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There’s nothing funny about the bones of any dead child,  but I think there is something funny about these bones, right here.

Please take the time to study the photos closely.  These two photos, supposedly, show the skull and bones of Caylee Anthony.  Do you see what I see?

I’ve always wondered why the skull, alone, and at the scene, was always blurred, and still is to this day, in any photo you may find available to the public.  Yet, they had no problem showing us the skeleton in its entirety?  Is the image of a child’s full skeleton any less disturbing to see than that of the skull by itself?

"Caylee's" skull

skull found in woods along Suburban Drive (blurred)

They may have blurred the photo of the skull found at the scene, along Suburban Drive, but that doesn’t ruin our ability to see it’s COLOR

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the difference in the colors of the two skulls in these photos?  Both are proposed to be little Caylee’s remains, yet the colors are entirely different.  The lone, blurred skull appears to be more of an off-white color, as you can see, but, somehow, the skull, atop the skeleton, is stained brown and looks to have been discolored by the dirt and muck it was, supposedly, excavated from.

Caylee's Marie's skeletal remains

Full skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony

Could there be another reason why they didn’t want us to see the skull at the scene?

Were they hoping we would fail to notice the color discrepancy?

I must, while I’m at it, point out the teeth of the un-blurred skull…  They are extremely white!  Does it make sense for the teeth to have remained untarnished, even though those teeth were subjected to the same conditions as the rest of the bones?  I imagine they needed to examine the teeth an therefore were cleaned, but why didn’t they clean the bones as well?  Perhaps they needed to “emphasize” the weathered appearance for us, so that we’d get the impression that those bones had been under muddy waters in those woods for 5 long months…

If you’ll recall, Mr. Kronk even described the skull he had “found” as WHITE.  So what happened to them between the time of the final discovery and the day they were laid out on that table?  How did they become so dirty and discolored?

Please, tell me what you think about THIS!