There’s nothing funny about the bones of any dead child,  but I think there is something funny about these bones, right here.

Please take the time to study the photos closely.  These two photos, supposedly, show the skull and bones of Caylee Anthony.  Do you see what I see?

I’ve always wondered why the skull, alone, and at the scene, was always blurred, and still is to this day, in any photo you may find available to the public.  Yet, they had no problem showing us the skeleton in its entirety?  Is the image of a child’s full skeleton any less disturbing to see than that of the skull by itself?

"Caylee's" skull

skull found in woods along Suburban Drive (blurred)

They may have blurred the photo of the skull found at the scene, along Suburban Drive, but that doesn’t ruin our ability to see it’s COLOR

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the difference in the colors of the two skulls in these photos?  Both are proposed to be little Caylee’s remains, yet the colors are entirely different.  The lone, blurred skull appears to be more of an off-white color, as you can see, but, somehow, the skull, atop the skeleton, is stained brown and looks to have been discolored by the dirt and muck it was, supposedly, excavated from.

Caylee's Marie's skeletal remains

Full skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony

Could there be another reason why they didn’t want us to see the skull at the scene?

Were they hoping we would fail to notice the color discrepancy?

I must, while I’m at it, point out the teeth of the un-blurred skull…  They are extremely white!  Does it make sense for the teeth to have remained untarnished, even though those teeth were subjected to the same conditions as the rest of the bones?  I imagine they needed to examine the teeth an therefore were cleaned, but why didn’t they clean the bones as well?  Perhaps they needed to “emphasize” the weathered appearance for us, so that we’d get the impression that those bones had been under muddy waters in those woods for 5 long months…

If you’ll recall, Mr. Kronk even described the skull he had “found” as WHITE.  So what happened to them between the time of the final discovery and the day they were laid out on that table?  How did they become so dirty and discolored?

Please, tell me what you think about THIS!


  1. Jade says:

    I followed this horrific case since day 1. You make some intelligent observations, but it does not change the fact that a baby was dumped in the woods as the ‘ mother’ partied with her friends stolen checks. You can say she was having a mental break and that was her only way to cope, but I beg to differ. If Casey really cared about Caylee, there would be no cover up. And what about Casey’s diary entry dated a few days after her babies ‘ disappearance’. Casey NEVER wanted a baby and wanted to give it up for adoption. Her mom was going to press charges on he for stealing…. Cast was so full of anger and revenge, she did the unimaginable!!!! She wanted to be with Tony and live the free life. She did something horrible to Caylee and as a result she died. Casey is not innocent. She should be in prison rotting like her baby did. There is no excuse to wait 31 days to tell somebody your child is missing, unless there is foul play. She lied continuously. If she really loved her daughter and it was just a accident why did she lie so much??? Why didn’t she tell the cops right away that it was a accident? Because it WASN’T A ACCIDENT. Nobody makes a accident look like murder. The duct tape that was put over that baby’s face was put on so tight it kept th mandible together all those months in the swamp. Foul play. We now now Casey used her password protected computer to searching various ways of harming somebody. Casey is a sociopath. Of course she knows exactly what happened to her daughter… don’t think she don’t. She got what she wanted, and she is now free. But she will always be looking over her shoulder. She is guilty as sin. She told her dad in jailhouse tapes he was the BEST, then throws him under the bus . We will never know what really happened but we do know she had a hand in her daughters death.. there is no other plausible explanation. Ps. Kronk is shady but he didn’t abduct caylee and kill her, that’s ridiculous!!! If I could have a special power, I would love to be able to read minds. I would love to know what Casey was thinking as she giggled on trial when the skull was being discussed. Casey is not right in her head. She is demented.

  2. Shelly says:

    I am new top this site, but just love the atmosphere here! It is so refreshing to see people actually using their heads & thinking about this case, instead of happily being brain washed…

    That being said~
    There has been a major issue bothering me ever since I heard that the prosecution was using a “body farm” expert. To me, it was VERY convenient that Caylees body was found shortly after this “expert” comes on board. Not to mention the “funny bones”, the lack of DNA, hair, or decomp on a very “fresh” decomposed body. Or the fact that the Defense was NOT allowed to have anything to do with the body until there was so little left to work with…
    Every fiber in me says that body is NOT Caylee…

    Work that with the fact that even today, the Anthonys talk as if Caylee was “taken” by someone they are still looking for…

    In my heart I believe Caylee was taken over a gambling debt, & the whole family knew it. They ALL kept up the facade of “Zanny” in order to please whoever has Caylee, so that media showed that Casey was taking the “fall” for a dead Caylee, while the Anthonys gained as much money as they could to pay for her return~ (the reason it didnt hurt to sell personal photos, videos, interviews~ the reason they didnt show genuine sorrow~ the reason they could run these Caylee Funds & not use the money where said while taking odd trips…)
    There is a BIG secret & cover up, but I dont think its the accidental drowning of Caylee…

    I know~ call me crazy…

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Welcome, Shelly! 🙂

      It is refreshing to hear from people like yourself ;). Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blogs. Definitely feel free leave any thoughts you have about this case at anytime.

