anthony home tries, constantly to get Casey to answer her phone.

Cindy Anthony creates a MySpace page and posts her “My Caylee is Missing” blog at 8:44pm.  Then Casey and Cindy start texting back and forth from 9:22pm  to 11:17pm.

– July 4th, Lee Anthony and his girlfriend, Mallory Parker, try to track Casey down and manage to get her to text and talk to them, briefly, but are not able to catch up with her in person.  This apparently made Casey upset.

***The following activity is the one that peaks my interest the most.

Cindy & George take on a huge landscaping project in their back yard, which included, laying 27 bags of concrete, replacing pavers, (including those beneath Caylee’s playhouse), new plantings around the playhouse and throughout the yard…

I get that they had grass issues and wanted to extend their patio…

I get that they wanted to freshen up the plant life with some new plantings…

*(I had apparently forgotten how to count when making the statements below about the age of the playhouse pavers.  I have made corrections.)

But I do not get why they needed new pavers under the playhouse that they’d given Caylee for her 2nd birthday.  That means those pavers were only around 1 year old.

For a family swimming in debt, it doesn’t make sense to be, suddenly, spending hundreds on unnecessary landscaping materials.

For a family worried about the well-being of their granddaughter, and calling their daughter at all hours of the night, it is hard to understand the timing of this major backyard upheaval.

And why, oh, why did they need to replace the 1 year old pavers under Caylee’s playhouse?….

If nothing else, the whole sequence of events leads me to believe that the Anthony’s, at least knew that something serious had happened involving the backyard.  What further convinces me, are a few of the items collected from the Suburban Drive remains scene.

1. Pavers (at least 3)

2. Pieces of black mesh material (weed barrier)

3. 1 trash bag full of planters

4. Empty bag of “play sand” (did they also change the sand in Caylee’s sandbox?)

These are just a few of the many items taken from the scene, but it really makes me believe that this backyard renovation had something to do with a major cover-up.  IMO, there would have been no other good or logical reason for replacing the those pavers for the playhouse, when the ones already there, were in perfect condition…

Unless they were cleaning up a crime scene, of course.

I’m willing to bet there were bags of dirt bought on that trip to the home depot, along with the bags of play sand.  They’d need to replace the dirt that was used to bury the body.  George, the good ol’ detective, would know to consider such things.  Who knows, maybe the Yorkies had been doing some heavy sniffing in those areas, reminding “someone”, that it was “clean-up time”.

The Anthony’s didn’t yet know when the jig would be up and they didn’t have much time to waste.

Think about it like this, if they had simply dug the body up from under the playhouse, and put everything back in place, there would still be a scent and traces of human decomposition lingering on everything that had surrounded the body.  So they decided they’d have to replace the dirt, weed barrier, and the pavers…

But they realize that, in order to keep the attention off the newness of that one area, they’d have to redo everything…

I guess George was telling the truth when he told the officers he’d already looked beneath the playhouse.  If they only knew…  Or DO they?


LINK TO CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE: (Starts at page 91)…


Caylee w/ Casey and playhouse in background

Caylee's play area, blue circle shows spot where dogs hit, Bottom right: Caylee with Mom, Casey Anthony

Yes, I’m going on another visit to the playhouse.

I’m sure they are not entirely unique, but I have my reasons.

Caylee’s playhouse, and the Anthony’s backyard, in general, continue to haunt my thoughts.

How did we get there in the first place?

It started with a report of Casey borrowing, neighbor, Brian Burner’s shovel.  At this point, I believe his report to be, generally, true, but I don’t think Casey ever used that shovel to do any digging in the dirt.

Digging in the dirt for an hour or so, in the Florida summer heat, would usually induce some heavy sweating.  Well, we know that Mr. Burner said Casey was wearing the same outfit when she borrowed the shovel as she was when it was returned.  This outfit basically consisted of a sports bra, jogging shorts, and probably a pair of sneakers*.  When she handed back the shovel, she appeared calm, clean, and cool.

**( This incident is supposed to have occurred between 1:30 and 2:30pm on Wednesday, June 18th.  George didn’t have to leave for work until 2:30pm.  So where was George?)

Many people still insist Casey used the shovel to bury her kid, after riding around with her decaying body in the trunk for 2 days.  Maybe.  But I think it was as simple as this:

Casey was, as usual, running low on gas.

“What does GAS have to do with a SHOVEL?”

Good question.

Think about it.  Casey goes to the house on the 18th of June and borrows her neighbor’s shovel “BECAUSE THE SHED WAS LOCKED”.

