“Everyone lies”…

How true is that?  Everyone tells or has told lies at some point in their lives.  Anyone who claims otherwise— is lying.

Yes, it is a fact that everyone lies to some degree or another, for some reason or another.  The reasons behind them are as varied as the species on this planet!  To each his own…

There are too many types of lies to list.   Here are just a few:

  • WHITE LIES-  Unimportant lies, or lies told to be tactful or polite.  These lies are rarely ever told with malicious intent, but out of consideration for another person’s feelings.  White lies are minor lies which could be considered harmless, or even beneficial, in the long run. White lies are also considered to be used for greater good. A common version of a white lie is to tell only part of the truth, therefore not be suspected of lying, yet also conceal something else, in order to avoid awkward situations.
  • MALICIOUS LIES-  Lies that are told with design to harm someone or defame them.
  • EMERGENCY LIES- An emergency lie is a strategic lie told when the truth may not be told because, for example, harm to a third party would result.  Alternatively, an emergency lie could denote a (temporary) lie told to a second person because of the presence of a third.
  • PATHOLOGICAL LIES- (habitual, compulsive, chronic)  Lies told out of habit or compulsion for no apparent reason.
  • DENIAL- (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism , in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.
“Everyone lies. . .”

We know the phrase well by now.  It is one of the most scrutinized phrases from the infamous, Cindy Anthony created, Casey Anthony pasted, “Diary of Days”.

The majority THINK they already know, but really, why did Casey lie?

Why did she lie about her job status?

Why did she lie about the nanny?

Why did she lie about where Caylee was those 31 days?

Why, why, why?

What in the world was going on her mind?  What was it that motivated the telling of these tales?

Many claim that these lies stemmed from the self-serving needs of a cold-blooded sociopath.

Read up on the definition & traits of a sociopath here:



Let’s begin with the secrecy surrounding the pregnancy.  We have a 19 year old, unmarried, regular kind of girl, who turns up pregnant.  One would expect her not to run up a mountain and shout the news to the world.  Unmarried teen pregnancy is still a taboo, even as rampant as it is these days.  So, for her to have kept that from her family for a while, is not unusual.  I’m also willing to bet Casey didn’t even know she was pregnant until after the 1st trimester was up.  We know she told a friend, in her 5th month, that she had just found out, and I’m guessing that was probably not far from the truth.  Cindy found out about the pregnancy around that same time, but denied it, until the 7th month, when she and George claim they were first told by Casey.

I know most seem to find fault with the cover-up of Casey’s pregnancy.  They think it shows she didn’t want the baby and use that argument to support the murder allegations.  I beg to differ.  Most teen pregnancies are not planned, are unwanted, but they accept and get used to the idea, have the babies, fall in love with them and go on to be the best parents they can be.  Casey was 19, she could have had an abortion and no one ever had to know about it.  The fact that she chose to carry her baby to term, whether it was to give her up for adoption, or keep the child, shows that she had respect for that new life forming in her womb.  It is America, 2005, she had a choice, and her choice was to keep that baby and, ultimately, to be a mother.


Yes, that non-job that Casey claimed to have been working for 2 years beyond the date of termination…   Why would she make that up?  Hmm, let’s start with mom.  Mom wanted her daughter to work.  Makes sense.  Casey seemed to have no problem with working and continued to do so even throughout her pregnancy.  That doesn’t sound lazy to me.  So, what happened after Caylee was born?  Well, for one, she had a baby, and this baby was her pride and joy.  No new mother looks forward to going back to work and leaving her precious child in the hands of someone else.  Once her maternity leave was up, Casey was not, yet, ready to go back to work, but Mom and Dad were getting on her case.  So she sets off one day, and pretends to go to work.   Maybe she went out and picked up some applications, figuring she’d get a job soon enough.  If you’ll recall, George saw a job application that Casey had filled out, and in the job history section she had listed “nanny”.  George questioned her as to why she had put that down when she’d never worked as a nanny, and she said “Well, dad, that’s just something I’ve been thinking about doing”.  Casey may not have had a job yet, but it does seem she was working towards finding one.

But there’s a problem, if Casey is “going to work”, who is watching the child?   Soon Casey figures out that she has to have someone watching the baby in order support her lie about the job she has yet to find.   Or had she found or been “assigned” a job,  just not one she wanted anyone to know about.  Stripping, drug dealing, web-cam girl, escorting, porn?    One lie turns into two.  Casey needs a babysitter…


Casey had a variety of friends  who watched Caylee, either long-term or short-term, including Lauren Gibbs, who watched Caylee primarily until she was about 7 months old , Christina Chester and Holly Gagne who, periodically, watched Caylee, and Adam Lynch, a guy Casey dated, watched Caylee for a few days in the summer of 2006.  Jesse and his father, Richard Grund, also cared for the girl, quite frequently, after Lauren Gibbs quit.  Eventually, this arrangement was no longer working out for a variety of reasons.  Casey was SOL.  Mr. Grund wants to know if Casey has found someone to take over, and along comes Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez AKA “Zanny the Nanny”.   Originally, it seems that Zanny was created for the benefit of Richard Grund.  Casey did not want to burden him with the fact that she did not have anyone else to take care of Caylee, after all.  It didn’t much matter to Casey, since she had Caylee with her the majority of the time, anyway.



     Two years after Casey started the lying about the Job status and “Zanny the Nanny”, Cindy pulls her card.  It is now June 15th 2008.  At around    7:30pm, Casey comes home after spending most of her day with her boyfriend, Anthony (Tony) Lazzaro.  Cindy has been home with Caylee for a few hours now, after taking her on a day trip to see Cindy’s parents, and has a bone to pick with her daughter.  At some point in the night, Mom lays out the photos of Casey at an “Anything But Clothes” party, when she was supposed to have been at work.  A fight ensues, Cindy’s hands end up around her daughter’s throat, strangling her.  Lee, allegedly, witnessed this fight and had to pull Cindy off of Casey at least two times.


What happened after that?  Only Casey, Lee, Cindy and George know.  But, what we DO know, is that this was the last day Caylee was documented to have been alive and well.

June 15th to July 16th equals 31 days.

Something happened after that fight.  Something unthinkable.  Caylee Marie Anthony mysteriously ceased existence…  Not a single one of us truly know what caused this little girls’ death, but the most popular belief is that Casey was mad at Mommy and was going to “teach her a lesson”.  Oh yeah, she was going to show her.  How?  By extinguishing the one person she cherished the most.  By going into her secret laboratory, and mixing up a batch of home-made CHLOROFORM and using it to put her baby girl to sleep, forever.  Oh, and let us not forget how she “wrapped” Caylee’s head with 3 layers of duct tape to be sure the job was done.  But wait!!  She almost forgot to add that magical, disappearing heart sticker for the finishing touch.

Sounding a little ridiculous?  That’s because it probably IS.

No.  Something really bad happened.

Something we can only begin or pretend to imagine.

Something so unspeakable, that Casey went about convincing herself that all was “normal” for 31 days.

Casey’s strange behavior, after Caylee “vanished”, was actually very typical, considering how she had learned to deal with repeated trauma from a very young age.  Casey learned to lie to protect herself from the harsh realities of what her brother and father had been doing to her.  Lying became her method of survival.  She became quite good at it, and, by the time she reached adulthood, lying was second nature.

Casey lied to avoid facing reality.

She did not like her reality.

She was lying to herself.


Now imagine you’re a 22 year old woman who’s been sexually molested by both your brother and father for years.   The emotional trauma becomes so unbearable that you learn to deny and “forget” it’s happening.

Now imagine you’re this same young mother whose child suddenly ceases to exist?  This is one of THE most PAINFUL things a mother could ever go through!  For Casey, it was so severe that she may have shut down and gone into auto-pilot.  There is actually a name for this type of defense mechanism.


