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As a follow-up to my “Funny Bones” post (see side bar) , I decided to gather up some more photos of the bones found at the remains scene on Suburban Drive.  Here is a compilation of my findings to be used for comparison.  The two photos from”Funny Bones” are also included.  Take a look.

The bags

Above are the bags that once contained Caylee Anthony’s remains.  Notice the black trash bag NEXT to the laundry bag.

The following 3 photos show the skull, allegedly, belonging to Caylee:

Casey & Caylee's Skull

Please note the color of the skull in the 3 photos are all gray or off-white in color.

Vertabrae (spine)

Pictured, above, are some of the spinal vertebra, all gray in color.

Caylee Hands

Bones of the hands compared to the size of a quarter.



These are the bones of the Ilium.  The fusion of sacral bones and the pubic bones were never found.

Color: Gray, not brown…

Femur bone (thigh), used for bone marrow extraction for DNA and drug testing.

Not brown…

Bones of the arm, also, gray in color.

Caylee Anthony Remains

Final layout of “Caylee’s” remains.

Take a look back over the photos and note the differences in the color of the bones.  Notice the difference in some of the SHAPES of the bones.  Tell me what is wrong with these pictures, here.