Casey runs out of gas on Friday, June 2oth, according to her text message to Amy Huizenga.  Just two days later.

On the 18th, Casey was running low on gas.

On the 18th Casey goes home to an empty house, heads to the shed to get Dad’s gas stash and finds the shed was LOCKED.

“What to do? What to do?” She wonders…  “Ha!  Find a way in.”

George Anthony's Gas Can

Here is one of the gas cans in question, all cleaned up with Henkel duct tape covering the vent

So, off Casey goes, into the house, searching high and low for the key.  To no avail.  She frets and stews and decides she’ll have to break in.  But how?  All the tools she could use were locked in the sheds.  She looks around some more for something that would suffice.  Nada.

Suddenly she remembers her neighbor had been outside doing yard work.  She comes up with a story about bamboo roots and heads over there for a shovel.  With this shovel she proceeds to try and bash the shed’s padlock openWho is she kidding?  She doesn’t have the strength or the know-how to bust open a padlock.  She gives up and returns the shovel.  2 days later, she does run out of gas and, this time, she enlists her boyfriend, Tony, to help her get those infamous gas cans and “fill’er’up”.  End of story…


Nope.  This shovel incident will follow Casey around for the rest of her days.  Losing your kid and borrowing a shovel in the same week, never looks good.  And Brian Burner did not forget it.  It is his coming forward that led LE to the Anthony’s backyard to begin their search.  Good thing he did, or we would have missed some very important clues. 

As LE surveys the yard with, ever-so-helpful-George pointing out a few suspicious spots, they decide they’d like to look in the sheds.  George informs them that he and Cindy had already looked through them, but they were free to have a second look.  He also let LE know that he had moved Caylee’s playhouse and “looked underneath the pavers for signs of foul play”…  WHAT?

Yes, that’s what he actually said to LE.  Now, if I were an investigator, that would have been a RED-FLAG alert, for sure.  That would be the first place I’d look.  But making that statement seemed to have yielded the very results that George was hoping for.

The officers looked under the mulch and the pavers that led to the sheds and to the gate.  They found a few hair-ties.  They found a layer of weed barrier, but the ground did not look disturbed beneath it.

**NOTE: Weed barrier usually comes in the form of a papery, black, mesh material….

Yup.  LE never bothered to lift those pavers on which the playhouse stood.  They took George’s word for it and, instead, brought on the cadaver dogs.  The dogs hit (inconsistently) in 3 spots:

They search & dig, but they never looked beneath the pavers...

1. In the corner behind above ground pool

2. In the sandbox.

3. In front of Caylee’s beloved playhouse.

The dogs’ alerts led to the digging and excavation all over the yard, they moved the playhouse to the side, but they never checked beneath it’s foundation of pavers.  I get the feeling that if they had troubled themselves to do so, they may have found the ground beneath it had been recently disturbed… 


Casey runs out of gas on June 20th.  Sometime between then and the 23rd,  Tony helps her break into the family’s shed and stood by while she poured the gas into her tank.

Tony smells nothing.

– Casey shows up at the house when George was home getting ready for his interview on the 24th of June.

**What bothers me about this recollection is that George said his schedule had been 3pm – 11pm back on June 16th, when Caylee supposedly was last seen.  His resume for the new job, shows it was filled out on June 17th.  Here he is, on the 24th, getting ready for a new job interview, right around the time he’d be heading into work at his current job.  Did he take off work that day?  And, if Casey was so worried about not running into her parents while she was “on the lam”, why would she go home at a time that George would, likely, still be there?

Okay, so Casey is home and she and George have their little exchange about work and about the stolen gas cans.  If George was so suspicious, why didn’t he just go out and check her trunk on the sly?  Instead, he gave her a heads-up and she, allegedly, rushes out there to beat him to the trunk.  Guess George’s detective skills were a tad rusty, huh?

Casey opens her trunk, knowing Papa Jojo was right behind her,  “shoves” his “effing” gas cans at him and peels out.  Really?  Why not just get into the car and roll out, to avoid having to open the trunk in the first place?  This would seem the smart thing to do, you know, since there’s a dead body in there & all….  Or was there?

George claims to have been at the tail light and saw “clothes in there” and the “blue crate”.

But did he smell anything?  No, he did NOT.

– Casey borrowed mom’s car after the above “gas-can incident”, George recalls.  So let’s just assume this happened on the 26th of June.  She borrowed mom’s car for the day and left her car at home.  Why would she take that chance if Caylee was laying inside the trunk, decomposing?  Surely by the 20th, 4 days after her death, there would have been a horrendous odor.  So on the 26th, we’re talking about 10 days after death, the car would have been reeking.

