“Who’s Got the Props?”

The title of this post lists a few of the many props used to bolster Casey Anthony’s alleged guilt in the charges of murdering her 2 yr and 10 month old child, Caylee Anthony.

Without these “props”, I highly suspect the remains, found in the woods along Orlando Florida’s Suburban Drive, may have been deemed as just another kidnapping victim of sex-crime and murder.  Without the props, there would have been no “sure” way to connect this child’s death to her mother.  If Caylee’s backpack/diaper bag and “favorite” baby doll had not  been “found” in Casey’s car, there would be no proof that Caylee had ridden off with her mother, on June 16th 2008, never to be seen, by anyone else, ever again.  If those famous, charcoal- gray slacks had not been “found” in Casey’s car, there would be nothing to support George’s account of what Casey had been wearing on the day she allegedly offed her child.  Right?

“SHE Wears the Pants?”

Casey Anthony work pants

Slacks found in Casey Anthony’s car

We all know the cell phone pings show Casey to have been at or around her home, on June 16th, until shortly after 4pm.  Dad says she left with Caylee, all dressed for work, wearing pin-striped, charcoal-gray slacks, around 12:50-1pm, .  The assumption is that Casey, then, hung around the area, gabbing and texting away, until George left for work around 2-2:30pm.  Once the coast was clear, she allegedly goes back home to spend her day with Caylee and decided to murder her with chloroform and Henkel brand duct tape.  Well, I don’t know about you, but if I’m at home with my very active toddler, whom I plan to kill, at that, I would certainly change into something a little more comfortable!  After all, Casey would be doing some strenuous work, after the fact, and a dress shirt and slacks are not really the gear for such a job.

Can you imagine Casey, hanging out at home, tending to a toddler, murdering said toddler, bagging her 3 times over and digging a hole in the backyard, wearing stiff work clothes?  Can you see her hefting 30-some pounds of dead weight into her car trunk and then carrying that weight into the woods in such an outfit?

Sure, she may have been capable of completing these tasks in her charcoal slacks, but there’s a little problem.  Remember that Blockbuster surveillance video of Casey and Tony renting a couple of flicks later that same night?  If you’ll recall, Casey was dressed in shorts and an over-sized T-shirt over a bikini top.  Oops!!  Looks like she must have changed, after all!

Casey & Tony Lazzaro in Blockbuster Video store, June 16th 2008

I’m guessing Casey wasn’t about to go see her man in her dirty work clothes.  So, sometime after she and Caylee, allegedly, left the house (12:50-1pm), George leaves around 2, Casey takes Caylee back home, kills her, bags her, buries her or drops her off in the woods, goes back home, showers and gets dressed to meet Tony—- all by 4:14pm.  That’s about 2 hours,  more or less.  Possible?  Absolutely.  But what about those pants?  How did they get into the backseat of  her car if she’d changed, before leaving home, that afternoon?  She hadn’t planned on going home that night.  She told both, Cindy and George, that she and Caylee were going to stay at the nanny’s, due to a late night at work.  She wasn’t wearing those pants when she left the house, for the second time, that day.  I doubt she brought them with her.  There would have been no need to keep up the facade, since she would not be going back home, after “work”.   So, if Casey didn’t put those pants in the backseat of her car, WHO DID?

**  (If you take a closer look at the pants in the photo, you should notice that they are not charcoal-gray, but chocolate-brown with white/gray and tan pin-stripes.  Maybe George’s memory was off, but if Casey was, in fact, wearing charcoal-gray slacks that day, they were not the same pants they found in the car).

“Backpacks, Backpacks”

Enough about the dang pants, for now!  Let’s move on to what Caylee was purported to be wearing that day, when George last saw her.  She was dressed in a dark-pink top, blue-jean skirt or skort, white-rimmed shades, white sneakers and a white back pack with monkeys on it.

First of all,   I have searched high and low and have yet to find a backpack matching his description.

Here are some examples of monkey backpacks:

The first 2 backpacks have monkeys, but they are blue, not white.  The 3rd one is predominantly white, but only has one monkey.  Not quite the match I was hoping for.  I’d show you the real backpack, if I could but, unfortunately, it was never found.  What WAS found, though, was a “Dora the Explorer” backpack.  Even though it wasn’t THE backpack, it still seemed to stir up some concern.

On July 15th 2008, Cindy is sent home early from work to deal with the situation of her missing daughter and granddaughter.  Once home, she proceeds to go searching through Casey’s car, which had been retrieved from the “Johnson’s” tow lot a few hours earlier.  In the car she found the pants we just finished going over, and one of Caylee’s backpacks, among other things.  She takes the backpack in the house and goes through it, finding:

“Dora backpack: Investigators collected a sealed box containing the backpack to process it for latent fingerprints. Inside the front pocket of the backpack, they found a violet light-colored comb, Spider-Man toothpaste and Reach toothbrush. Inside the backpack itself, two pull-up diapers were found and one pack of Nice’n Toddler wipes….”

To be exact.

Source:  http://www.wesh.com/news/18973853/detail.html#ixzz1hFJTUeaP

Contents of Caylee’s backpack

Cindy expressed concern over the lack of clothes, books and snacks in the bag.   I would think she should feel a little relief, since the lack thereof, might have implied that these things had been consumed and utilized.  And why would Casey be packing a comb, toothpaste and toothbrush, for a child she intended to kill?
Notice that we only get to see the INSIDE of the bag.  There is not one photo of the bag, itself.  The reason being, that this “Dora” backpack, pictured to your right, does not, at all, resemble the description George Anthony gave of the backpack Caylee was wearing that last day.  They seemed to hope no one would catch on to that little discrepancy.
So where, oh, where is that white monkey backpack?

“Out of sight, out of mind”…

Except they forgot something when they took that photo…  If you look at the contents, closely,  you will see that, in between the two pull-up pants, is what looks to be a folded, rolled up baby blanket.  This could be mistaken for another pull-up, at first glance, but recall, in the above excerpt, that there were only TWO pull-ups listed.  There was no blanket on that list, Cindy never mentioned there being a blanket in this backpack, yet, there it is.

From what I can tell, there is a very faint print on the blanket.   Humor me.  Take a good look, and tell me what you see.  I can’t quite make out what it is  but, for some odd reason, they did not want to mention that blanket.

