As a follow-up to my “Funny Bones” post (see side bar) , I decided to gather up some more photos of the bones found at the remains scene on Suburban Drive.  Here is a compilation of my findings to be used for comparison.  The two photos from”Funny Bones” are also included.  Take a look.

The bags

Above are the bags that once contained Caylee Anthony’s remains.  Notice the black trash bag NEXT to the laundry bag.

The following 3 photos show the skull, allegedly, belonging to Caylee:

Casey & Caylee's Skull

Please note the color of the skull in the 3 photos are all gray or off-white in color.

Vertabrae (spine)

Pictured, above, are some of the spinal vertebra, all gray in color.

Caylee Hands

Bones of the hands compared to the size of a quarter.



These are the bones of the Ilium.  The fusion of sacral bones and the pubic bones were never found.

Color: Gray, not brown…

Femur bone (thigh), used for bone marrow extraction for DNA and drug testing.

Not brown…

Bones of the arm, also, gray in color.

Caylee Anthony Remains

Final layout of “Caylee’s” remains.

Take a look back over the photos and note the differences in the color of the bones.  Notice the difference in some of the SHAPES of the bones.  Tell me what is wrong with these pictures, here.


  1. JustThinkin says:

    Hello col
    I was looking at the Dom casey vid of him in the woods and was thinking if it said anywhere on the reports how far were the bones scattered. I dont know if he was near the skull but he was pretty close and poking the ground if she was there the whole time wouldn’t he have found some bones or a bag? Ik I could be wrong but still can’t believe she wasn’t found before dec. Except kronk, but i think he was wrong in aug. is there anywhere where it says when LE looked there and cleared it? or when did TES last searched in there? I wish there was a full pic of the scene marking where bones and bags were found( less there is) .

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hello JT! Good to see you back :). I have been missing you and Sonja.

      I’m w/you on the whole “A LOT of people searched and found nada”. DC, alone, searched that general area 3 times mid-Nov. Here is a little grid map, below. It’s not the most detailed but it can give a decent idea of where some things were. Unfortunately some of the right side is cut off too. Hope it helps, though :). I’ll see if I can find some better for you

      Casey Anthony crime scene map, Casey Anthony crime scene map of items found

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      It seems my new layout does not have my docs menu. I’ll have to try and fix that but here is the link to the evidence. It’s a tedious read but it has the areas listed that most of the items were found.

      • justthinkin says:

        🙂 i’m still around
        ty for the links, it helped. i see again dom casey pokes a blanket that seems to look pink, could it have been the same? around 4:55.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey JT,

          The pink blanket, cooler, Winnie the Pooh balloon and the paver stones were all still there when LE searched the scene. So, yes, I’d say the pink blanket DC saw in the video, and many others reported having seen in other searches of that area, was one and the same.

        • Justthinkin says:

          He could have missed it, but if that is the same blanket as in the diagram how could he not notice at least another bone or bag? I got that link from an old WS comment who thought that he did find the bones, but made it look like he didnt to help defense or at cindys request(along those lines), but i guess they forgot that others saw some of those things too…

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          He could have missed the remains but we do know he saw the cooler and the pink blanket when he was out there in November. The paver stones were there, laid out in a row, when he went out there, but if we look at the scene, after those remains were found, we see those same pavers all piled up or broken apart.

          It could just be another coincidence that planters, bags of play sand, pieces of weed barrier and pavers were all found out in those woods, around the remains, soon after George and Cindy redid their backyard… Their backyard consisted of planters, similar paver stones, weed barrier and a sandbox… The sandbox that happened to have been hit on by the cadaver dogs… Hmm. IDK.

          Joe Jordan said he and his crew spent between 3-6 hours on suburban, on one particular occasion, and that there had been less than 10 garbage bags to go through. How were they unable to get through less than 10 bags in 3-6 hours, is what I want to know. He, too, saw the cooler, pink blanket and a mound of dirt, that they had suspected was a grave… This was prior to DC’s searches. He was sure that there had been no body where she was found, when he saw the news and emailed LE that the body had to have been moved there since the search. Later, he took that back, and then plead the 5th as to whether he had been coerced by LE to change his story… That speaks volumes.

  2. ZubenElSchemali says:

    I just thought of something else I wanted to add. The hyoid and any bones not yet calcified would easily have decomposed or have been consumed by critters. Even the fibula isn’t attached at the bottom until 20 and top at 25 years old. Small bones could easily have been consumed too. I think it is pretty common to not find toes, fingers and sacrum.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey Zuben :),

      I agree that the hyoid bone could have decomposed. What do you think about the missing pubis bone, though? And why did they leave the remaining pubis bone out of the picture?