No mention of that being the case then, by George or Cindy.

Casey borrows Mom’s SUV that day, leaving her own car at home.  This means the Anthony’s had plenty of time to access Casey’s car, doesn’t it? Casey said the car wasn’t “running right” but, I say, it was more like, low on gas again.  Which would explain why she ran out of gas the very next morning.

I don’t know what happened while the car was out of Casey’s possession that day, but, at some point, George sees Casey in Cindy’s car and chases her down.  He says he jumped into his car and followed her.  Why did he lie?  He slipped up on that one didn’t he?  I think it’s pretty clear it was Casey’s car he jumped into.  Why?  Well it was sitting there on the driveway and George’s car was probably parked in the garage.  Makes sense to ME.

George used Casey’s car to follow her down “The 408”.  Cindy had not wanted him to go and they had a little disagreement as he ran and jumped into her car.  Could that explain why Cindy called Casey at 11:36am .  Was Cindy alerting Casey that her dad was on her tail?  Soon after this call, still on the phone with Mom, Casey gets off 408 at the Conway toll, where George lost her.  Helps explain why the e-pass records show only Cindy’s car going through on this date,  since Casey’s car didn’t have an e-pass…


E-pass record (click for full size)

Sometime later that day (June 26th), Casey brings Mom’s car home and picks up her Sunfire.  Soon after, she’s on the phone with Amy, telling her how “it smells like something died” in her car…  (Was that a family saying, or what?)

The point I’m finally getting to, is that the car didn’t seem to have any odor, until the 26th.  The very same day she left her Pontiac at the house…  But why?  What happened with the car while Casey was away?

Bear with me, now.  I am going somewhere with this… 🙂

How did that odor get in the car?  Was it the trash Casey had forgotten to take to the dump?  Remember there was a pizza box in that trash?  Casey had called Broadway Pizza back on June 19th.  Could the trash have been that old?  Was it roadkill, as she told Amy or did “2 dead squirrels crawl up under the engine and die”?  Maybe it was a combo of the two.  Or did someone put Caylee in the car that day while Casey roamed about in Cindy’s SUV?  If so, where had she been all that time?

Could she have been underneath the playhouse, maybe?

If she was, and if Casey had anything to do with it, I highly doubt she was able to accomplish the task alone.  She would have to move the playhouse, lift up the layer of pavers upon which the playhouse sat, and then she’d have to dig a hole deep enough and wide enough to fit the body inside.  After doing all that, she has to bury the body, pat the dirt down to level the ground for laying the pavers back down, just so.  And finally, the playhouse must be moved back into position.  Can you picture how  much time and effort it would take someone of her size to mange all of that, by herself?

If George left for work between 2 and 2:30 on June 16th, and Casey was headed out of the neighborhood toward Tony’s by 4:15pm or so, did she really have enough time to kill Caylee, do all of the above, get showered, dressed and out of the house in an hour and 15 minutes?  That must have been some soft dirt, huh?

Okay, so whatever the case was, I do feel that Caylee’s body had been laid in the sandbox, with it’s cover concealing her, while all of this lifting and digging was being done, hence the cadaver dog hitting there.  And, obviously, she was placed on the ground in front of the playhouse,  maybe after she was dug back up, and before she was wrapped for transport…

Maybe George (or Cindy) used Casey’s car that day to move Caylee’s body to her second resting spot…


JUNE 26th, 2008:

– George and Cindy were both home at some point on this day.

– Casey goes home and gets permission from Cindy to borrow her car.

– Casey leaves her Sunfire at the home and drives off in Cindy’s SUV.

– Cindy and George have a dispute about whether George should follow Casey (Cindy did not want him to).

– George gets into Casey’s car and follows her.

– Cindy Calls Casey for a 9 min conversation at 11:36am.

– Cindy’s green 4-runner goes through the Conway toll booth at 11:45am

– George drives Casey’s white Pontiac Sunfire through the booth but, without the e-pass he has to stop and pay.  He loses Casey in the process.  George now has possession of Casey’s car for a minimum of two hours, until she comes back to retrieve it at an unknown time.

– Casey continues to be out and about with Cindy’s car for another 2 hours, as it shows the 4-runner going through the Semoran toll at 1:45pm.

– Casey takes Cindy’s car home sometime later that day.

– Casey tries calling Amy for the first time that day at 7:27 and 7:30PM.  No answer.

– Amy called Casey back for a 19min conversation at 9:35pm.  I think this is when the first mention of the smell in the car was made by Casey.

** On this day there were very minimal phone calls/or text activity on Casey’s cell phone.