“Speaking of Blankets…”

Whatever happened to the baby blanket,  Amscot manager,  Catherine Sanchez, said she saw in the backseat of Casey’s car?  It, too, seems to have vanished into thin air.  Somewhere between the Amscot lot, the tow yard and Cindy’s inspection of the car, once it was safely in the Anthony’s garage, another blanket was lost.  How is this possible?  How did Cindy miss this when, it seems, nothing went unnoticed by her?  Could this missing blanket, from the car, be the same one we see in that bag?  I’d say, maybe, and it was simply overlooked or forgotten, deemed to be too unimportant to mention.  That idea doesn’t quite add up, though, when considering the fact, that when Cindy found Casey’s work pants, in the backseat, she claimed they had taken on the smell of the car.  Ms. Sanchez said she had seen the baby blanket in the backseat, as well, so one would assume the blanket probably smelled as bad as the pants.  Cindy washed said pants.  Did she wash that baby blanket, along with them, fold it up and put it inside the “Dora” backpack?  Possibly, but it still doesn’t explain why we never heard about it.

We heard about pants, dolls, shamrock lanyards, shoes, boots, dryer sheets, papers, purses, CD cases, belts, book-bags, blue crates, car-seats, dolls, 2 pull-up diapers, tooth paste, tooth-brush, combs, and wipes, but after the car left the Amscot lot, there was never any reference made to this blanket.  Gotta wonder why.

“Pooh Corner”

Baby Caylee with “Pooh” blanket, closely matching that found at scene

The day after the remains were discovered in the woods, the police presented the Anthonys with another search warrant to look for items in the house that may be related to the crime scene.  When Cindy read this warrant and saw they’d be looking for “Winnie the Pooh” bedding, she blurted out that she had discovered a “Winnie the Pooh” blanket was missing, and that she had noticed it gone, sometime in May.  So, why did Cindy choose that particular moment to inform them of this missing “Pooh” blanket?  Why did she wait until the body had been found?  It is possible that she knew or had suspected that the missing Pooh blanket had something to do with her granddaughter’s disappearance.  Now that the body had been discovered with a “Pooh” blanket nearby, was she covering her own butt by claiming it, too, had gone missing, months ago?

Dec 12, 2008 Cindy says blanket was missing

Prior to discovering the blanket in the book-bag, there, I had always wondered if the blanket, that went missing from the car, had, somehow, ended up with Caylee’s remains, after the car was brought home from the tow lot.

*  Below are 4 photos of the Winnie the Pooh blanket found at the crime scene.

1. Shows blanket, under layer of leaf-fall, next to pink evidence flag

2. Shows blanket after it was removed from the scene

3. Shows close-up of  “Pooh” print on blanket

4. Shows a blanket of Caylee’s with a similar print to the “Pooh” blanket found at the remains site

(click each photo to enlarge)

Pooh Blanket on Suburban driveClose up of Pooh blanket from remains sceneCaylee Pooh blanket compared to crime scene

**( Please note the good condition of the “Pooh” blanket, after 6 months in the woods).

“Hugs for WHO?”

Keith Williams

On August 18th, 2008, Keith Williams, a former, long-time neighbor of the Anthony family, took it upon himself to search the wooded area on Suburban Drive.   He had gotten a psychic tip, from the mother of his girlfriend, on where he would find specific items, related to the disappearance of little Caylee.  The items included a bag full of stuffed animals, little girls’ clothing and one sandal.  Keith took these items, personally, to the Anthony home for Cindy to look through.  She sifted through and told him they were not Caylee’s and that they believed she was still alive.  Next thing you know, she has her investigators out there doing a search of their own.  Interesting, isn’t it?  But, of course, it’s probably just another, of MANY, coincidences.  Sure it is!

Winnie the Pooh Balloon Pictured at the Remains site

That garbage bag full of, perfectly, good stuffed animals and clothes was not the only thing Keith Williams found that day.  This next item (pictured to the right) is of much more interest to me, considering it continues along with the “Winnie the Pooh” theme we have going.  As you have probably heard, many times over, Cindy Anthony was a great fan of “Winnie the Pooh”, and had decorated both, Casey’s childhood room and Caylee’s room with “Pooh” stuff.  She had multiple bedding sets, blanket and toys for Caylee, to match this theme.

It has been speculated that this “Hugs For You”, helium, “Pooh” balloon, found by Keith and a few others who searched the Suburban Drive woods, was a “Father’s Day” balloon,  but “Hugs For You” could apply to many other occasions, as well.  Such as, condolence for someone who has been injured, sick, sad, or grieving a loss.  It could work for a celebratory situation, as in a birthday, graduation, Mother and Father’s day, etc.  So which is it?  Where does it fit best?   Who, out of the Anthony clan would most likely pick a “Winnie the Pooh” balloon for any of the occasions I’ve listed?  Maybe this balloon was a gift to Caylee, a keepsake from a past birthday?  If that were the case, we have to ponder why it ended up in the woods along with the remains.

Here are a few possibilities:

A.  The old balloon was used to smother Caylee to death, by wrapping it around her face.

B. The balloon was found to be ripped and deflated, which could imply that it had been placed over her head for the same purpose mentioned, above…  Possibly even sealed with duct-tape, although no duct-tape was found on or near the balloon. (There is a long piece of unidentified cloth shown in the above picture, though, that sort of resembles a very deteriorated strip of duct tape).

In these two scenarios, the balloon would have become the “murder weapon”/evidence and would need to be disposed of.  In the latter, it would have already been over Caylee’s head and may have remained there, as she was bagged.

We have to think of where this old balloon would have resided prior to being used in the, above, manner.  I would assume that, if kept from a past celebration, it would have likely been hanging on the wall of Caylee’s room.  This might indicate that Caylee was killed in her room, by whomever, possibly explaining the “Winnie the Pooh” blanket being used to wrap her body.  From what has been relayed to us, by Cindy, Caylee hardly ever slept in her own room and it served as more of a playroom or “dressing room”.  If we go with this line of thought, it might be safe to assume that Caylee was killed during a play session in her room.  Another thought is that she was taken into her room to be dressed, as in, after a bath or swimming, or getting her PJ’s on for bed.  Maybe she’d had a bathroom accident (she was mostly potty-trained and wearing panties at this point), or had gotten her clothes messy during mealtime.  Anyone in the family could fit into this theory.  Yes?

It is already assumed, by the masses, that Casey is the only one who could have committed such acts, so, I am going to focus on how others could fit into this picture:

George Anthony

–  George often did the morning routine with Caylee, while Casey slept in.  This routine included breakfast, play and TV time, morning bath and, possibly,  “Jo Jo, swim”  time.  The last two activities, would require Caylee to be undressed and re-dressed, by George.   If she was routinely changed from her PJ’s, upon waking, this would, also, require her to be undressed by “Papa Jo Jo”.  But, as we have seen, in many of the home videos, Caylee appeared to remain in her PJ’s, at least some of the time.