      I have cats and they eat raw meat and bones, so I have an idea of how carnivorous little critters can make bones disappear ;).

      I will say that, regardless of the lighting and type of camera, to me, the difference between the skeleton and the separate bones is still pretty hard to deny. If there’s a good explanation for all of the other bones, the skull was noted in the autopsy to have a NOT been covered in the sandy silt. In the full layout photo it is evident that ALL of the bones are pretty much uniform in their color and pattern of distribution.

      There was also something said about how the bones were so dry they had a hard time extracting the marrow for the DNA testing… Like you say, how could they be so dry if they had spent 6 mos in the wet woods partially buried in muck? Either way that skull was not at all brown/red that day in the woods. I think having a cosmetology background actually came in handy here because our eyes are trained to see color w/in color and the undertones LOL. It would be so helpful to know the actual dates these photos were taken. I assume they were taken as they came in, but some could have been taken just before the trial. Not having that info also makes it much harder to figure the reasons for the color inconsistencies.

      I can’t say what it is yet, Zuben, but you’re right, SOMETHING, ain’t right about these bones! 😉

      • ZubenElSchemali says:

        I don’t know if they saved anything in evidence but after the 2nd autopsy, they released the bones to the As and they had them cremated, according to news reports. I thought that was pretty nervy to do that without Casey’s permission. I suppose the pubis could have been consumed too. Nearly all of one foot was gone.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I sure hope SOMEONE did save a bone or two. That would have been one of the smartest moves. For the A’s to be so quick to disregard Casey’s wishes as to how the body was laid to rest, is another possible red-flag to me. I think it was irresponsible for evidence in an “unsolved” case to have been destroyed so soon. Don’t they usually keep that stuff for YEARS?

          As for the bones that were gone, pre-cremation, in the report they said they had recovered part of the pubis, but they didn’t lay that out there like they did all the other found bones. They even laid the tiniest pieces, chips and all, so why not the pubis?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          HollysGmom, posted a link to a photo showing the tiny portion found of the pubis bone on my “Funny Bones” comments. It was there in the layout photo but so tiny and hard to see.

  3. ZubenElSchemali says:

    I COL. Interesting article and comments. I would have a hard time judging the difference without knowing and taking into consideration the different cameras, their settings and the lighting. I notice the blue paper looks much duller, muted, even slightly brownish under the full skeleton than the other pics with the paper. Also, the crime scene photos were taken in natural light with rain, which would cause some reflection, which might make them whiter. I believe the color of a freshly decomposed skeleton will have color similar to this until all the decomp sediment is gone. Remember what Spitz described inside the skull, where the sediment had pooled and settled? Couldn’t the whole skeleton have a layer of that color at first. Also, I don’t believe the bones could be severely dry, only 6 months, water and high humidity with little to know direct sunlight, protected from most of the wind. No doubt though, something is not right with this whole case and investigation. Keep thinking out loud. 🙂

  4. HollysGmom says:

    WHat Caylee’s pelvic bones should have looked like, should have included.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      HEY HGM!! 😀 I’m back.

      I see you’ve been on a mission. Me too.

      It is weird that they claim to have a portion of the right pubis, but we don’t see it there do we? If not, WHY?

      I was looking through some stuff last night on the bags and, GUESS WHAT? That is not adding up either! I mean what were they doing over there? Setting up props for the school’s “Haunted Forest”?… “Oh no, that doesn’t look real enough, we have to move that bag here… Sprinkle some leaves on it! Yeah that’s better… Maybe poke some holes in the garbage bags… Should we put them to right or left of the laundry bag? Oh geeez, the bag looks to clean, go roll it in the mud over there. Perfecto!!” LOL…

      Seriously though.

      And you saw that the skull was noted to have been w/out sandy silt? Interesting, huh?

      I see you posted some images of the bags over on JB’s. I saw the first one and then accidentally, shut the window lol. But I’m assuming the rest were the same I had been looking at. I’m going to have do a post on that as well. The more you look the more you find right?