“Situation-specific amnesia occurs as a result of a severely stressful event, as in post-traumatic stress disorder, child sex abuse, military combat or witnessing a family member’s murder or suicide, and is somewhat common in cases of severe and/or repeated trauma.

Some characteristics that define psychogenic amnesia is the loss of personal identity, semantic knowledge, and procedural abilities at least in the early phase of amnesia.

Traumatic amnesia involves the loss of remembering traumatic experiences. The younger the subject and the longer the traumatic event is, the greater the chance of significant amnesia.  Not being able to integrate traumatic memories seems to be the main element which leads to PTSD.

Risk factors

Patients exposed to physically or emotionally traumatic events are at a higher risk for developing psychogenic amnesia because they seem to have damaged the neurons in the brain. Examples of individuals at greater risk of psychogenic amnesia due to traumatic events include soldiers who have experienced combat, individuals sexually and physically abused during childhood and individuals who have experienced domestic violence, natural disasters, or terrorist acts; essentially any sufficiently severe psychological stress, internal conflict, or intolerable life situation.  Child abuse, especially chronic child abuse starting at an early age has been related to the development of high levels of dissociative symptoms, including amnesia for abuse memories. The study strongly suggested that “independent corroboration of recovered memories of abuse is often present” and that the recovery of the abuse memories generally is not associated with psychotherapy.


Elliot’s study of a randomized nationwide sample (n=505) found that situation-specific psychogenic amnesia was somewhat common in the general population. 72% of subjects reported a profoundly distressing emotional trauma; 32% of these reported amnesia about part or all of the trauma, followed by “delayed recall” of the event. Traumatic events most commonly associated with psychogenic amnesia were witnessing a suicide or murder, and being sexually abused. Elliott also found that psychogenic amnesia was most strongly associated with severe and/or repeated traumas, and with traumas during childhood.”



The above excerpts, should help us to further understand some of why she told the next big lie.


31 long days have passed and Cindy Anthony is on a mission to find her daughter.  Casey has been “gone” too long and she “doesn’t know” what is going on.  As the story goes, Cindy and George finally “noticed” the notice on their front door and a couple of days later they are at the Johnson’s Wrecking Service lot, pissed off with a wad of cash to hand over in order to retrieve their daughters car that had run out of gas 19 days earlier.

**(This is the car that Casey, allegedly, drove around “for days”, with her murdered child’s body decomposing in the trunk.  This is the same car that they found no blood in, no DNA, no fingerprints, no human decomposition fluid, and only a 60% chemical match to the odor of human decomposition.)

After taking the car back to the house, Cindy and George, both, go back to work.  Later, Cindy arrives back home and starts looking through the car where she finds Casey’s friend, Amy Huizenga’s phone number.  She calls Amy and asks her to help her figure out where her daughter is.   Amy decides to ride with her to Tony Lazzaro’s house, where Casey had been staying for the two weeks after her car ran out of gas.  They arrive at Tony’s and a heated argument takes place between Casey and Cindy outside of the apartment.  Casey reluctantly agrees to leave with Amy and her mother, but tells Tony she is coming back.

Only Cindy and Casey will ever truly know what was said in the car, after Amy had been dropped off, but soon 911 is called to report a stolen car.  They get to the house, where Casey’s brother, Lee, has been waiting and the second 911 call was made, to report stolen credit cards… “Oh, and a possible missing child”.

Lee goes into Casey’s room where she sits on the bed, crying.  A little while later, the “Zanny the Nanny Kidnapping” story is born.  The third and final 911 call is made by Cindy to report this new information.  George arrives sometime during the course of that last call.  Hours later, police officers show up and take the family’s statements.  There was plenty of time for the Anthonys to concoct a good story, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe Casey had created this kidnapping nanny story all on her own.  Maybe it’s because she’s a cold-blooded sociopath who needed her daughter out of her life so she could “live the Bella Vita”.  But have you ever considered the alternatives?  Did she know something had happened to Caylee at the hands of someone so dangerous that she could not risk her own life to tell a soul?  Or could it be that Casey was doing anything and everything she could to protect her own psyche from facing the traumatic and so deeply, darkly, permanent reality that her precious, baby girl would never grace her senses, ever again?  This life-long defense mechanism had, after all, been frequently utilized by Casey since childhood and was the only way she knew how to cope.

‘Lie to yourself ‘…

“Oh Caylee’s having fun.  She with the nanny”.

Saying this allows Casey to believe Caylee is OK, that everything is “normal” and she’ll see her soon.

‘Deny, and it won’t be true’…

“My Caylee has been kidnapped”.

In Casey’s mind, this means that Caylee is not dead, just gone for a while.   This “lie”gives her hope for a happy ending and that she will see her little girl again.

Whether or not Casey actually knows where Caylee was, or witnessed what happened to her, she cannot allow the unspeakable, unthinkable realities, whatever they may be, to enter into her consciousness.  It’s harshness would cause her to become unglued.  The brutality of the pain and mental anguish would surely be Casey’s final death…

‘Suppress, and I will not feel the pain’…




*** Note:  The ideas presented, in this post, are my own opinions based on the facts derived from case documents and supporting research.

  1. Thanks for the awesome post! I have just bookmarked this blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. sonja says:

    Oh Cat,

    I thought you may find this interesting. I was reading around last night and a blog that dissected ashton’s book took a comment straight from it. The comment by JA, supports what we have thought already. (I think this comment may need to go under your previous post? I thought of this when revising this comment.)

    Quote from JA book taken from another post i read last night:
    “Dr. Weitz told us that he had reviewed Dr. Dangizer’s report. He brought to our attention Dr. Danziger’s MMPI results and agreed they were normal. Dr. Weitz had given her a battery of tests, including one designed to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by trauma like sexual victimization. The test did not support the conclusion that she had been victimized. Weitz explained it this way to me: I am not diagnosing her as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but all of these things that she did were as a result of the denial of having been sexually molested. You can understand all of this behavior by denial and suppression.
    “So, when Casey said that Caylee was with the nanny, she believed it?” I asked him.
    “Yes,” Weitz said.
    “When she was taking the cops through Universal, did she believe she worked there?”

    My points are:
    1.) She may not have had PTSD due to traumatization by C.S.A., but he certainly seemed to imply sexual molest had taken place and she suffered a reaction from it.
    2.) Casey,not realizing that her lies weren’t based in reality, supports your theory of the stress related amnesia.( and it makes me feel incredible amount of empathy for her as a young mom)
    3.) FInally and most importantly imho, when evaluated by those docs, they found her to have no presence of any personality disorder such as anti-social disorder or psychopathy due to her MMPI scores being normal. ANd that was verified by two other doctors and one was simply appointed by the court, who later became witness for the defense proving no ulterior motive on part of the defense. ( TOO BAD for the haters that “real evaluations trump diagosis from medical “onlookers”.

    In conconclusion, any rational person I think, would logically consider the evaluations of doctors who had actually evaluated Casey and spent time with her over the OPINIONS of celebrity shrinks and medical examiners who don’t want to lose face to their fans.

    She most likely does not have sociopathy or other lack of remorse and empathy related disorders. She may have been “immature” as detailed by the doc due to a small frontal lobe on examination, but that’s part of normal development of a young adult. The frontal lobe isn’t fully matured until we are 25 or older which explains some of my whacky choices and others looking back to when they were young adults.

    The comment from JA was posted without his entire book of course, but the jist of the post was that JA perpuated the prosecution’s theory while adding tidbits from her personal medical files. JA failed to leave out certain facts from the case though so the blogger was “keeping him honest”. The blog was the statevscasey – you and i had discussed this blog before him adding this post:)

    Have a beautiful day Cat:)

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I finished reading one of the psych depos (Weitz?). I am inclined to lean towards his findings, too. The fact that his findings were duplicated by multiple testings and evaluations of other psychs significantly lessens the possibility of Casey having duped the tests and/or ALL of the psychs. There’s is no argument that Casey has “issues” but that does not mean she has a mental illness or personality disorder. I completely agree that the word of professionals who evaluated Casey, personally and intensely has WAY more merit than that of the armchair head/body language “experts”, and random ignorant naysayers. Seriously? The latter can shove it ;).