Here are some home video examples:

(please read the author’s notes in the comments below the 1st video)

Caylee Anthony, Strange Breakfast

Caylee Anthony Coloring in PJ’s

Angry Cindy Anthony

– Cindy also spent quite a bit of time with Caylee.  Everyday, after work, if Caylee was home, on the weekends and while she was on vacation time, she made it a point to spend that time with her.  From every photo and video we’ve seen, Cindy appears to be a very loving grandmother, which she may, very well, have been.  So much so, that it was almost as if Caylee were her own child.  

With the amount of time that Cindy had full access to her grandchild, she, too could fit into this balloon-smothering theory.  Why would she commit such an act?  Well, why would ANYONE?  A motive is needed, here, and I  may be able to supply you with one.

Picture the night of June 15th 2008.  Cindy is home with Caylee when Casey comes home, around 7:30pm.  Cindy confronts Casey with the pictures of her at the “Anything But Clothes” party, when she had claimed to be at work.  Cindy is pissed and the argument becomes violent, to the point that she attempts to strangle her own flesh and blood.  The argument is out of control and, apparently, so is Cindy.

I don’t think strangling another person, out of anger, is something that comes naturally to most normal people.  Wouldn’t you agree?  The fact that this happened, at all, raises major red-flags as to what Cindy may be capable of.  Is a woman, who resorts to such violent methods with her own daughter, also capable of  harming her grandchild?  I’d say, “yes”.

strangling (n.)

1. The act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe, “no evidence that the choking was done by the accused”

“The act itself is a glaring symbol of an abuser’s control over the victim. Through
the act of strangulation, the victim is completely overwhelmed,
struggling for air, and is at the mercy of the abuser. It ends a
conversation. It gets the offender what he or she wants – power and
control. A single traumatic experience of strangulation or the threat of
it may instill so much fear that the victim can get trapped in a pattern
of control by the abuser and made vulnerable to further abuse.”


After reading that little tid-bit on the psychology behind the act of strangulation, Cindy is looking a little more sinister, isn’t she?

With that in mind, picture this fight between mother and daughter again.   Who knows what set her off, but a person who uses strangulation as a means for control over their “opponent”, usually doesn’t require a legitimate reason to fly into a rage.  Maybe Cindy told Casey she was a horrible whore of a mother and Casey told her not to worry, because she was taking Caylee and never coming back.  I gather Cindy wouldn’t take lightly to those types of “threats”.  Is it possible that Cindy was so enraged and desperate to maintain her control that she would snuff out her precious grand-baby’s life?

Both, George and Cindy are known to have strangled Casey, at least, once.  Why should we assume they’d draw the line at Caylee?

The same theory has been applied to Casey, that she smothered, strangled, or drugged her baby to death.  The difference is that Casey was not known to have violent tendencies, whereas, both of her parents did.  So, if Casey is to be considered capable of such an act, George and Cindy should be considered just as capable, if not, more…

C. The “Winnie the Pooh” balloon was used to lure Caylee into the trap of a bona fide kidnapper/ killer, known or unknown, and the balloon was tossed out with his/her victim’s little body.

D.  Caylee’s killer (accidental or intentional) or someone who knew of her death and location of her body, visited the scene to “pay their respects”.  The balloon may have been brought along as a “gift” for the dead child and/or used to mark her “grave”.

E.  Caylee’s killer (accidental or intentional) or someone who knew of her death and location of her remains, visited the site, around Caylee’s 3rd birthday, and the balloon was brought as a “birthday gift”.

Meter Reader, Roy Marvin Kronk

Roy Kronk, who, purportedly, found Caylee’s remains, did not mention seeing anything resembling this particular balloon in his August 11th, 12th and 13th 911 calls.  Keith Williams discovered this balloon on August 18th.  Caylee’s birthday fell on August 9th.  Casey was arrested, for the first time, on July 16th and remained in jail, until she was bonded out, on August 20th, 2008.  Through winds, rains, heat and high-water, this balloon remained at the crime scene until after Roy Kronk stumbled upon a child’s skull for the final time.  This event took place on December 11th, 2008.  The police and CSI made their way out there this time and, while processing the scene, this “Winnie the Pooh, Hugs For You” balloon was rediscovered.

First of all, if this “Pooh” balloon had anything to do with the remains, I am of the opinion, that it was placed there, by someone who knew that Caylee loved “Winnie the Pooh”.  This could include anyone from the Anthony family, as well as close family friends or friends, babysitters and boyfriends of Casey’s.

If the balloon was brought to Caylee’s “grave” as a sentimental act, it could have been any one of the above.  If it was taken to the deceased child as a “birthday gift”, it could have been any one of the above, EXCEPT Casey.  This would mean that someone, OTHER than Casey, knew where Caylee had been dumped, which also means someone, other than Casey, knew the child had died.  Which means they may have had something to do with her death, whether accidental or on purpose, and/or took part in the disposal of the body…

F. The balloon was a Fathers’ Day gift, most likely, for George or Cindy’s father.  Whatever happened to Caylee, happened on or very close to Fathers’ Day and the balloon was tossed, along with Caylee, either due to its involvement in her death, or because it was a reminder of what happened that day.  Could be that the string was used?  Just a thought.

In this last scenario, we have to figure out who the giver of the Fathers’ Day balloon was.  We know it was “Winnie the Pooh”, so who, out of the group, would be inclined to select this character?  I’d go with Cindy, Caylee, or even Casey.  Possibly, Cindy or Casey chose the “Pooh” balloon for Caylee to give to Grandpa George or Great Grandpa Al.  If it had been intended for Cindy’s father, it should have been left at the nursing home, unless it had been forgotten in the car.  If the balloon was purchased by Cindy, intended for George, we can assume that it probably made it inside the Anthony home.  If the balloon was for Fathers’ Day, it would have been fully inflated at this time, hovering somewhere in the house, anticipating George’s arrival home from work, after 11pm.   So, how do we tie this balloon, for this occasion, into the death and dumping of Caylee?  Why would the Fathers’ Day balloon end up at the scene, if it didn’t have anything to do with what happened to her?  This is where I get stuck on this one.

If the “Pooh” balloon had been left in Cindy’s car, I can see something happening where the body was transported, using her car, and the balloon going out with it.  It could have floated out on its own and ended up caught between some branches, or it was purposely placed in those woods near the remains, maybe as a “grave marker”, of sorts.  If this vague scenario has any truth to it, I would lean towards the balloon being used as a grave marker.

Take a look, below at the crime scene grid map to see where this balloon was found in relation to skull and bags, among other things:

And here goes my last theory on the “Winnie the Pooh, Hugs For You” balloon.

G. The balloon had absolutely nothing to do with the remains or the Anthony family.  The fact that it just happened to be a “Pooh” balloon, like the “Pooh” blanket Caylee was supposed to have been wrapped in, was pure coincidence.

Well, folks, it looks like I have given you more than enough to think about, for the time being, but I am not done yet.

To be continued….


  1. JanCorey says:

    What’s up HollysGmom?

