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“It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!!”

We all know that  infamous and damning statement Cindy Anthony made in her 911 call, don’t we?  Old news, you say?  Maybe so, but it’s the statement that started it all and it’s not over yet.

Now that the trial is over and Casey Anthony has been found not-guilty of murdering her child, 2 1/2 yr old, Caylee Marie Anthony, we have had the chance to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  If you have a not I’ll give you a minute to do so right now. . . . . .

O.K.  So you’re looking.  Pondering.   Thinking….  Is your head starting to spin yet?  Good.  You thought that part was over, huh?  Not quite.  I bet you, like myself, have even more questions than you did BEFORE the trial ended, right?

It is for that reason that I am here, typing away, in random order, about the Casey Anthony case.

Let’s get down and dirty with a breakdown of the garbage found in  Casey’s trunk, shall we?


“Talking Trash”

Yes sir, yes sir, 2 bags full


  • Empty can of Pepsi
  • Empty can of Mountain Dew
  • Empty can of Dr. Pepper
  • Empty can of Cherry Coke Zero
  • Empty can of Milwaukee Best Light
  • Empty can of Coke Classic
  • Empty can of Sprite (2)
  • Container of Crystal Light Powder mix (empty)
  • Bottle of Crystal Light (small amount of brown liquid)
  • Container of Copenhagen chew (empty)
  • Container of Oscar Meyer Hard Salami (empty)
  •  Pizza box (empty)
  • Cardboard container of Kraft Velveeta Cheese
  • Two cardboard containers of Kraft Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Black plastic container (possibly from one of the Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Cardboard container of Cherry Coke (empty)
  • Bag of Stouffer’s Skillet dinner (empty)
  • Bottle of Arm and Hammer detergent (empty)
  • Can of Kiwi sneaker cleaner (empty)
  • Five fabric softener sheets
  • Miscellaneous papers
  • Soiled paper towels in baggie


They found the fatty acids on the paper towels, in a baggie, in the trash. When looking at the scientific analysis of these towels, they said it could have been decompositional breakdown of adipocere (fatty tissue) from a pig or human.

OK, so when are we most likely to have paper towels saturated in fat? Um, can we say,” microwaving BACON”?  Why they were put in a baggie? IDK, we all have our own habits for dealing with grease.  I’d say, maybe to contain the bacon smell? Maybe to avoid a greasy mess if the trash bag broke?  Does it really matter?

So, OMG, somebody in the house had some bacon for breakfast! LOL.  Why didn’t THEY think of that?  All they had to do was get a pack of bacon, lay it on some paper towels in a microwave, press start and VIOLA!!!  You have your comparison sample and it’s a MATCH!  This is JMO, course, but I feel that would have been the case had they done such a test.




THC residue (found in marijuana) was also found in traces on these paper towels.


Well, we all know that there was plenty of weed-smoking and hash-brownie baking in Tony Lazzaro’s kitchen.  So the answer is easy.  They cooked a blunt up in the microwave from time to time.  That’s IT.

How it got on the paper towel with the “fatty acids” is just as simple.  Bacon was microwaved, grease was spilled.  Grease had to be cleaned, so in go a few paper towels to the rescue, wiping up the bacon grease and THC residue.  DONE!


  • Container of Oscar Meyer Hard Salami (empty)
  •  Pizza box (empty)
  • Cardboard container of Kraft Velveeta Cheese
  • Two cardboard containers of Kraft Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Black plastic container (possibly from one of the Velveeta Dinners (empty)
  • Bag of Stouffer’s Skillet dinner (empty)

The above items listed are all that which contained perishable food at one point, yes?

– We have two Velveeta Cheese Dinners.

– One cardboard container of Kraft Velveeta Cheese


So, naturally, we can assume that there are ANIMAL proteins and FATTY ACIDS in milk/CHEESE products.  When these products spoil, they smell BAD.  Right?

– One Stouffer’s Skillet Dinner

Why is it that the TYPE of meal this was is left out of the description?  I can’t find it anywhere.  Was it broccoli, CHICKEN, WHAT??

Let’s just humor the idea that it was a chicken meal.  Now we have chicken in the bag, too.


** They did NOT use chicken in their lab tests for comparison, BTW.  In fact, what they used were certain animal remains that were, more or less, skeletonized!! 

These, mostly, skeletonized animals were used for chemical comparison in the testing of the fatty acids, trunk stain sample, and trunk “air” sample.