  5. HollysGmom says:

    Ok I’m going to do some more research on this because the parts that are “missing” and the fact that they would have had to have been completely removed from the area by a scavaging animal aren’t making sense. At this point it seems that the animal(s) in question dragged the lower section away but only the pubic region bones are completely missing. (WTH???) SO I will be doing a Caylee “rebuild” if you will to see exactly which bones are missing and how they would have come to be COMPLETELY missing.

  6. Anonymous says:,%20caylee_report.pdf

    Page 4 12/13/2008 recieved small bones for identification:
    numerous small bones, as well as a piece of pubic bone,…

    Page 5 Hair measured six inches in length

    Page 6 The cloth laundry bag has a metal ring at the top with a diamteter of 16.5 inches. The height (depth) of the bag is 24 inches.

    Pg 9 The bones have a sandy, silty dirt on thier surfaces, except for the skull. (WTF?)

    Pg 14 The remains were prepared for examination by brushing off adhered dirt with a soft bristled brush as needed.

    Pg 14 also (Talking about the 2 black plastic bags and the laundry bag) An unfused tibial diaphysis was found directly on top of the mass consisting of the laundry bag and jumbled black bags. A number of human bones were located mixed with the leaf debris within the bags. In addition 2 hand bones were taken directly from the bags.

    PG 15 SEX (undeterminable by autopsy of skeleton)

    Pg 23 Pubis piece found was from the right side

    Pg 27 For example, both femora and parts of the Pelvis were located in area F, and both femoral diaphyses were located together lying side by side. Locating the two femoral diaphyses in close proximity to one another with parts of the PELVIS indicated that they were dragged to this area while still articulated, and then were damaged by animal chewing.


    SO if her legs and most of her lower torso were in area F why wouldn’t the REST of her pubic bones be in area F?

    • HollysGmom says:

      Ooooppps!!! It was me…HGM

    • Indygal says:

      Don’t quote me, but I believe the shorts were found in the trashbags,
      So how the heck was the lower half dragged away leaving the shorts behind?
      There is NO way the pelvis could have been dragged away without the shorts staying on.

      Nothing makes sense!!

      • JanCorey says:

        The acquittal of all the serious charges against Casey Anthony makes sense to me, the prosecution failed miserable imo to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The bone matter may never be explained since the bones no longer are examinable.

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        I have heard that as well. I’m sure we could find that out for sure. But, yes, that is another problem w/this picture, Indy. It’s all in the details, my dears!! And then the details w/IN the details. Keep it coming. 🙂

  7. JB says:

    Interesting read Cat,
    I really like your blog. Good job. Anytime I hear about the hyoid bone, I can help but think about one of the weird comments I found.
    I’ll just C&P it here. I hope that’s okay. This is from an old WordPress blog.

    1. BJ, on December 12th, 2008 at 2:07 am Said:
    so you guys don’t have to go searching her it is is anyone wants to read it.

    Theresa Chaze, on December 11th, 2008 at 1:55 pm Said:
    Caylee Anthony is not dead. Those are not her remains that were found. The body they found was planted two weeks ago as way to force Casey into turning evidence the police thinks she has on a the drug dealers she had been working with.
    The babysitter was the one who took the child and gave her to the people who have her now. She was killed three days later and put in the Casey’s truck as a warning. The police know all this. They have been leaking misinformation all along in order to make Casey “crack.” The media is had been doing a hell of a job helping them.
    The body that was found is male, closer to four years old and Latino He died by strangulation. The bone in the neck that starts with an “h” is broken. There are also three other broken bones–two in the arms and one leg. This child suffered long term abuse. The name I’m getting starts with F. I’m not sure if it’s a first or last. The boy died about 13 months ago.
    I’m getting something like Macomb, Macon and Georgia. I have felt for a long time that Caylee was in Georgia. For a while she was in the northern part. However, both Macomb and Macon are in the center.
    The family she is with is the sister of the man Casey was carrying drugs for. Casey used her party girl image to carry drugs/money into and out of clubs. Casey also had a sexual relationship with one of the primary dealers. He is the one who got her the job as mule. The police have been monitoring the Casey and her employers but they were unable to get hard evidence. They put the word out that they had turned one of the mules and implied that Casey was the one, which is why Caylee was taken.
    The name Karen G comes to mind. She is 23 years old, brown hair brown eyes. She works as a temp as secretary for an insurance company. Last summer she miscarried her third pregnancy. She recently moved to a new town. Although she talks about her daughter, she tells her co-works that she can’t show them pictures because they were lost in a fire. She also claims that her daughter has respiratory issues due to the same fire which is why she is kept at home. Her younger sisters Ann or Amy is helping take care of Caylee. They are hoping that as Caylee ages her appearance will change enough so that people will not recognize her.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, JB :D. Thanks for stopping by!