  2. JanCorey says:

    COL, did you see the discussion on Pierce Morgan on CNN who said he had a phone call to Casey Anthony and Pierce repeatedly commented about how unfair Casey is being portrayed in the media?

    • sonja says:

      Hi Cat,

      I was wondering the same thing as Jan Corey was! Hi jan! I haven’t been online a lot but judging by the comments on CNN, the same group of loons are still running loose via the web spreading their special brand of biblical justice with regard to Casey’s right to free speech.

      • JanCorey says:

        Hi Sonja, great to see you back, you have always been so insightful.

        • sonja says:

          You as well! Do you think this is an indicator that a book is coming soon? Cheney did say her story will be told, but it’s not time yet. I think this media appearance was well-timed and well done. she addressed Caylee, she left us wanting to know more (naturally) and I think when it’s time, she will write a tell-all and George will be exposed. I liked how she said she was a dumb kid because that’s how I perceived her during that time. Not “dumb” in a mean sense, but a kid in a horrible situation, without any support while trying to handle something any healthy adult would also have trouble with. According to several media reports, her and George are still estranged which tells me Casey has had enough of him! She does love her mother though and wonder if she will stay silent to appease her? What do you think? I do this this when she comes out with her story, well I think it would be great if a well respected shrink, co-wrote her book with her explaining why Casey did some of the things she did. You know what I mean? And not a dumb celebrity shrink either… She needs that support to tell her story. I still wonder all the time whether George will be investigated later on or if he is being investigated at all. Do you know what he is up to?

        • JanCorey says:

          I think you are right on target Sonja, well said. Great suggestion on having a respected shrink co-author the book, it will sell millions. The haters will all claim they will never buy the book or read sections posted on-line but I believe those haters are in-reality Casey’s biggest fans and admirers although they could never concede to that.

        • HollysGmom says:

          Jan Corey Please email me ASAP at HollysGmom@yahoo.com

  3. Diana says:

    Hi! First I would like to thank you for this enlightening blog. I am very late to this topic, but seem to have gotten hooked right about the time the jury went to deliberate. Even though our 3 boys went to UCF and lived in the Waterford Lakes area. We have come up from Ft. Lauderdale several times over the last so many years, but we’re so busy with weddings and baby’s and sick parents, well just life. Not being a big TV fan, I somehow missed the story until last July when the boys and their new wives came down here for another boys wedding. I found it so peculiar to see them all on their phones so much, I had to ask. They were waiting for the verdict and could not believe that I had not followed the case. Frankly neither could I. Well, I immediately wanted to know what I had missed. So now my only problem is finding people that share even some of my opinions. Because I am at this point too late to find most of the evidence due to expired links or that docstoc scam. Most of the circumstances that I have found puzzling do not seem to puzzle any others. So I thought I would ask here where you have addressed a few of my other questions. Why were there NO latent prints found on all of that garbage? Did it all get wiped off before ending up in the trunk, or worse still, after GA found it? I have about 100 more questions, but I feel a migraine coming on after all of this reading. I’m off to bed. I hope to hear something from someone here tomorrow.


    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Oh my goodness!! I replied to you, DD, the day that I got your comment and I was wondering if I would hear back from you, but now I see that my LOOOONG reply did not make it through for some reason. That is so frustrating! :(. I am going to have to re-read your comment again and do my best to re-reply as best I can. SMH, Can’t believe I lost that whole thing… So sorry about that. Hang in there. I will be back! 🙂

  4. JanCorey says:

    Any new posts coming soon COL? Love your blogs. 🙂

  5. lolypop says:

    A wonderful question, who DID put those pants in the car?
    I do believe George did something besides go straight home from the

    • JanCorey says:

      Maybe yet another affair?

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      IMO, Loly, I think George and/or Cindy did NOT go right back to work. It’s just a matter of who? Either way the pants they found in the car, that they photographed, were not the same as what George described seeing Casey leaving in that day. There is a difference between charcoal-gray and chocolate-brown. Don’t you think?

      • JanCorey says:

        Right on target COL, as usual.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I think we will eventually see how on/off target I am/we are, JC. 🙂

          But— does anyone else think it’s weird how no one else EVER NOTICED or MENTIONED the discrepancy w/the pants? Not sure how much the pants matter, as they obviously didn’t PROVE Casey “murdered” her baby. There were no blood stains on them, or body fluids. Yes, they were supposedly washed, but I don’t think that they were found in that car. I think they were clean because they came straight from Casey’s closet. I have ALWAYS had this feeling. Then, when I examined the picture, I realized that they weren’t even the same color as the pants George described.

          I know George is a man and may not have his colors down pat but brown and gray are quite different. Brown is warm and gray is cool, for one. Either way, he could have gotten the colors mixed up, but I’m not buying for one second that those pants were the only item of clothing that were found in that car after 31 days. That’s just pure BS. May be just a gut feeling, but my gut is usually scarily accurate. Not to mention it just doesn’t make sense.

      • lolypop says:

        Doesn’t that make you want to scream at the LE. They didn’t even investigate George and Cindy.
        I think that they had George’s phone records, but not after June 16. A lot of good that was. Same with Kronk. I think that what the lead LE mispokes about. I wish someone would have seen what time G & C got home from the towyard. Where was the neighbor when you needed him? : /

        • lolypop says:

          Oh, yeah and BTW, those pants? George says gray like you said, the ones he described were gray.
          And the lady at Amscots didn’t mention pants in the car, did she? She did the blanket.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          You are absolutely right, Loly! There were so many other things I had focused on that I forgot about the fact that no one mentioned the pants until later, and at that point, it was C&G who mentioned them. I guess if they were on the floor in the back of the car, it might be hard to have seen them from looking through windows, which may explain why they weren’t seen to be mentioned by The Amscot lady and the tow yard manager. But still… Hmmm.

          George was very specific about the pants being charcoal gray w/a slight pinstripe print. The pants that were “found” in the car by Cindy, were BROWN w/OBVIOUS pinstripes. I’d say they were not the same pants at all.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          It has always baffled me that G&C were not truly ever investigated. Anyone and everyone should have been taken in for questioning that very first night. As professionals, that is what I assume is the usual protocol for missing children. I makes no sense. It may have all gone very differently if they had done so. What a shame!