    • Linda says:

      Wow…Well, It was all falling into place until this point..I really do NOT think that Casey was ever molested by George Or Lee either for that matter..And I really get so sick of hearing that from anyone who commits a crime!! First thing that comes to anyones mind anymore is..Well,Poor thing was abused,Poor thing was molested…That’s a bunch of BS! Why can people just except the FACT that some people are just pure evil and they kill because they are Evil!! Look at the teen boys that drove down the secluded road and shot that poor guy that was jogging,He was minding his own business and the Teens said they did it because they were BORED! EVIL! IMHO Casey killed that child because SHE WAS JEALOUS And/or did not want the child to be in the way of her running around and playing or have her (Now starting to talk child) To run her mouth and tell what momma was up to! Not that I condone the Anthonys…G&C Both lied over and over while on the stand..And,Most likely everywhere else too…The whole family is messed up..And one more thing…My Mother had a old saying **Still water runs deep** I just cannot believe that innocent little Lee is as innocent as everyone thinks..JMO Like I said THE FAMILY is messed up!! A BUNCH OF NUTS and they should be locked away before anyone else **GETS HURT**
      ******THAT’S WHAT I THINK*******

  3. Indygal says:

    I’m so sorry about your kitty. 😦
    I know the feeling, heck I was a mess when I lost Bellas 3 day old kitten and I only knew him 13 hours.
    I know you gave your fury lil guy the best life he possibly could have lived!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Thank you, Indy. W/him being sick for 5 mos, you’d think I’d have been more prepared. I think maybe I was, but there’s no getting around the grief. I love my fur-babes as if they are my family and losing one is rough on the soul, especially when they didn’t get to live a full life. I know you understand and I appreciate the kind words :).

      • sonja says:

        OH i saw this and wanted to tell you that I am sorry also! I have two cats and one dog. I had to put down my 17 year old Chi this summer and all of us cried even my husband who rarely cries. I’m so sorry for your grief and losing pets is “rough on the soul” like you said:(

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thank you, Sonja. I’ve lost 3 cats in the last 3-4 years and it doesn’t get any easier. One vanished while my stalker was active… The other was 16 and had overcome diabetes and then came down w/hyperthyroidism ( I believe both were a result of dry food and low quality canned food ). That was rough, because she was the last of my animals from my pre-baby years :), but I was able to accept it better since she had lived a full life. This one was sort of expected but his condition took a turn for the worse, out of nowhere, and we were in a position to have to make a quick and final decision as to whether or not we should put him out his misery or let him die naturally. Haven’t had a pet put down since I was a kid. I am slowly making peace w/the loss. I am sorry for your loss as well.

  4. sonja says:

    S: i love this post and comments even though i arrived late to the party (as usual):) Based on my studies, male siblings rarely molest another without having experienced it themselves.

    C: I am not an expert, but I agree that it is probably more common for a male sibling to molest another sibling or child as a way of acting out on what has been done to him.

    S: The more information you put together, the less sorry i feel for Cindy as I used to blame this entirely on GA. I think you are balls on accurate about the 15th as a crucial date in getting to the truth.

    C: I believe the whole family is messed up and, in some way or another, involved in the cover-up of what happened to Caylee. I also feel that it is likely that GA was the main culprit behind the event of death and all that followed. Cindy is highly questionable as well. She is the bigger puzzle to me right now. The one thing I can give her is that, for the most part, she, at least, APPEARED to look out for Casey and defended her til the bitter end. I’m not sure if it was denial and/or love for Casey that was behind all of that. It could have been that along w/her solid belief/knowledge that Casey is NOT the one who made Caylee cease existence but, at the same time, she was not going to allow her “MAN” to go down either. If it had to come down to her daughter and her husband, it seemed she would choose her husband. But, in the end, I think it all really came down to CINDY’S image. That’s just IMO, of course ;).

    S: Casey was very specific about Caylee being missing for 31 days. I think she messed up the initial date by saying it was the ninth but she never wavered about how long?

    C: She never did waver about how long. That number was important to her for a reason, I agree. The problem is that we don’t know who actually came up w/the 31 days, but I have assumed, it was Casey all this time. I do not think it was Casey, though, who came up w/the June 9th date. I could be wrong, but I feel that if that date was, purposely, chosen to create confusion for LE, it wasn’t Casey who came up w/it. It just seems like she was following some sort of script that had been given to her to follow. “Stick to the script and all will be ok”. I know Casey was young and naive, but she seems to have been intelligent enough to come up w/a better story, if she had planned/spontaneously/accidentally killed Caylee. She had “31 days” to marinate on the details, if not more. I don’t think the story she told at the beginning of all this was of her own making.

    S: With regard to dissociative disorders such that you mentioned – I read that those personality disorders are the the most treatable and I choose to believe she is dealing with this. THis is why we haven’t heard much from her. About Ablow’s book, when I read the chapter on Amazon i agreed with the suffocation theory until he applied it to Casey. DId he provide any alternative theories?

    C: I agree. I think that the fact that Casey has kept a low profile is partly due to sound advice (which she has chosen to follow) and even more due to the fact that she is NOT this pathologically narcissistic, cunning, sociopath that the rest of the world would like to have us believe. I do think she is working on getting herself healed from all of the madness that has gone on in her entire life.

    Keith Ablow, had some interesting psychological ideas as to who everyone was in that family and how it all led to Casey killing her child. In HIS theory, Casey was basically so disturbed by her abuse and trauma and her narcissistic parents that her soul died a slow death. He believes that Casey killed Caylee as a means to gain control over her life, to sever the ties to her family or even as a way to “protect” Caylee from the life she, herself, had to endure. I get some of where he is coming from, but I think he let his imagination do a lot of the talking, in this book. LOL ;).

    S: Casey does seem to portray maladaptive behaviors we have to consider the context in which she displays these behaviors which seem to be when having deal with her family.

    She did reach out but had superficial friendships which is part of being sexual abuse victim.

    C: I agree 100%

    S: Is there proof her parents didn’t pay that cell bill? I’m guessing they paid it because they needed to talk to her in order to perpetuate their bullS*HT.

    C: This seems likely to have been the case.

    S: Lastly, this blogger, who wrote a book about surviving sexual abuse also posted this about why she believes casey was sexually abused. I think you will find it throrough and applicable to every aspect of this family’s behavior. http://lindafossen.blogspot.com/search/label/Casey%20Anthony

    C: I had come across that blog, myself, in my search for info :). I will read it again.

    S: Take care and I am stumped about the blanket in your most recent post. I have had a receiving blanket that looked like that but i can’t remember the characters on it. It’s driving me batty looking at pics of receiving blankets online while trying to remember or match them to the one in your post.

    C: Lol. I did the same thing, searching all over for blankets that matched. The photo of baby Caylee w/the blanket was the closest I could come. The blanket at the scene had the same, pattern but it was not the same exact one as shown in that photo. The scene blanket had stitching around the edges that match that one photo of the folded fleece blanket, but I don’t believe we have seen a photo from the Anthony home that shows Caylee as having owned that exact same blanket. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out when that exact style of “Pooh” blankets first came out? Hmmmm.. 🙂

    • JanCorey says:

      Turns out that Caylee was never missing for 31 days after all. Caylee drown in the Anthonys swimming pool, at least according to the defense’s opening statement and the crappy false-evidence put forth by that miserable prosecution-team using nothing but fantasy-forensics.