      That is a VERY interesting comment, for sure! We know that some of the details were off, if this is in any way true. There weren’t any breaks in the bones we have seen or on the reports. BUT in growing children, fractures heal quickly, and this person did not specify what kind of breaks they were or where on the arm and leg they were located. What was noted in the autopsy, as having been animal bite marks on the ends of the long bones, could actually have been chips due to ante-mortem (pre-death) bone injury. It is true that sex and race of child skeletons can not accurately be determined, and the fact that some important bones were missing (pubic), would make it even harder to determine the sex. The missing Hyoid bone makes it hard to determine if strangulation was the cause of death. There may have been a reason for those specific bones to have been “removed”.

      Female Pelvis:

      Male Pelvis:

      But, then, again:

      “The determination of sex in skeletons is only possible once the male or female has reached adolescence or adulthood. Sexual dimorphism is slight in pre-adolescent children so this is a difficult task to perform if the skeleton is that of what might be a child.”

      I’ll admit I have questions about these remains and whether or not they were of Caylee… I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      The commentator’s psychic theory is very creative and a lot of it is also very plausible.

      One really has to wonder why the skeleton, that had been “proven” to be that of Caylee Anthony, would need need any “alterations” done to it. Right?

    • Jade says:

      Yea, ok. Real psychic. Not

  8. HollysGmom says:

    Pelvic injuries in child abuse

    Skeletal survey in cases of suspected child abuse should include the entire pelvis, and special attention should be paid to the ischiopubic rami the most common site of these rare pelvic injuries.

    The ischiopubic rami (red arrow points to area)

    Is anyone surprised that this boney area and the hyoid bone are missing? If not coincidental then it appears someone went back to the remains after decomp to remove certain fractured or scarred bones. An ex-cop would know which bones would be most likely damaged by repeated sexual abuse, right? or wo

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Jackpot!!!! Go, HollysGmom!! I love the way you think! 😀

      Either that, or the bones were removed by someone who did not want their case unraveled after so much time… Might be a bit on the extreme side but I don’t put anything past anyone at this point. I’d go more w/A, though. What a concept.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I didn’t even know the pubis was missing until I studied those photos, BTW. And no one has ever been suspicious of the fact that the very bones missing could have contained THE MOST important info?

      See, if people just take anyone’s word for it, these things are missed, these LITTLE/BIG things go missed and yet they are SO important!

      It’s all in the details… 😉

  9. HollysGmom says:

    I found this at SM written by Blink from BlinkOnCrime

    Blink said: (Blink34 on June 18, 2009, 05:36:30 PM)

    Respectfully, I think it will go the other way. The absence of trauma to a very largley recovered skeleton, negative on hair samples for drugs and a recovered fully intact hyoid bone will point to asphyxiation or drowning as likely.;wap2

  10. HollysGmom says:

    K. Hyoid bone: Acts as moveable base for tongues

    1. Not part of skull

    2. Does not articulate with any other bones

    3. Raise and lower larynx during swallowing

    The hyoid bone is the one and only bone of the throat. This horseshoe-shaped bone lies in between the chin and the thyroid ligament. Interestingly, the hyoid bone does not connect to any other bones and is the only bone in the human body to do so. Instead the bone connects solely to ligaments.

    The primary function of the hyoid bone is to allow the movement of the tounge, pharynx, and larynx by connecting to muscles in the region. Also the bone functions in the protection of these structures. The hyoid bone is broken into three segments: the body, greater cornu, and lesser cornu.
    Fracture and applied anatomyDue to its position, the hyoid bone is not susceptible to easy fracture. In a suspected case of murder, a fractured hyoid strongly indicates throttling or strangulation. However this is not the case in children and adolescents, where the hyoid bone is still flexible as ossification is yet to be completed.

    In this study 4 out of 5 throttling victims had a broken hyoid bone. In a child this would btake much more pressure or a ligature/garrot as the bones are still flexible and would bend before breaking.