  6. JanCorey says:

    COL, any thoughts on the new claim that Casey now is reportedly saying Caylee was conceived through rape? Personally, I believe Caylee sure seemed like a gently child after all that raping and molesting of her mother by her boyfriend, brother, and father.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      If Casey says she was date-raped, I am inclined to believe it. It actually makes the whole vagueness of who the daddy was, less confusing, if that is how Caylee came about. If you suspected that your pregnancy was a result of an non-consensual sexual encounter w/some unknown person, I highly doubt you’d be seeking that person out to help you w/your child. It seems that Casey was concerned that Caylee could have been the result of her father’s sex abuse or the rape. When (AFTER her death) it was “determined” that George was not the father, Casey was able to narrow it down to the rape. We don’t even know when she first became sexually active, but if she had been a virgin or not very active at the time of Caylee’s conception, it shouldn’t have been too hard for her to figure out who the BD might have been way back then. Maybe that’s why she rushed into a relationship w/Jesse, so she could cover and continue to deny her fears (to herself) of how she became pregnant. She did not want to think of her child as a “rape” or “incest-baby”… Can’t blame her for that, can we?

  7. sonja says:

    Thank you, thank you for rectifying my ditzy mistake! When I get overwhelmed, i seemed to make mistakes that are oversights? I also really mess up homonyms when writing yet have little trouble when not stressed. Some say it’s early or perimenopausal symptoms and I think I agree because this didn’t happen before the onset of that.

    Thank you again!

  8. sonja says:

    How dumb. I posted my email! Could you remove that post when you see it? Imafreaking out that i did something so STUPID!

  9. JanCorey says:

    The videos are a good thing, right? Casey will likely be done with her probation in just a matter of weeks and can continue to put out those videos like any other person who chooses that option, right? Personally, I believe it is a great option for her and she may get more offers to do more activities simply based upon her success with these videos. Millions and millions have viewed them already. Not too many people have such a following; either out of admiration for Casey or because they are jealous of Casey.

    • sonja says:

      You are right about that.She does have quite a following. Good point! I bet these people will buy her book, or whatever way she chooses to express herself, even though they deny that. I dont believe everyone who expresses negativity feels that way. i wonder if they say things to go along with the group even though inside they feel differently? we may not follow the group but i notice in life that people like us are few and far between.

      • JanCorey says:

        I believe you are correct Sonja, I too believe that many that express a hatred of Casey Anthony for not being convicted of murder feel more disappointed in their own failures as being manipulated for years by the media-heads that were all proved to be so wrong. The mental health market has exploded with new referrals and new prescriptions made to help those some traumatized by their own personal sense of failures in their own lives by feeling “hood-winked” by the media and setting them on a path to accept their journalism “as-fact” when it was far from factual reporting. The media coverage spawn the current outrage and the haters are simply upset with their own failures of being lead down the wrong p[ath, basically from the get-go on this case so they lash out at Casey to justify their own feeling of discontent (victimize the victim as some call it).

        • Sonja says:

          Jan Corey,
          Victimize the victim is right! WOW! People are seeking mental health care because they feel duped by the media? I guess I could see how in that they must question their own “smarts” so to speak. It makes me wonder if a class action could be filed against the media for damages? I doubt it. I have a close friend who i shared my views about Casey. I knew she likes Nancy Grace but she did remark, when i told her what i thought, that she “didn’t think it went down like the media said. She is under the impression that NG find missing children but i remember reading that her show has led to a whole lot of nothing in actually finding missing children. i think the focus should be on these people like her who defraud the public with their mistatements. I wonder if these people could withstand the scrutiny miss casey has? I highly doubt it.

        • JanCorey says:

          I suspect you are correct.

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        I’m w/you on that as well, Sonja. I believe there are quite a few out there who have their doubts about what they have been fed regarding the Casey case. Sadly, too many are afraid to speak their true thoughts for fear of backlash. The masses tend to flock to the “trends”, they want to fit in, be accepted, liked, admired, all that stuff people grow up grappling with. It is the same thing that has kids trying drugs and alcohol, joining gangs, stealing, fighting and even killing over clothes and shoes and the latest gadgets. It’s good old peer pressure at the most JUVENILE level. I was never one to follow the crowd against my will, and I never will be. These so-called “ADULTS” that are spewing hate and filth, by the truck-load, are the very same ADOLESCENTS who followed the “Cool-crowd” and changed their image and choice of music based on what everyone else was into. They are the same low-life, insecure, bullies that picked on the “little person” who wasn’t wearing the right shoes. They are the same people who picked a random person to hate and spread malicious rumors about, for their own shallow “gain”. It is trifling that so many NEVER outgrow these behaviors. These are the very people we are up against, now. As annoying and UGLY as they are, I choose to view and handle them for what they ARE. ETERNAL ADOLESCENTS. ;).

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      People DO LOVE to HATE, not only CASEY, but in general. It’s almost a sickness, really. NASTY. lol 😉

      I think almost anything Casey does or that is released about her by whomever is going to be manipulated and twisted no matter how mundane it may be. So, as for it working in Casey’s favor? It’s hard to say. There are still plenty of logical, rational and open minded individuals out there who choose to think for themselves. Depending on what it is we are given to look at, those folks might take a deeper look and see it all for what it is and NOT what is most convenient for them to see. With that, if Casey is not the monster the imbeciles have been brainwashed in to believing she is, then that will eventually show through and the tides will slowly turn. IMO.

  10. sonja says:

    Cat my dear how are you? noticed you said you were feeling mum about this vid diary. Is everything okay? I did email you back with some questions about the blog set-up. Now i know you get busy and have a life so im not hounding you:) just want to make sure everything is okay during this somewhat upsetting week with the vid diary and reactions… Also, the second video looks like a hack. looks like some of it was cut out intentionally by whomever released it? Now everyone is accusing her of lying about hacking. I just feel for her iguess. seems so unfair, unjust, and bullshit (scuse my french) that ppl are so invested in seeing her pay as well any supporters she has. Sending good thoughts you way CAT:)))

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Aww, thanks for your concern, Sonja. I just hit a little rough patch over here, but I’m working it out :). I have replied to your email, unless there’s a new one I haven’t seen?

      Please don’t feel like you are hounding me either :). Whatever you’d like to get into, here or there, feel free. If I become busy, I will reply ASAP.

      As fir the vids…. I’m, frankly, quite over the BS and ignorance of the masses. It is actually quite disturbing, on a real level, to see how many mindless zombies walk this Earth in this day and age. It is SAD, to say the least. The quickness to judge every little move of Casey and this silly video, of NOTHING, is just APPALLING! These types of people have no idea what is coming to them. They will be humbled down to their knees someday for this disgusting display. Whatever Casey did or did not do, this video does NOT sum that up. Nothing can be gleaned from that 4 minutes! Seriously, this is getting to be like one HUGE bunch of viscious elementary school kids! IMO, they are not even worth conjuring up a reply for. The truth is on it’s way whatever it may be. I have a feeling. 😉

      • sonja says:

        Oh I will check my email today:)

        I understand those rough patches. We are kind of in one too, with my husbands job slowing down and the lack of jobs in nv. I try to think positive most of the time, but somedays i start worrying, and we both let the stress get to us more than it should…

        Honestly, I found myself quite upset over the response to the video. I didnt feel hate back but rather sadness, disgust and anger. I felt sad for Casey and quite frankly, her guilt or innocence didn’t matter in terms of my own reaction to the hate based agendas, the media, and people online. (I don’t think she is guilty but hypthetically, if she were, these reactions have gone far beyond anything “normal”.) The fact that they are so inciteful, is distubing to me. And the most annoying thing are these “body language experts” and “truth wizards”. Their interpretions are always what the majority wants to hear and i doubt they really feel that GA or CA have ZERO deception when they speak. Also, these people, from what I’ve seen, have no formal training, they just decide they have a gift and promote themselves. We all have that ability too.