    • CatOutLoud® says:


      You actually arrived on MY blogsite soon right around the time I started :). You were one of my first commentators and I love your comments so much that I often find myself wanting to post them in my blogs :D. If you ever want to write a piece, feel free to send it over (via email) and I would be glad to post it here w/you as a guest author.

      I am going to post my reply in your last comment, BTW.

    • sonja says:

      Thank you Cat! IF you are interested, I have been thinking of a post about how a young person’s brain has not developed fully until they are 25 or even older… Insurance companies figured this out along time ago.

      I thought of writing it from the perpsective of Casey’s behavior in the context of human devopment and contrast it with the “adult” thinkers around her. It will take me a some time to put it together and i will email it you! I started making a blog on wordpress last night and I was going to focus a post on “The Protestor” and my thoughts on their hate, while inlcuding a few comments i’ve seen at news sites and on you tube… I guess my posts would be more of an eclectic nature. I wanted a place to discuss current events and popular culture and aplace to interact more with you guys and gals on here:) I want to call out the “haters” I’ve had to endure while reading online but write it in a way that is thought provoking instead of backlash. It will take me time because i dont understand a lot about wordpress yet… Its user friendly i know, but im on the low end of that learning curve: )

  5. GasCanGeorge says:

    Thanks Cat

    Soooo, another mystery about her cell phone, and how it was paid. I wonder if good ol Daddy dearest paid it with his gambling earnings,,,,,lol

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      NP, GCG 🙂

      Yup, yet another mystery. Now, if Casey had paid w/an electronic check, do you know how long it would have taken for it to clear? And, in the meantime, would her service resume? It is possible it took a few days before it got re-cut off due to lack of sufficient funds. What do you think? Otherwise, it somehow got paid.

  6. justthinking says:

    I want to know why CA sent her parents to graduation knowing Casey wasn’t going to walk. now that’s CRAZY. Lucky for them her last name didnt start with a Z lol
    I do find it strange COL, where are the text of Casey saying these things? i am sure some of her texts said those thing since it seems she texted a lot. I would think the state would present them to solidify the lies even more, something written by her as proof no? i know could be she deleted them or i remember she supposedly lost a phone. Perhaps that would have solved a lot of things.
    I never felt it was a big mystery where Caylee was all that time. I’m sure every now an then she got a friend to watch her, but was more likely always with her or cindy. I just wonder about if R grund quit in apr. 06 and she was fired from universal around the same time, then when was it that Lauren gib? or another friend said she watched Caylee and also quit bc she found that Casey lied about working at the sports store, i though she said Caylee was a few months old i think. unless Casey said that before she really went back to work. did i just answer my own ?

    Also was thinking about GA saying Cindy handled Casey, well maybe bc his way was throwing her against the wall and choking her? she did tell TL she was abused and i just dont think that was GA 1st time doing that when LP 7 co. was there, but of course I dont really know…
    Anyway COL great blog!, i’m still reading 😀

    • justthinking says:

      i meant ” &.”

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey JT!! 😀 I was wondering where you were, again, lol.

      There was just so much that Cindy did that was just perplexing. The graduation deception was a good example, huh? WTH was she thinking w/that?

      Lauren Gibbs did quit because she found out Casey had been lying about working at the Sports Authority or ANYWHERE else, I assume. Caylee was around 7 months at that time and then the Grunds took over for about a month after that. I don’t think Caylee was being watched by ANY of these babysitters for more than a few days a weeks for a few hours at a time. So the majority of the time Casey had Caylee w/her or her folks, it seems. Which means the Nanny lie came in as a supplement to the lie about the job. How could she support the job lie if she didn’t have someone “watching” Caylee. I just never felt those lies were as malicious as people thought. STUPID, yes. IRRESPONSIBLE and IMMATURE, yes. But not malicious or ill-intended, IMO, and definitely not part of a long-term plot to kill her daughter. That’s just taking it too far, I think.

      I am w/you, as well, on the abuse factor. The examples given of Cindy and George strangling and, possibly, other types of physical “discipline”/abuse, definitely raise major red-flags into how things were done in that household. How anger was expressed. I do not think those were isolated incidents either…

      • JustThinking says:

        Yep, I think Cindy’s not right and something is definitely wrong with GA. Which = Casey being casey, But i know its not always that the parents fault. I understand (though very immature imho) she is an adult. She just was stuck in that mentality i’d guess. How can you change when you remain in a toxic place, right. Being that immature and young, could be in her mind she thought she had time to get it together because despite being put down by her mom, CA did help her with the baby and Caylee had her room and toys, stability. So maybe these lies were a hold off until she did get a real job as well, caylee would have been starting school the next year so she wouldn’t have had the worry of paying a daycare or a nanny. I think she would have continued to lie about things though. Like where caylee went to school because i think during the 31 days? she told one of her friends or friend of a friend? that she wanted to send her to a private school or not hidden oaks. well this is just a another though about the lies.
        Hopefully now she is getting the right help for everything really. I know i’ve said before, but i really dont feel she wanted her daughter gone. When it comes to her i do feel it was an accident and just didnt know what to do, but of course it may never be known for sure. I’ll keep hoping though that the truth does surface one day(like tomorrow lol).

        In other news: I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and all who read/ comment here! 😀

        • JanCorey says:

          Looks like Casey did pretty good for herself after all the negative stuff that she had happen to her; most of all being the wrongful prosecution by a corrupt prosecution-team who is now out for blood-money selling books off of their failures.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I very much agree w/you just thinking :).. Sorry for taking to so long to comment, things have gotten exceptionally busy on my end.


          I can def understand the confusing dynamics of multi-generational house hold. The young-adult is still a child, yet a mother at the same time. The parents are still her parents and they continue to act as such regardless of the fact that their child now has a child. It’s like getting stuck in a time-warp of sorts.

          I do not think at all that Casey had anything to do w/an intentional death of her child. I know there are stone-cold killers out there and she has some questionable traits and behaviors, but I have net been convinced, no matter how many different angles I’ve looked at her from.
          If I am wrong about anyone or anything, I would apologize and correct anything I have said in the wrong. No matter how it happened, there’s no changing the fact that a child died. The main purpose, here, is in finding the truth, and tomorrow would be NICE, huh? LOL 😉 I do feel that we will be discovering some more in the near future. Hope so!

  7. CatOutLoud® says:

    Does anyone else find it strange that the only two people we ever heard from about Casey’s adventures w/Zanny the Nanny, in Tampa and Busch Gardens, the car accidents, etc, are George and Cindy? Casey never mentioned all of those details to LE. Cindy had the nitty gritty details to provide in her interviews about where Casey had gone, where she had stayed, with who, how long, how many cars Casey and Juliet were behind Zanny and Raquel when they got in their accident, the type of injuries Zanny had, concussion, lacerations behind the ear, punctured lung, mom came w/sis and had to go back for her BP meds and on and on.

    I know Casey told LE of the names Jeff, Juliet, and all her bosses and co-workers, Zanny and her mom and sis and room mates. I know she told the lies about the job and but Cindy and George are the ones who gave all the details about conferences, and cities she was in and hotels she stayed at and parks she went to and I just have to wonder who came up w/the whole thing in the first place?

    Who STARTED it all?

    Another excerpt of the 7/30/2008 CA LE interview:

    “CA: And the thing of it is, we knew that those conversations were being taped. At
    least George and I knew it and Lee knew. But we didn’t know they were gonna
    go out into the media, but we knew that anybody in the sheriff’s department could
    look at ’em or the jail could look at ‘ern.
    SB: And she knew that too.
    CA: She probably knew it. She…”

    She makes it real clear the she and George KNEW the visits were recorded, from the start. We already knew that, but seeing her say so just makes you wonder again how much of what went on in those visits was an act. Same goes for every interview and TV appearance, of course… Casey learned from the best 🙂

  8. Arkansasmimi says:

    good reading here COL!