HUH??  Do I really need to comment on that one?

**Oh and get this, why did they take a dead squirrel,  leave it on a carpet sample (for comparison) and then let it decompose– in OPEN air? They put this poor squirrel in a trash can  with NO LID for a “few” days.  How is THAT going to produce the same type of results that it would have if it’d been enclosed in a hot trunk for 18 days? And they called that “comparison testing”? 

They said the odor was surprisingly minimal? Well ,no $H!T, SHERLOCK!! OPEN air decomposition, over a few days, is going to be MUCH less potent than decomposition of ANYTHING in a CLOSED trunk, for 18 days, in 90 and 100 degree weather.

One Container of Oscar Meyer Hard Salami


– One Pizza Box



Yeah, they were “empty”— by the time the bag was found!

They were definitely empty once the state CSI examiners were done with them.  Once they put them in the DRYING MACHINE.  HELLO.

Talk about destroying evidence.

And even before it was brought in as evidence and tested, think about how long it had been in the trunk —- with the flies and maggots having a feast!  It was in that trunk from before June 27th until July 15th.  That’s, at least, 18 days.  18 days in 90-100 degree weather.  That’s like taking your trash and putting it in the oven on warm for 18 days.  This garbage contained remnants of meats and cheeses.  There’s a reason why they are supposed to be kept refrigerated, you know.  I don’t think a whole lot of people know what 18 days of warmed garbage would smell like.  Anyone want to try it out and let us know?  Maybe send us an air sample? 😉

Here’s the other thing ,  another child’s remains were brought in for comparison :(.  This child’s body had been left in a car trunk for 3 months.  He, too, had been wrapped in a blanket.  They tested the blanket and it showed all types of decomposition elements, including blood.

There was NO BLOOD ANYWHERE IN THAT CAR.  OR at the crime scene for that matter.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that where there’s a body, there’s going to be blood.

So whatever it was that left the stain, or the smell in the trunk, did NOT contain blood.

I am not a scientist, but I’d say that the bloodless decomposition would be more consistent with cooked meats and cheese.

If there was any leakage of fluids, from a plastic wrapped body, to have left stains and persistent smells in the trunk, it would HAVE to have contained some blood. Right?  And blood, by itself, smells pretty nasty.  Without blood you’re missing a very important player in the odor of human decomposition!

IMHO there is no way that fluids were leaked from ANY fresh, raw body of ANYTHING, if there was NO BLOOD in the car. So, either the body was decomposed to the point that it was dry when it was put in the trunk (which means it’s not likely fluids would be leaking), the body was “cooked” (COME ON), or the stains and fatty acids had nothing to do with Caylee’s death.

Let me remind the skeptics that there were remnants of CHEESE (made from COWS), SALAMI (made from PIGS), and, MOST LIKELY, paper towels saturated in BACON GREASE (made from PIGS)— in this trash bag they found, among other trash items. If you see a picture (above) of the bag from the day it was recovered from the dumpster, it looked pretty messy inside the bag. What was shown later and in court was the intentionally “dried out” version. Why would they have DRIED the odor producing evidence??

Don’t forget the fact that there were flies and maggots IN THE TRASH BAG (as there are in any dumpster or trash can BTW), so the presence of these types of bugs does NOT ONLY imply there was a dead body involved. All you need is some food or food/trash to bring them about. Along with that, the fact that there was bug activity in the baggie and the trash bag, for 2-3 weeks and then some, explains why there may have been even LESS actual food residue and leftovers still in the bag. It was consumed by these bugs over time, before the car was found and trunk opened. So my point is, who knows how much salami, and cheese was still in the bag when it was first placed in the trunk?

Even if Caylee’s body had been in there at some point, she was supposedly wrapped in a quilt, then two plastic trash bags, and then a thick canvas laundry bag, and therefore, HIGHLY unlikely to have leaked ANYTHING more than an odor… That odor would have taken about a day to be produced and, once removed, that odor would have likely dissipated over time and NOT increased. The fact that it was in the enclosed trunk may have kept it in a bit longer though. I honestly don’t think any HUMAN body was left in there long enough to create such an odor that would actually increase over time and not the opposite.

So, tell me, people,  what do you conclude about the trunk evidence NOW?  Do you still think there was acceptable proof of human decomposition found in that trunk?

What I have presented here, on this blog, is the most elementary version of what I’ve found during my extensive research.  I can and will come with more.  But I will leave you with this to ponder, for the time being…