        People hoping she fail, have a miserable life and wish harm on her I find repugnant and many other negatives. I agree something is a brewing though, its my gut feeling. She is in therapy and that will make her stronger and enable with the skills to address her past and clear her name. And if the truth has to with GA or CA harming Casey, caylee I hope they are brought up on criminal charges. DO you base your thoughts on a gut feeling too or have you read something?

        Do you think their is a way we can show KC or Mr. Biaz these blogs in the hopes that KC will feel supported? I wonder if she reads these. What do you think CAT?

        I enjoyed the short news article below so i included the link in case you would like to read it.


        A quote from the article said, “And this is where the fomenting culture of hate speech and Haters turns back on itself, Britt adds. “The logic goes like this: Hate is bad, so we hate hate, but in hating hate, we become Haters ourselves.” It reminded me to watch my own reactions toward this and not spend along time feeling anger every time i hear something negative.

        My first post ( i think) will be about the hate I’ve seen online and glimpes of certain talk show hosts – i saved links to artcles that highly criticize them for this. It’s not a post bashing them back but an analysis of what I’ve seen, what it implies about society while looking at our first amendmant rights. The reaction toward Casey vid will be the focus pointing out that the reaction is more intense than after the verdict which indicates much more is at play here.
        But the conclusion will be a reflection on the “people doing the hating and how it says more about them as people, parents, co-workers etc… I hope i can send it to you first so you can critiique it because I need feedback since blogging is different from writing papers and articles.
        As you know,I need to figure out the tech end which when i sit down and watch some tutorials, i think I will understand this blogging better. I’m picky and if the blog doesn’t look good, it will interfere with presentation of the content. I wonder if I have to enable smilies because my pc won’t make them, anywhere:) I also dont like my blog name. i wonder if you spent a lot of time deciding your name?

        Take care and looking forward to your next blog!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Sonja, I am w/you 100!

          You and I think alike :). I was pondering a similar post, but I honestly think you are better equipped to handle that one. Please feel free to send it to me for feedback :).

          Smileys are automatic in wordpress (I believe) You may have to go into your settings to allow them but I can’t be sure). I am picky as well. Presentation is important so it can definitely be time consuming to put out what started out as a simple post lol ;). I think you will do fine. We were all newbies once. It did take me a bit to come up w/my blog name, so take your time w/it. Make sure you search whatever names you come up w/to make sure no one else already has it too. Can’t wait to see your first post. Good luck 😀

        • Sonja says:


          Thank you for you help with my blog! The family matter I have going on will be resolved Friday morning (THANK GOD) so I will work on all this over the weekend! I’m excited to have your support and have been so busy with this matter that i can’t wait to get started on Saturday. I never thought of blogging as a hobby but it most certainly is:) I will write you back Saturday as well! Just wanted to touchbase with you.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey Sonja. I corrected the name situation :).

          I’m glad your family matters are being resolved. It’s always nice when there is a resolution! 😉

          I am more than happy to help you w/your blogging mission. We need more like us out there, whether it be about the Casey/Caylee case or some other matter. Either way, it’ll be great to have you join forces w/us :D. Keep me posted and I’ll check for your email this weekend.

  11. sonja says:

    Cat, I found your email and now you have mail! *smile*. Do you know why i and others are getting 403 errors while trying to access the caseyisinnocent site? To be honest, I’m to the point where guilt or innocence does not matter when it comes to the reactions I’ve been reading. Someone said, ” I will never stop” when asked to stop being so hateful on a newsite. I agree. Their hate says more about them, then the person they are expressing! I dont think this was an intentional release. Do you? It seems so out of context to be a personal vblog about her feelings. She was talking to someone. Her lawyers state it was unintentional. What do you think?

    • sonja says:

      I meant I agree with you about the haters – not that i agree its okay to say, “I will never stop” in posting filth about Casey. on a sidenote, i did ask you some questions in my email back to you about wordpress and making a blog. It is not as easy as I, 2, 3 like they say:)

  12. sonja says:

    My husband’s father was in a nursing home before he died. We could not leave what we brought to him because he had staph. Maybe the nurses wouldn’t allow the family to leave it at the nursing home? I keep trying to picture different scenarios but again what stands out to me that if a fight occured about Casey’s behavior, Cindy would have brought up Caylee to Casey and those emotions would have poured gas to an already raging fire. Do you remember when casey was crying during Cindy’s testimony? Casey went from anger to crying, she looked disapointed and incredulous as if she couldn’t believe what Cindy was saying. I don’t remember which testimony Cindy was giving but thought it may shed light on some of the things we are wondering about their relationship. Do you remember? Finally, I’m with you on number 4 reason as to why BD was kept secret. People find this to be such a disturbing thought but it happens and probably more often then we know.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      That’s not a bad thought there, Sonja. They did let her bring in her book and stuff, though, so I’m not sure if that would be the case for the balloon. I can picture the scene you described w/out having to try that hard. We don’t know who or what Cindy Anthony actually is and therefore have to consider her just as capable of harming Caylee as anyone else in this family.

      I don’t recall the particular subject of the testimony you are talking about, but I have an inkling it MAY have had something to do w/whether Cindy and Casey had that argument on June 15th, that 2 neighbors believed they heard and that Lee, allegedly described to JG and, later, denied. Gotta wonder why JG would make such a story up, or why LA would tell JG about it and then deny he’d ever done so. There’s something off about that.