  9. Indygal says:

    Ooops I had to sign in before it’d let me like like you! Lol
    Yup Finnejer is my name scrambled up, ovmay just stick with it 🙂

  10. JB says:

    OOOOHHH Scary!! Jessica the alarmist!! BOO!! hahahahaa!!

    Hey Cat,
    I’m wondering if the Washington State Assylum only lets Jessica out on weekends? I bet when they find out how she spends her spare time that shitz gonna stop!
    Yep Jessica, keep it up. You’ll see when the man in clean white coat comes and takes you away.
    You best behave yourself if you know what’s good for you!
    You’ve been warned young lady!!
    Thanks for sharing Cat! I love it when you allow her posts for all the world to see.
    The funny thing is … she believes herself.
    This lunatic is serious! hahahaha….

  11. Indygal says:

    Oh, also wanted to add my input on your comment way down yonder about Caseys Crazy Phase where she wanted to be institutionalized in March of 2007.
    Well here’s a thought, in Febuary 2008 Casey confides in a couple of friends and Lee that she is pregnant by Brandon Snow, well good ole Lee runs and tells Cindy. Cindy is OUTRAGED!! Casey supposedly has a miscarriage on Valentines day and freaks out a month later ? ? ? Hmmmm
    I’ll bet Cindy forced Casey to have an abortion and Caseys Breakdown was due to guilt.

    BTW no one believed Casey about the pregnancy, all said they thought she did it for attention, same with her brakedown, however Casey supposedly had a talk with Cindy and everything was “OKAY” after that.

    What”d Cindy say/do? Brainwash Casey into thinking none of it happened? Forcing Casey further from reality and stranded in LALA Land?
    So SAD!!
    Poor girl!

    • Indygal says:

      Ooops TYPO it was FEB 2007 that Casey has the miscarriage , not 2008.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      In this VERY long transcript of CA LE interview, she speaks very highly of Casey, etc, but this one part here, please read and tell me what you got out of this excerpt:

      “5 SB: Has she ever expressed any thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide?
      6 CA: Urn, no thoughts of suicide. Urn, a few months back she did talk about possibly
      7 going somewhere to talk to someone get some help. I actually a few months ago
      8 urn, sought out some counseling myself.
      9 SB: For her or for you?
      10 CA: For me.
      11 SB: Okay about her, when she said she was looking for it, did she say why?
      12 CA: Urn, she had, she.. you know I started catching her in a few lies and it was
      13 frustrating with me how to deal with her. So, I went to counseling because I’ve
      14 never had to deal with that. Just little things.
      15 SB: Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
      16 CA: And urn, I didn’t want to.. you know I didn’t want to go about it the wrong way. I
      17 was treading on new, on new, new territory a new waters. And urn, I think that’s
      18 you know that.. that helped me a little bit.
      19 SB: Okay. Did she ever get counseling for that?
      20 CA: Not that I’m aware of.
      21 SB: She talked about it, but she didn’t go…
      22 CA: No.
      23 S B: …that you know of? Okay.”

      the above was found on page 118:

      It’s just so sad that no one, took heed to Casey’s “cries for help”. Why does Mom get help for herself but not for her daughter who specifically came to her asking for it?? I also want to add that it is not very common for a sociopath to seek mental health care since they do not see themselves as having anything wrong w/them. This is just another thing to add to the list of why I think Casey Anthony is NOT a sociopath.

      • finnejer says:

        I think it’s very odd, not only that Cindy seeks help for herself and not her daughter, but the fact that after the detective says (not in these words but)
        Enough about you, Whadda bout Casey?
        Cindy continues to talk about herself & her problems dealing with Casey!
        Did the dumb beotch ever think that maybe her daughter was acting out because she needed/wanted help and was tired of being hushed up and being called a liar and a whore?

        But Cindy definitely danced around the questions concerning Caseys problems!

        Gonna go read your link and see if Cindy ever spits it out.
        Thanx 🙂

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Exactly, Indy! Exactly. She butters Casey ALL UP, but she spends a lot of time talking about herself, comparing Casey to herself, patting herself on the back… It looks like mother who thinks her child is great and so on, but what she’s really saying is, “Of course she’s great, she’s MY daughter… She’s just like me and always said she wanted to be like me… ” When it comes down to it, it seems to be all about Cindy.

          Beware that transcript is like 300-some pages long. This is my second time reading it in a while and I see things I didn’t notice before.

  12. Indygal says:

    Absolutely LOVE it COL !!

    Dunno how I have forgotten to pop in over here ! ! ? ! !

    Had one piece of info I wanted to share with you, I’m not sure if you can edit or not but just a thought.

    Casey did go back to Universal shortly after she gave birth to Caylee.
    She worked there until April 2006 when Richard Grund told her what an inconvinience Caylee was and to take her else where.
    Caseys work records from Universal shows Casey was fired for no call no show in April 2006.
    Proof that it was not her fault she lost her job, IMO Casey was out of options and was not about to take Caylee to any Tom Dick or Harry nor some flu infected daycare and decided she’d rather spend her days with her daughter while pretending to be working too keep Cindys wrath at bay.
    (you wrote the rest just perfectly 🙂 )

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey Indy! 🙂 Thanks!

      I CAN edit. I knew that she was on the record as employed until April 2006 but thought she never actually went back after Caylee was born other than to show Caylee off at work. From what I heard/read, she was finally officially terminated due to job abandonment. Is that just more mis-info? Where did you see that she was actually working up until April 2006? I’d love to see that 😀

      • finnejer says:

        Page 17
        This show Casey earned $ 2,500
        some odd dollars in the first quarter of 2006, note this was from the company that bought Kodac out in March-ish (you can read about that in the pages before 17 for exacts)

        Casey also had wages from Kodak in 2006.
        Will find you a link.

        But I assume Casey would have had to have been physically working at Kodak in 06 in order to sign on with color vision or imaging events solutions or whatever the company on page 17 is that bought out Kodak or got the new contract or however it worked.
        You’ll see 😉 lol

        • finnejer says:


          Page 4

          Says last day worked 4/23/06

          Date terminated 4/24/06

          (I think I just assumed she was fired for no call no show, because of the circumstance 😉 ) and I still feel strongly that is what happened, no thanks to RG and his unconditional love for Caylee! (he’s another Puke I can’t stomache)

          And I was wrong about Casey needing to physically sign onto colorvision because kodak did sellout to them and colorvision even has Casey hire date as 6/?/04.

          I haven’t read any further into this link but I’m pretty sure her 06 w2 is in this doc dump, it was quite a bit for a young girl working 4 months. IMO but I don’t recall an exact amount.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Should I be referring to you as “Finnejer”? 😉 Cute.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          That is weird, “Finnejer”…

          So she worked on April 23rd, and then was terminated the next day? Why? Why would she have been fired the very next day? You know? For someone who has been a great worker, won an award/plaque and all that, what happened for her to be terminated the day after she last attended work? Did she quit?

          it showed that she worked for “Event Imaging Solutions” at “The Fashion Square Mall” when she was “terminated” and not at Kodak or Colorvision.. I am so confused right now! LOL

        • JanCorey says:

          COL, the facts the disbelievers-of-the-justice-system try to create never makes any sense, except to themselves and certainly not to the courts.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          You got that right. And you know what? I, myself, am not a general believer of the justice system. They have gotten it wrong so many times in it’s history. This case was a prime example of how dangerous the “System WORKERS” can be, w/the amount of power and influence they have. Thank God the people of this jury did not allow their thoughts and observations to be tainted by the media. There is no way they had been in the dark about the case prior to the call of duty. They did not allow popular public opinion and BS “evidence” presented by the SAO to impede their ability to see the TRUTH and FACTS in this case. For that, I HIGHLY COMMEND them! They did not buckle under the extreme pressure to return a “pleasing” verdict to the masses. Imagine the strength and courage it took them to return the CORRECT NOT-GUILTY verdicts! They deserve a round of applause! 😀