    SO just WHO got choked at the Anthony home? Apparently both George & Cindy throttled Casey regularly, so regularly that they thought nothing of doing so in front of others. DId they also extend this to Caylee? or is there a much more sinister, Jon Benet Ramsey twist to this tale

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Oh my, my, my. Good work HGM! I knew the hyoid was a flexible bone of the throat but did not think that far regarding the strangling implications. Now, it is a small bone and, being more cartilaginous in nature, I would think that this bone would be very hard to find, especially if it was broken. If it was broken, clearly whoever killed her strangled her w/extreme force. But since we do not have this bone we can’t assume she was strangled at all. How is it that they were able to find her tiny little teeth, phalanges (finger bones), vertebrae but not the hyoid. I am amazed they found all that, so I’m not dogging ’em for losing a few bones. Still, though, you make excellent points regarding the strangling that went on in that household! I find it SO hard to imagine anyone coming up w/a reason to strangle anyone, much less, a child! But if that was their “thing”, it says a lot about what type of people they are and what they could be capable of…

  11. HollysGmom says:

    I had been trying to picture in my mind what bones of the pelvis were actually still missing. I found this picture to use to gauge it by.

    B. When a child’s hip bone is in the anatomical position, the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and the anterior aspect of the pubis lie in the same vertical plane. The hip bone at this stage is composed of three bones—ilium, ischium, and pubis—that meet in the cup-shaped acetabulum. The bones are not fused at this age but are united by a triradiate cartilage along a Y-shaped line (blue).

    This is similar to what Caylee’s pelvis bones should have looked like or would have in 3-D had all of the bones been present.

    So the emains were missing the Hyoid bone, the sacral, & the pelvic bones.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Yes, there you go. Thanks for providing a visual for those who don’t know :).

      The coccyx is missing too, but that could be considered part of the sacrum.

      Sacrum: 5 (fused)
      Coccyx: 3-5 (usually fused to sacrum)

      so we are missing 8-13 bones of the spinal column. This would add significant length to the torso and might alter the actual height of the skeleton in question, although I’m sure they left some room for that in their estimation of living height.

      Did you happen to notice, how high up they positioned the leg bones in proportion to the spinal bones? I know that if the spinal bones were positioned properly that it would be a tad shorter than it shows there in the layout pic, but I wonder if they didn’t exaggerate that a bit. Add to the spinal column 8-13 more bones (sacrum and coccyx) and imagine how much longer that spine would be. Hmmm..

  12. HollysGmom says:

    Also here’s another skeleton photoed pre-wash, still in situ & colored by the dirt/sand it’s buried in.

  13. HollysGmom says:

    COL, I think I may have figured it out. If my “theory” is correct the answer is this:

    The full skeletal lay-out picture was taken PRE-Saline wash! Why do I think this? Florida is notorious for RED CLAY sand. This particular sand has various forms from clay slip (thin watery clay mostly used in ceramics) to thick moldable clay. In whichever form it is found, if an item is covered in it then allowed to dry, the residual clay/sand flecks temporarily STAIN the item reddish/brown.

    The bones in the other pictures were POST-saline wash so they don’t have the “furry-looking” coating but still have some residual clay staining near the joint ends of the bones.

    I found a picture of a 2 yr old’s skull that is considered “within normal limits”.

    THis picture shows a medieval child’s skeleton half-buried
    and sort of sand colored.
    Child skeleton

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, HollysGmom! 🙂 Good to see ya.

      You make good sense there. I had thought of that, too. Now, the problem w/this idea is that the saline wash was only used inside of the skull, according to the autopsy report.

      The other thought was that they had washed the bones after they took the photo of the “full layout”, but the only thing the notes show, that pertain to “washing”, are that they had “lightly dusted the bones”. The bones we see, separately, all look clean and very dry, but the bones we see, in the layout, look to be pretty heavily and evenly coated w/the dirt-clay residue. Like I said, I had thought maybe the bones were washed and that the separate photos had been taken post-wash…

      Here is why that does not work for me:

      1. Kronk claimed, on August, 11, 12 & 13th, that he saw a “gray, vinyl, metallic bag” or material and then, a little further on, he sees the “round WHITE thing” (skull).

      2. In the autopsy report, it was noted that the skull was NOT dirty, like the rest of the skeleton was.

      3. The pixilated photos show that the skull at the scene and, immediately after it was taken in to be examined, was NOT dirty reddish-brown.

      4. The full layout shows the skull to be a very different color from what it was when first found, and contradicts the autopsy notes, as well as the crime scene photos.

      That dirt was placed on the skull and, most likely, the rest of the skeleton, after the fact.