      # 4 seems to be the most plausible when considering all things. I’m w/you. 🙂

      • sonja says:

        Cat i have some comments i am DYING to share with you about Casey’s video diary release. Where do I email you at? Am i missing something on your blog because you had said to email you a post in a prior comment. I didnt want to post my thought on your blog as it doesnt pertain to your current post. I see A LOT in that video that contradicts media summations and would like to share it with you. I could like your page with my blog and then could we email? I will do that but i just started it and am having trouble learning it so i havent posted anything yet. Maybe you put your email in the comment you on the everyone lies. I’ll go look. Please let me know if I may email you this comment?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          You have been emailed to the account that you use to comment, Sonja ;). If you want me to use a different one, use that to post your next comment but do not put it in a comment if you do not want the entire net to have it lol. I’m sure you know not to do that but JIC. Are we getting closer?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Oh, and don’t forget to check your spam in your email. I tried to click on your blog but it only took me to your profile image which takes me nowhere lol. Let me know if you got my message! 😀

        • sonja says:

          Oh I found it in spam! Thanks for the reminder. you are in my contacts now:) I got over my shyness and joined the discussion over at JB about this video release. But at the same time, Im more convinced that she is not all those disorders these celebrity shrinks keep diagnosing her with unless it was staged and she is an academy award winning accress which doesnt seem logical given the context or Cheney’s reaction. i woke up to this news on GMA! Whoa Nelly! Shame on whomever violated her like this. I don’t see who in their right mind, whether they think she is guilty or not could agree that she deserves this type scrutiny. Between you and the regulars on here, I think she sounds outstanding for a person in treatment. She sounds like she should sound given the time and context it was made. I will elaborate later but IM sure you can see it too!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I completely agree, Sonja. You’ve got mail BTW 😉

          People go hog-wild over ANYTHING Casey Anthony and then go crazy calling her a “NARCISSIST”????? LMFAO! They go looking at a PRIVATE Vid/Diary entry and blow it up all over the net and then turn around and say she is a classic this or that?? WHAT? If the (words I won’t say here) didn’t flock to her every move, photo, video etc, then she would have no one to “entertain”. But that’s not even what this was. She has stayed mum, out of sight and this was NOT supposed to have gotten out into the public, so, sorry to the hate-mobs, NARCISSIST is NOT in that video. Keep looking!! Dig til your fingers bleed. When I see something that TRULY displays these disordered traits she is allegedly RIDDLED with, then I will have no problem seeing it for what it is.

          Seriously, Sonja, ANYTHING ANYONE has documented can be twisted into something dark and sinister it seems. Those haters best hope they avoid KARMA. It is on it’s way!! Whether Casey is guilty or not, the reaction of the “people” is just as foul as what they accuse her of being. IMO

  13. finnejer says:

    Great article COL!!
    I’m not sure what to make of the balloon.
    I do love your in-depth research and every angle coverage!! 🙂

  14. JB says:

    Hey Cat,
    I’m wondering if the balloon had that scan code stamped on it? I’m sorry, but I don’t remember what its called. If it did, I’m sure LE could check with the local stores and possibly find out who bought the balloon.
    I remember early on when Keith Wms. found this little treasure trove of goodies how all of the blogs dismissed it as an incidental finding, having nothing to do with Caylee but like you..I’m curious.
    It may tell the story as to what happened June 15th.
    Poor Keith Wms… Do you know he was arrested for trespassing by Sgt Richard Cain? Yep same one that Kronk got fired.. This whole case is stranger than fiction.
    Keep up the good work. Lots of good reading here. Thank you.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey JB :).

      I def think there would have been something on that balloon that could have helped determine some of the story behind that balloon. Good thinking on that one. I hadn’t thought of the scan/bar/batch/lot codes that would have been on that balloon. It looks like the balloon was not all that deteriorated. It might have been just a matter of rinsing the dried dirt off for that info to be revealed. Right?

      As for Sgt. Cain, isn’t it strange how he’d go to the point of making a silly arrest for trespassing, and then couldn’t be bothered to further investigate the reports of suspicious items, found near the home of a missing child. IE: bag of like-new stuffed animals, toys, clothing of a little girl, and a Winnie the Pooh balloon, along w/a “potential” SKULL/bag of human remains. It’s just weird. IMO, this man must have hated his job to pieces to be so nonchalant and lazy about looking into the possible remains of a missing toddler… IF that’s how it actually happened, of course 😉

      And thank YOU, my dear 😀

      • HollysGmom says:

        Sounds like Officer Cain was under orders to keep everyone out of those woods to the point of arrest until the Kronk plot was hatched. Then when Officer Cain didn’t follow script OR

        wasn’t in on it and Kronk missed the “package” because he didn’t really know the exact location but was just being used as a screen to get LE to the area OR

        Kronk was himself under orders to not be to obvious, don’t got straight to them, don’t point them out, just the specific area and let the officer “find” the evidence.

        IMO either

        1) Kronk got info from Padilla/LE via his jailhouse employee girlfriend. Padilla HAD just issued an all points bulletin to all BOUNTY HUNTERS to come to the area and help search for Caylee. Since Kronk and several family members/friends were then or at one time BOUNTY HUNTERS they took the challenge and then when it was realized that Kronk could get inside info via the gf a plot was hatched.

        2) Kronk somehow on his own, possibly through work, was already aquainted with the Anthony’s or thier household members. He somehow located Caylee’s remains while at the Anthony home for work purposes and took them in order to recieve the high reward. However he was unaware that the higher reward amount was only for a LIVE Caylee.

  15. JustThinking says:

    Happy New Year, COL! 🙂

    I had read of the balloon, but never though anything of it. I do feel its a strange coincidence that it happens to be of Winnie the pooh considering that was Kc’s or ca’s favorite character. If it was any of them, maybe it was like when you take flowers to a grave? or saved and put with caylee?
    I know my 1st feeling was that CA knew or was there when it happened bc it was just too much talking for each of the parents who say they didnt know anything. Now idk anymore when it comes to CA, her emotions on the 911 and LE interviews seemed genuine(i may be repeating here). Also i think about GA and getting a gun when kc was out on bond, what was his real motive of getting it bc he from the start imo seemed to be implying things to LE that kc did/was hiding something and throwing out the relationship she had with her mom, then add him throwing her against the wall as to look like he wanted answers, so what was the point? and he didn’t use it in the suicide attempt. I dont buy the claim of going after her friends when they supposedly all went over to the house to create a timeline, he had a chance there to confront some no? i wonder if kc knew about it(the gun).

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      The balloon could be something or nothing at all. It would be awesome to know it’s origins and for what occasion it served. My thing, is that, if it had been a keepsake from the past, like a wall hanging in Caylee’s room, or stored in a “memory box” of sorts, it would have been noticed, at some point if it had gone missing. If that’s how it went down, it doesn’t seem like anyone spoke up about a missing balloon from the house, so we’d have to wonder, why not. Cindy mentioned the Pooh blanket had been missing since May-ish, when she was presented w/the warrant, listing, “Pooh Bedding”, but she never said anything about a balloon.