        • JanCorey says:

          And you too COL, well said.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thank you for that info Indy! See? w/as much work as we’ve all done, it is still almost impossible for each one of us to have seen/ heard/ read/ researched it all! The more we read, the more we find we need to read. If Casey was earning wages in 2006 then she was NOT LYING about having gone back to work! That is pretty big, Indy. Maybe that is well known, but I had never come across those details before. Just goes to show the PROOF of how much has been lied about and hidden in this whole fiasco! We have just scratched the surface. OMG…

          I am w/you on Casey writing that dang book. Shoot I’LL write it FOR her, if she’d let me 😉

  13. HollysGmom@yahoo.com says:

    Cat, I tried twice to post this via my cell phone but both times I accidentally clicked the wrong button and lost it all. LOL. Anyway, YOU’ve hit it out of the park on this one!! These are all of the reasons why I believe that Casey is innocent of homocide. From the very beginning I saw the signs in Casey. I felt that there was incest in her family and argued at WS over it. It’s that main reason I got booted from there. I becames so angry when we weren’t allowed to talk about it, discuss it at all. Even after JG told about her claims with Lee or after Lee was PATERNITY TESTED for Cayle’s bio-dad. WHat screams incest louder then that? Even though Caylee was not Lee’s child it does show that:
    1) She told LE about incest allegations by OCT 2008.
    2) She had to believe it might be possible or maybe she thought George might be the father and it would be found out by the DNA testing. This is also why I believe that Cindy PURPOSEFULLY tried to hide/alter Caylee’s DNA with the bogus samples she turned over to LE.

    Casey has long been touted as being a “slut, whore, etc” but all her permiscuiousness tells me is that she’s a victim of sexual abuse from early childhood. She seeks love via sex. Elementary. Classic,. Textbook.

    ALso Casey’s apparent inability to be alone/single. The way she goes from guy to guy without much time in between. Her inability to see herself as “ok” without a man in her life.

    The way she wopuld totally immerse herself in her boyfriend’s lives. Once she started dating someone Casey seemed to cease to exist and “Joe Blow’s” girlfriend entered. All of her boyfriend’s friends became her friends even to the exclusion of her old friends.

    Cindy’s habit of demeaning Casey to Casey’s friends is the #1 reason IMO. The relationship between Cindy & Casey signals sexual abuse revelations that were denied by Cindy as well as emotional damages done to Casey from Cindy insisting “she’s a liar”.

    Casey wrote that she was a nanny because she felt that. WHen G & C were around Caylee was NOT HER child. She was theirs. They made all of the decisions for Caylee. They over-rode Casey at every turn where Caylee was concerned. SHe probably even joked to others at times “Me? I’m just the nanny”.

    Previously I had mentioned that the main reason I suspect George & Cindy Anthony is because without Shirley Plesea we might have NEVR KNOWN that Caylee was alive after June 9 2008. There is a reason George & Cindy didn’;t want it known to LE or the World that Caylee was alive & well and in their care June 15. I will NEVER believe that Cindy didn’t remember that heartfelt trip to the nursing home to visit her dad for Father’s Day! What might have been his very LAST?

    Excellent article COL! Keep it up!

    • GasCanGeorge says:

      If anyone could try and alter DNA wouldn’t it be a nurse? She had access to all kinds of
      stuff upon visiting the nursing home too…..

      My sister had access to the nursing home meds etc and even took my grandfather’s pressure,
      gave him meds, etc, etc so Cindy could’ve had access to anything while she was there, you never know!

      The suspicion about Caylee’s bio Dad should’ve been at the top of the list. Every mother IMOO knows who their child’s father is, or could be. Casey was lying about that too for a reason and at the point she was being questioned , why would she keep such information unless she was protecting the father of Caylee also….I guess by exposing him quite possibly the embarrassment would’ve been far beyond imaginable? It just doesnt make sense that nobody has stepped forward.

      I guess all that money Cindy deposited in Casey’s account made a huge statement….Atleast to me……..What grandmother would keep the killer of granddaughter’s account padded unless
      she KNEW SHE WAS THE ONE NOT RESPONSIBLE! Cindy’s actions reek GUILT

      • GasCanGeorge says:

        To explain My sister is a nurse, and upon visiting my grandfather at the facilitiy she was able to care for him since she is a nurse, even tho she didnt work there. So i’m sure Cindy had access to anythign she wanted. Even control of the sign in books. Just saying imoo

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          She would have the most medical knowledge, for sure. Not sure if she would know how to alter DNA, but some research I’ve done shows that it is not all that hard to do….

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        I have had similar thought’s about the credit cards and bank funds available to Casey. George took out and maxed out many CC’s in Cindy’s name. Is it possible he “enabled” Casey, and “pacified” her by providing her access, as well? And then look how easy it was to blame all of that theft/debt on Casey when it all came down. “Look, my daughter broke in to my shed and stole gas cans. She stole, money from the house, from her grandparents, Cindy’s credit cards, bank account, Caylee’s savings and piggy bank! She’s a liar and a thief! She could just as well be a cold-blooded killer…” How perfect was that for G&C to have that all lined up for the occasion…

        Well, how come Casey never stole from George?…

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, HGM. Thanks! :). I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      As usual, I float around in limbo, but one thing that stays consistent in my mind, is the likelihood that Casey has been abused. I am very aware that people can/have and do lie about being abused at times, but I don’t think that was part of her plan. In fact, I believe the only reason it ever came to the surface was because she had confided in a few close friends and it came out in the LE interviews w/those friends. If that had never happened, then I wonder if abuse would have ever been part of this case. The fact that it took some time for her to even reveal the abuse to her psyches, helps confirm that she was never planning to speak of it, and this is what makes it that much more believable. Add to that the list of signs and symptoms she has, that keeps growing and it gets harder and harder to doubt.

      I agree w/you that there was a reason they wanted us to believe she was missing since the 9th. It goes along w/my belief that the items Cindy claimed to have found in the car were “staged”. They needed it to appear that Caylee had not been in that house when she died, and so they placed some of her things in CASEY’S car. That doll wasn’t in there, the bookbag of Caylee’s doesn’t match the description that George gave of the one he last saw her with. The pants were added to help boost George’s description of what Casey was “allegedly” wearing on that last day. To me, it explains why Cindy claimed to have washed/cleaned those items, because they did NOT smell like the car…

      “31 days”, Casey very specifically said. Not a month, not a few weeks, not this day or that… 31 days. And if the math is done, it takes us back to June 15th, the day that Cindy took Caylee to Mt.Dora for the day. June 15th was the last day that Caylee was “DOCUMENTED” to have been alive. This doesn’t mean she wasn’t alive past that day for sure, but mixed up in Casey’s lies, there were many truths. 31 days seems to have been significant to Casey. Why?

      • HollysGmom says:

        IMO THis added to the next door neighbor’s account:

        I talked to one of the immediate neighbors that is within earshot of the Anthony house, and he said that Casey Anthony had one hell of a temper. And he heard her swearing at her mother several times, so loud that he could hear it from his house, and that he would never talk to his parents that way. And he said [b\]even Fathers Day weekend, [b] that was going on. So whether thats true or not, its something that hes observed and heard on repeated times. Wed never heard that before, and so thats interesting all unto itself. ~Mark Fuhrman


        Neighbor Jean Couey’s Statement about Anthony home fights. He at one point says he thought the fights happened in late May but when later asked how long had it been since the fights until when the police started showing up and he said “About a MONTH” (June 15 2008 – July 15 2008)


        What Lee [Anthony] had told Jesse uhm, was that the fight the night before had escalated to the point that uh, Cindy had wrapped her hands around Caseys throat and was trying to strangle her.