      As of now, there is no other explanation for how the skull became discolored AFTER it was removed from the crime scene. You see what I’m saying, here?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, sure do. There is NO reason for the skull to be white (as clearly shown by the photographs that are to represent in situ) and then have the skull be reddish/brown as the rest of the skeleton for the lay-out picture. Something is not right in Denmark, that’s for sure!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          For sure Anony! I’m trying to figure out some logical explanation for the change in color, but if the only thing done during the exam was “light brushing w/a soft bristled brush” and a “saline rinse of the INTERIOR of the skull” it shouldn’t have made THAT much of a difference. I get if the skeletal layout had be PRE-wash and the rest of the photos were taken after the processing… But that will never explain away the fact that the skull started out fairly white, and somehow came to match the rest of the skeleton as shown…

          That takes me to the question of whether there were really any photos shown, from the crime scene, of any bones beside the skull… I’m not sure we have.

  14. Noni says:

    A couple of things I notice and a couple of things I wonder about.
    First, yes! the bones do appear a different color. The closeup of the illium does not have the discolorization that appears in the whole skeleton photo. Same thing with the arm bones. Of bigger notice for me is the skull. Kronk said it was partially buried in the dirt. Wouldn’t there be a visible line or color difference on the skull if part of it was buried and part below ground? It looks too evenly discolored to be natural. i.e. weren’t some of the bones IN the bag while some were buried in the dirt?
    There could be an explanation for the overall difference in the big photo vs the individual parts pictured. The flash would be very bright and tend bleach out the closer the camera was to them. (hope I didn’t mispell any words on the line above, my email addy is in front of the words as I was typing).
    I have many questions about Kronk! Yes-the prosecution/LE was neglectful in their investigation in this whole case! Both George/Cindy should have been looked upon as a potential suspect as well as Kronk! Hey-LOL, Asston said himself they NEVER looked investigated George as a suspect!
    Start adding them up people! More and more is coming out in this case now that intelligent people have access to the info! So sad and so sorry – little Caylee deserved the most complete investigation into her death. But of course, LE only cared about a conviction!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Yes, ma’am, Noni! The conviction was the key for certain LE in this case, by ANY means. I do understand how they came to such a quick conclusion about Casey, but as professionals, it was still their JOB to conduct a THOROUGH investigation into anyone and everyone connected to Casey or the crime scene. FAIL!

      I agree that the flash made some of the bigger bones appear lighter than they may have been, but it still does not at all match the reddish-brown dirty appearance of the total skeleton. It would be helpful to know when all of these photos were taken, and/or what all was done to the bones during the analysis and testing. Based on the reports, which I have right here:,%20caylee_report.pdf

      the only thing mentioned is a saline rinse of the skull and a “light dusting” of the bones was done to remove some of the dirt for better examination.

  15. JanCorey says:

    Why Kronk put the bones there and contained in what was found at the scene is still a mystery to me, but after seeing him testify at the trial it becomes a bit clearer that perhaps Kronk is not dealing with a full deck imo.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      JC, have you checked up on Mr. Kronk’s history w/women and children? Let me know, if not, and I will post some links for you. The dude is not OK! I’m not sure how involved he actually was, but he is definitely not just some innocent meter reader who stumbled upon a skull in the woods, or a bag in the woods w/a skull rolling out. He forgot to tell his lies in the proper order! OOOPS! LOL 😉

      • JanCorey says:

        CatOutLoud, I do remember the judge not allowing Kronk’s history of using duct tape to bind up some women before. His motive for his persistence in following up requesting that police search the area of the remains appear to be nothing but financial profits for himself. He may have been the prosecutions worst witness in the trial.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          He also had kidnapped his 6yr old son (refused to return him to his mother in MD, after visitation was up) and traumatized him by forcing him to smoke, drink and watch porn. That qualifies as child abuse and child incest abuse, BTW.

          His own sister never liked Kronk and made a big deal about not allowing her young daughter to sit on his lap at a family gathering. The daughter of an ex-GF of his said that he used to watch her dress and undress when she was around 9-11 or so.

          And then there’s the beatings of another ex, along w/the duct tape binding of her hands, etc. She said that Kronk used duct-tape for absolutely every thing that needed a quick fix, too.

          Kronk also called in some weapons, hidden in some woods, to police and they were not there when they went to investigate. Sound familiar?

          Whatever his purpose was in the Casey A case, the extent of what he did is still unknown. I will never forgive LE for failing to investigate that man!

          So tell me, what do you think about the bones photos? 🙂

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