      As for how genuine CA’s 911 calls were? They did sound genuine, but it’s hard to know w/this family full of actors and liars…

      GA? He is a hot one. I don’t trust his intentions in the many actions that he took, or “info” that he was putting out to LE or the public. The two conflicted, majorly. It seemed like once he realized Casey’s story wasn’t doing the trick, he had to cover his own ass, and quick. The gun was pure BS. His suicide attempt, highly, highly suspect…

  16. sonja says:

    HI Cat:) Happy 2012! Various aspects of life have been in the way of my blog reading lately:/ Your blog looks sharp. Love the new look. Going along with the discussion above, I think that the way CA could have hurt Caylee would have occured this way: Caylee, able to express feelings, after overhearing this fight may have expressed her desire to be with mommy. This would have enraged CA causing her anger to take over at Caylee’s “betrayal”. It’s likely that in a fight this intense between grandma and mom over the child, that the child would feel the need to express herself. CA could have even put Caylee on the spot during this fight asking her to choose as sick as that may sound. And I’m going to beat a dead horse here, but in light of this idea, think of the words in the diary of days again authored by CA. Makes the words everyone lies and everyone dies take on yet another layer regarding feelings toward Caylee; assuming she(CA) is dysfuctional enough to expect emotional loyalty from a small child. But from what we know about her, she may indeed think like that. What do you think?

    • JanCorey says:

      According to the court, Casey was never proven to have hurt Caylee, ever!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Well, HELLO there, Sonja! 😀 Happy New Year to you as well. Good to see you back. I was getting worried :).

      I think you have a very good idea as for what may have taken place that night. I can see something like that happening w/in that family, behind closed doors.

  17. GasCanGeorge says:

    You’re on the right track………………..

    Remember what Casey said during one of the jailhouse visits:
    ” Don’t worry Mom,
    I didnt say anything”.

    The originator of all the story telling came so easy, she repeated
    the 31 days as tho she had it memorized, even repeating and tweeking
    for her trial debut…..There’s something said when one sits in a courtroom taking notes,
    perhaps to add to her award winning script, creating the answers before the questions
    were even asked…..Ohhhh “munchausen Cindy” you’re oh so keen arent you…..

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      You know, GCG, that same thought (Munchhausen’s) has come to mind a few times when I think of what could be going on w/Cindy… Her family is her identity and if they do not heavily rely on her, she loses her worth. That’s just an idea I’ve pondered.

      I will always wonder what that comment was about, too. What struck me about it was the way she (Casey) tried to play it off w/that real casual tone of voice, almost as if she was hoping it would be overlooked by the cameras. You know what I mean?

      • GasCanGeorge says:

        I can absolutely see her losing it on Caylee. All the years worth of stress from George, and Casey taken out on the innocent, Add the RX drug mix, and all the dysfunctional personalities and there you go. I can see George covering for Cindy (his meal ticket) then setting CAsey up, however I do feel CIndy had a deep hate for Casey so if she did lose it and killed her grandchild, the story telling and coverup fell all too easy as if she had been doing it all her life. AFter all, she grew up in that kind of atmosphere, so it was NATURAL. Explains her connection with George and her covering up and enabling his behaviors. It’s by far behaviors of Cindy munchausen……..I wonder if she gave Lee RX drugs and or Casey too, to keep them in control? Could explain CAsey’s seizures

        Either way i’ve always thought the cover up was based on protecting a parent, so she wouldn’t go to jail(the meal ticket?) Or George, the known pedophile? (according to CAsey)….But if she were to arrive home to a dead daughter and not know the circumstances and the cover up all
        ready began, you can understand why she never said anything and followed the leader,,,,,Just sayin

        • CatOutLoud® says:


          When taking a much deeper look into the dynamics of the family and adding in the circumstances following the disappearance of Caylee, the scenario you’ve just described seems a lot more feasible, doesn’t it?

          I feel that Casey’s seizures probably were/are a direct result of the abuse she may have endured. Part of my reasoning on this is due to the fact that they started to occur around the same time that she was making gradual moves away from her home base. When she and JG were serious and AFTER she’d had her daughter, she started opening up to JG about what had gone on w/her brother. Soon after this, she had her first, NOTED, seizure.

          Here is some supportive info:

          “Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

          TAOUFIK M. ALSAADI, M.D., and ANNA VINTER MARQUEZ, M.D., University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Sacramento, California

          Am Fam Physician. 2005 Sep 1;72(5):849-856.

          Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures are episodes of movement, sensation, or behaviors that are similar to epileptic seizures but do not have a neurologic origin; rather, they are somatic manifestations of psychologic distress. Patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures frequently are misdiagnosed and treated for epilepsy. Video-electroencephalography monitoring is preferred for diagnosis. From 5 to 10 percent of outpatient epilepsy patients and 20 to 40 percent of inpatient epilepsy patients have psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. These patients inevitably have comorbid psychiatric illnesses, most commonly depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, other dissociative and somatoform disorders, and personality pathology, especially borderline personality type. Many patients have a history of sexual or physical abuse. Between 75 and 85 percent of patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures are women. Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures typically begin in young adulthood. Treatment involves discontinuation of antiepileptic drugs in patients without concurrent epilepsy and referral for appropriate psychiatric care. More studies are needed to determine the best treatment modalities. ”


        • GasCanGeorge says:

          Some interesting stuff pertaining to the seizures.

          I cannot help but think that CA has always had it in the back of her mind that quite possibly another family could come forward and claim CAylee as their granddaughter and sue the pants off of her for not protecting their grandchild. I’m sure CAsey may have that in the back of her mind also. I just cannot fathom NOBODY stepping forward and ask to be tested, after all, Casey knows who she slept with, so do the men. I just think it ‘ll open a whole new can of worms/law suits etc if it is pushed so , I can understand Cindy maintaining she knew nothing , she’s more worried about herself more than anything including having to share CAylee’s memory/book deals the whole nine yards. C ould be why she trade marked her name too…
          Again, CAylee’s other family is out there somewhere, and I feel it’s just a matter of time before they step forward unless of course Caylee was
          born out of incest or a product of an affair…..Just sayin

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I am in agreement, GCG. I think that it’s always possible for a parent not to have any real way of knowing who fathered her daughter’s child if the daughter isn’t trying to tell no matter what. But the question would, then, be WHY, was daughter SO ADAMANT about no one knowing who the father of her child was? There could be MANY reasons.

          1. She honestly didn’t know because she’d been w/more people in that time period than she cared to admit.

          2. She despised whoever the BD was and wanted nothing to do w/him in any way, and by telling a soul who he was she risked being forced to deal w/him.

          3. BD was a married man or in a serious relationship and she did not want to ruin that. Or she was threatened to keep it quiet by said BD.

          4. Or she knew/ feared Caylee was her brother’s or her dad’s, if sex abuse had happened and was still occurring, when Caylee was conceived. That is something ANYONE would want to hide or deny to everyone including themselves.

          Can’t help but wonder if the last one was actually the case.

  18. aw says:

    Very interesting. Keep up the good work

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