        (Rick Plesea, Cindy Anthonys brother posts about this fight on Topix website)

        http://www.topix.net/forum/county/orange-fl/T4UHQV6DMIUFOA9C5/p730 Pg 45

        When asked about this alleged fight both Lee & Cindy deny it happened or that they told Jesse Grund anything like that.

        http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2011/0224/26984466.pdf pg 23

        Was reading one of the friends of casey’s interview (Brittany something). She says Cindy came to her or called her (she lives a few houses down the day of June 15th or before and said ‘something is wrong, Casey told me she was going to go away for a while with Caylee and I think she is punishing me. She also said there was a lot of jealousy (which we already know) Cindy brought that up. She also told her Casey was coming home and stealing money (she would call me (Cindy) and find out where I was or tell me she was going to meet me and then would go to the house instead and steal money).

        Listen to the interview with Brittany Shieber, a neighbor of the Anthony family.
        In this audio Brittany says Cindy came down to talk to her on JUNE 16 2008. THat makes sense for Caylee to have died the day before, June 15 2008 and Cindy was going about trying to cover the tracks.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thanks so much for that HGM. I must admit it slipped my mind to look for that :(. I appreciate it!

          Wow, I had read the two neighbors’ accounts of the fighting but I don’t recall the Brittany stuff. That’s very interesting! If Cindy was saying that as early as June 16th, there’s def something sketchy about that. Not that we don’t have enough on her, right?? LOL.

          That reminds me of her call to Ryan Pasley, where she told him she thought he shouldn’t hang out w/Casey anymore because she didn’t want him to get hurt and that she was a sociopath…

          “RP: No, I found, I found this out uhm, about a month, no, not, uh, three months, maybe three, three and a half weeks before Caylee went missing. Her mom, Cindy…

          YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

          RP: …called me and told me not to talk to Casey because she didn’t want me to get hurt because she’s been lying about a lot of stuff, and put her in, stole money from her and her grandmother. And she doesn’t want me to get hurt, you know. Which I, you know, I was, I said, “Okay. You know, I understand.” And she, you know, she seemed really upset. She was just calling me to tell me all, what was going on and, and also to ask about some lies that she had suspected Casey of telling.

          YM: Oh.

          RP: Uhm, so she actually phys…she just called me. Her mom called me uhm, you know, uh, in my summer semester, at one of my classes. I remember the specific time and what I was doing. And she basically told me, “I don’t, I don’t think it’s a good idea that you even talk to Casey anymore because she’s a,” uh, the actually, those are the exact words that came out of her mouth was that she was a sociopath.

          YM: And that’s, and mom said this?

          RP: Yeah (affirmative).”

          He says the call took place around 3 weeks before Caylee went missing or was reported missing…

          Read more:


  14. GasCanGeorge says:

    George’s lies were believeable at one point before the tapes and videos were available to study. He totally screwed up when he retrieved the car. Convenient for George to leave the situation….I think he was hoping Cindy found that note and went herself to retrieve it. And why would George take time off just so he can sign the tax refund check, and go with Cindy to deposit it>? All she needed was a signature. So, Cindy would allow that, but demand he left the scene at the house and return to his 10.00 an hour job? LOL,,,,George, you can do better than that dude

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Lol 😀

      Did you see the list of cell activity I posted further down for July 15th? The day they found the car and were “sooo worried”? Where were those frantic phone phone calls, then? Wouldn’t you think they’d at least be pissed?

      • GasCanGeorge says:

        Yeah, the lack of communicaton upon picking up that car was surprising, considering they havent seen their granddaughter for a month. The car Caylee was traveling in ended up abandoned, that alone would’ve had me crazy. Especially for a grandmother who should’ve had maternal instinct. This is why I dont believe Cindy Anthony had that loving connection with Caylee that she tried to lead on. My opinion she saw Caylee as just another mouth to feed and more stress on her pocket. Or else, if she wanted, she could’ve found out about Caylee much sooner
        IMOO….Wasnt until that day she actually put fourth effort, and boy she found Casey in a heart beat….

        Why did George make sure he told his life story to the tow guy. He actually made himself look
        incompetent as a grandfather, so did Cindy. No two people are that dump which inturn only told me they both have Caylee’s blood on their hands…..IMOO

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          typo, I meant to say no two ppl are that dumb. And no way since George seemed to always
          know where Casey was at all times, even showing up at her places of employment, checking up on her, stalking her, doesnt make sense that he didn’t have any clue where they were during that month. I’ve always said. They arrest one liar, but totally ignored all the lies from Cindy and George. Yuri still has his job?? I’m shocked….IMOO,,,God help central Florida

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          It just doesn’t make sense. If my kid had been lying to me about where they were and my granddaughter was incommunicado for weeks, I would be pissed to find out the car had been towed. I’d be even more pissed that I had to spend almost $500 to get it back! I would be blowing her phone up. There was none of that.

          George tells his life story to the tow guy, Cindy writes a myspace blog and then goes to work after getting car to tell everyone there what was going on. Prior to that she tells RP that he should stop hanging out w/Casey because she’s a sociopath. She ridiculed and degraded Casey to her friends and BF’s every chance she got. “There’s something WRONG”.

  15. JanCorey says:

    How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did the prosecution team use of tax-payers dollars to get a conviction of Casey lieing on three counts? Prosecution failed miserably at tax-payers expense and should be reviewed for possible charges for attempting to put to death a mother of a drown child that the prosecution could not even prove the mother ever did anything harmful to her daughter other than telling a few minor lies. Maybe the state can sell bids for having the bid-winner administer their needed lethal injections. I’m in at any cost!

  16. thejbmission says:

    Hey Cat,
    I love the new decor! Great article too.
    Did you read what Dr. Ablow had to say about the car and the fact that George went on to work to his new $10 an hour security job after picking up Casey’s car which according to GA smelled like human decomp?? Hmm…utterly ridiculous!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Thanks JB! 😀 I must say it fits quite well.

      I’m glad you liked my post. I know it’s not like it’s “news” but I do feel the other side of things needs to be reiterated for those who are searching for some new perspective. Gotta lend a helping hand ;).

      I have been reading Keith’s book, although I clearly don’t agree w/his full take on things. I do like to hear from the psychs on this one, and it seems like he had a real good time w/this book. LOL.

      Yes, that thing about George and CINDY going back to work after they brought that car home? Really.. Cindy dear goes back to work and makes sure to tell all her co-workers about the car and all before going back home to do whatever w/the car. That sounds like some damage control tactic to me. Why the hell didn’t she call CASEY?

      12pm-ish- G&C are at the lot dealing w/the car situation.

      The first call was made by Casey to Cindy on this day:

      Casey called Cindy:
      @ 407-808-4731 cell
      07/15/08 12:58pm 3min

      Cindy called Casey:
      From 407-808-4731 cell
      07/15/08 01:11pm 1min

      Cindy Anthony text message to Casey:
      07/15/08 04:27pm 0min
      (From Momma)
      “Call me asap major prob”

      Casey texted Cindy:
      @ 407-808-4731 cell
      07/15/08 04:44pm 0min

      Cindy Anthony text message to Casey:
      07/15/08 04:45pm 0min
      (From Momma)
      “Call me”

      Casey texted Cindy:
      @ 407-808-4731 cell
      07/15/08 04:48pm 0min

      Casey called
      07/15/08 06:26pm 0min
      “We’re sorry but your service has been temp. suspended due to a past due balance. Enter the wireless number you are calling about.””1-866-361-4999 / Prompt “balance is past due” no service”

      AT&T texted Casey:
      07/15/08 06:30pm 0min
      “AT&T FREE Msg:
      #QPSCAC237316569. Bank Acct debit authorized for $574.60 on 07/15/07 and successfully posted to Acct 04985420-001-04”

      What do you think?

      Why did they take so long to try and get in touch w/the daughter they were so worried about due to the smell of death in the car?

      • Noni says:

        Something interesting just caught my eye in your listings above:

        Cindy Anthony text message to Casey:
        07/15/08 04:45pm 0min
        (From Momma)
        “Call me”

        Casey texted Cindy:
        @ 407-808-4731 cell
        07/15/08 04:48pm 0min

        Casey called
        07/15/08 06:26pm 0min
        “We’re sorry but your service has been temp. suspended due to a past due balance. Enter the wireless number you are calling about.””1-866-361-4999 / Prompt “balance is past due” no service”

        Remember when Casey told LE said she had just talked to Zanny/Caylee and tried to call her back but the number had been disconnected?

        We have surmised in the past that Casey has mixed reality in with her lies. Casey had txted Cindy at 4:48 and then tried to call her 6:26 but her service had been suspended. Too wierd!

        Would love to make a listing substituting either Cindy or George’s name into her statements about Zanny and see what kind of sense it makes.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hmmm, that disconnection of the phone did stand out to me too, but I didn’t think of it like that. My question is this, after the bill was “successfully paid” using Amy’s account (not sure if that’s for sure) but then it didn’t go through due to lack of sufficient funds… So how did her phone get paid and service turned back on? Who paid her 500+ bill? How the hell did she manage to raise her bill so high in the first place? Guess she didn’t have unlimited texting huh? LOL 😉

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          Whos number is the 866 number that was suspended? ,,,,

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          GCG, I’m pretty sure the 866 number was probably her cell customer service number. It gave her the message that her service had been suspended and she had a 500+ phone bill. Some say she tried to pay via Amy’s bank account, but it ended up not going through in the end due to lack of sufficient funds. Either way, it got paid, somehow, because she had phone service after that. Calls and texts were going through until after July 16th. Who paid it, or where did she get that kind of money from? The only cards in her wallet, the night of the 15th, were Cindy’s Sears and JC Penney’s cards— no regular credit cards.

  17. GasCanGeorge says:

    I’ve heard since day one the assumption that Casey got back at her mother by killing her child..HOGWASH! How about someone obviously was so po’d at Casey they took it out on her child! Toook out years of stress and anger………………?>? We’ll never know

    • GasCanGeorge says:

      Just remember Cindy candy coating that day in court. Said she and Casey sat at the PC looking at the video of Caylee and everything was was like the Clevers…..yeah right………Cindy is more involved IMO and I also believe Cindy’s 911 call was taped, portions of it….JMOO

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Good to see ya, GCG :),

      I can see why people find it easier to believe Casey was this fire-eyed, gleamin’-demon-child, cackling as she whipped up a batch of crazy chemicals w/her Mad Scientist lab kit to put her child to sleep. LMAO! It sounds like some cheap horror flick or fairytale! People watch way too much TV!

      But, hey, there are some deranged people out there. There’s no denying that. I just, no matter how many ways I look at it, can’t find that total connection between the above character and Casey Anthony. I never want to lose my objectivity, so I even try to find the guilt, it’s not all there for me. So here I am :D. One of my strong traits is my intuition and emapthy. And no matter how bad certain things looked, my intuition just wouldn’t let “guilty” win.

  18. libby says:

    I actually happen to very much agree with your analysis. I have thought much of this myself since all of this started.

    I am not really sure I agree about Lee abusing her though.I DO think George did, I am not convinced that Lee did.

    I got really tired of hearing about her tattoo during the trial.I think she got the tattoo as a tribute to Caylee and her short little life, not because she didn’t want Caylee anymore and got the tattoo to “prove it.”

    I totally agree that Casey was completely in denial about what happened and those things were her way of coping with it.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      This is just one of a few analyses that I have, lol :D. I should probably mention that. Based on much of the info that I have been able to gather, and extensive research I’ve been doing on the psychological aspects, I think only a fool would refuse to see that she does show many signs of abuse. Period.

      As for whether it was George or Lee or both who molested or abused her, that is obviously very hard to figure out. Unless Casey comes out with it some day, we will never truly know who did this or if it was even done at all. When it all comes down to it, what she went through, is none of our business. Unfortunately for her something horrible happened and her baby is no longer around as a result, so for her own sake, the truth needs to come out. Nothing will ever change some folks minds about her. They come w/the “Casey-lover” and “Casey Kool-aid” comments, having done no real checking behind the facts. They are either incapable, or do not WANT to find out that they may have been wrong all along. They feel protected in their shroud of ignorance and that is where they want to stay.

      The funny thing is that many call her “sociopath” and Psychopath”, but refuse to accept that something MADE her that way if she is, indeed, either of those. Not all socios and/or psychos were BORN that way. I believe that, in her case, she was created to turn out the way that she has whatever the fitting “diagnosis” may actually be.

      They think it’s preposterous to try and find reason w/in her lies and actions. But, if those things are not looked into, then this type of situation has no chance at being prevented or resolved. If Casey’s cries for help had been heard (telling friends she’s feeling “crazy” and wants to check herself into a psych ward, telling her mom the same, telling her mom about her brothers carnal behaviors, etc) then maybe she could have been saved. IF Casey were responsible for what happened to Caylee, then CAYLEE could have ALSO been saved. They don’t seem to get that.

      I still don’t feel that Casey DID kill Caylee. I am open to being wrong on that but, again, IF she did, IMO it just proves, even MORE, that she was severely traumatized in her childhood and adolescence. She was not “BORN” this way. Possibly she was predisposed to emotional problems or mental health issues, as it seems to run in her family. This would make a person more susceptible to the effects of trauma.

      The tattoo thing, I have the same ideas that you have. As for Lee, I do believe he did do something to her for the simple fact that she reached out and confided to a few friends/boyfriends about it. I think that was less traumatic to her and therefore she was able to speak up about it. Maybe Lee was abused too and was acting out w/Casey… Maybe he witnessed it and followed suit. Or it could also be possible that she put a different face on her true abuser, which made it easier for her to cope with? Just some thoughts.

      This comment is becoming a whole new post LOL! 🙂 I’ll go ahead and wrap it up here.

      Thanks for your feedback, Libby. 😀

      • libby says:

        Yeah, the whole “kool-aid” thing gets kind of old, doesn’t it?

        I just want to say that I totally appreciate all of your theories and thoughts on this. And I am also glad to know that I am not the only one who has had so many misgivings about this whole situation. So please keep posting and for sure I will keep reading! I love hearing what you have to say about all of it. 🙂

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thanks for that, Libby! 😀 I appreciate your encouragement and support. It should please you to know that you and I are FAR from the only ones w/like-minded thoughts on the case. You should definitely check out http://thejbmission.wordpress.com/ for more good reads on the subject, as well :). I will keep putting posts out there as long as I have something to say. Keep coming back! 😉

  19. terri says:

    Sounds to me like you took an overdose of the Casey “Kool-Aid.” I don’t care what happened to her in her younger years, no caring mother goes on like business as usual when her daughter is dead.

    • GasCanGeorge says:


      Every have bologna skins and KooL-Aid?

      • GasCanGeorge says:

        Ever have I meant to say…..


        Why would two so called caring grandparents return to work after admitting smelling
        death? Does that make sense to you?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Even Simon Birch first said that the car smelled “rotten” and when the trunk was open said, “Here’s your smell” referring to the TRASH. I think if he truly believed he was smelling a dead body he would have called the proper authorities. That car was in his lot for more than 2 weeks. He checked it out on day 4, scoped out the goods. If the “smell” was of death, the cops would have been called, the owner would have been contacted. The man had just dealt w/a car that had a suicide victim in it for 5 days… Come ON!

          George first stated that when he walked up to the car he saw there was no damage and he was glad to see that. If you’re smelling a dead body, I can’t imagine dents would be your first concern upon reaching the car. LOL.. 😉

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