      I very much feel you on your theories and concerns here, regarding the body. Certain things just don’t add up quite rite. I’ve gone all over the place w/that one. I do think the remains were moved for sure, at least once before they landed where they were “found” by Kronk— “AGAIN”… I feel that certain things were added to “enhance” the crime scene. LE may have looked at it as “helping justice along”, if they had anything to do w/it. My main thing is that the clothes don’t even seem to have been ON the body when it was placed there, and then how do we explain why the hair, found w/a “death band” on it, in Casey’s trunk was 9 inches long but the hair from the mat at the scene was only 6 inches more or less. THAT has never added up for me. I’m w/you.

    • Jade says:

      It was/ is Caylees bones. DNA matched. Wishful thinking , though.

      • Shelly Perry says:

        Correction Jade, the DNA matched “An Anthony Female”…
        To bad there were THREE Anthony Females in the home & car…
        Again to much speculation & reasonable doubt.

        But I do find it rather odd, that the business man that put up Caylees reward money, also opened up a fake funeral home, & Caylees “funny bones” were cremated without Caseys knowledge or consent (mind you her rights to Caylee had NOT been taken, nor signed over, & a Judge confirmed that upon her release after her acquittal). Then the fake funeral home disappeared, as if it never existed…only the Orange County Sheriffs Office, the State of Florida, & the FBI are all well aware of it, & said business man is now in prison for 30 years for bad business practices, falsifying loans, ect.

        Anyway, do some research instead of blindly following the mass of lies presented to you.

  3. GasCanGeorge says:

    Where is Caylee’s hair on the full skeleton remains.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      LOL, good question GCG. I’m pretty sure they kept the hair-matting in a separate category, once removed from the scene. I always thought hair was one of the last things to decompose, and that it should have had more evidential value, but I guess even hair, after being exposed to 5 mos in the elements, would deteriorate… Except the CLAIM was that it had been in the bags the whole time, even though the whole reason Kronk gave for finding it, in the first place, was due to him catching sight of “the round white thing”. Wasn’t it just amazing that the hair remained attached the the fleshless skull for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS through heat and winds and storms and floods?? ;). I’d say that was quite quite the miracle!

    • Jade says:

      It fell off as she decomposed. Hair comes out of skin, not bones!

  4. JanCorey says:

    I see you position on the car CatOutLoud, but I believe that because it was no longer secured after the police released it that would present a potential problem of contaminable-evidence should the defense ever choose to use it after the trial on their behalf. I did see when they were accepting offers for the car on-line and I placed a bid at $50,000.00 but it wasn’t accepted. I would have loved to obtain it and planned to make it a rolling memorial to both Caylee and her mother for a short period of time.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      That is true. It was open to the elements, once released. I wonder if there was a way to keep it in evidence.

      • JanCorey says:

        I agree with you CatOutLoud that it may have been beneficial for Casey Anthony in regards of retaining the car to prove points on her behalf, but I think the risk would have been extraordinarily-high based upon the prosecutors having so much ton-age on their face from failing in the criminal trial against Ms. Anthony.

        • JanCorey says:

          Thanks CatOutLoud and keep up the great job you are doing here on your blog. Absolutely and totally impressed and so uncommon with using sense instead of nonsense like the other blogs, especially regarding this topic. You have my vote if case you run for president in 2012.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thank you JC 🙂 Your thoughts and comments will always be welcome here. Keep coming back 😀

        • JanCorey says:

          Will definitely do, and thank you once again. Like I said, it’s not the easier-path to take to stand up to the haters-of-facts. I too deal with that constantly from the them with the bashing, being called different names from trolls, to those denying proven facts, to those denying actual court documents, to those just not informed enough to understand the facts already proven or justified, to those who come across as utterly despising Casey for things they suspect but never proven against her in a court of Law, to those that have made tangible threats against a court-proven-great-mother, to those that arm-chair-quarter-back without a sense of any reality. Thnks again CatOutLoud for your efforts.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          You said it, JC! And thank YOU.

          Do you also have a blog?

        • JanCorey says:

          Ohh, Thank You CatOutLoud. No, I don’t have a blog, just don’t have the time necessary to maintain such a thing right now.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Understandable! 😀

          Well, I am off for the night/morning ;). I shall be back later after some Z’s.

  5. JanCorey says:

    CatOutLoud, I believe the bones might be beneficial if someday if the forensics can determine for sure that a drowning occurred, otherwise I believe the bones could potentially harm what has already been won through the verdict of not-guilty on all charges but some incidental misdemeanor lies.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      You may be right, JC… It all depends on what would be there to find. Since we don’t know, it’s all a matter of speculation, and could go many different ways or it could still be a dead-end.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      JC, what kind of harm do you think those bones could bring to Casey?

      • JanCorey says:

        The other harm, CatOutLoud, that could come Casey’s way, imo, has to do with being considered an accomplice-after-the-fact (or something to that affect) if Casey actually knew how George Anthony disposed of the body after Caylee drown and the location of the body that was determined and/or placed there by the meter reader Kronk.

        • JanCorey says:

          More specifically regarding the actual bones being retained, we are making the assumption of forensics based upon today’s current forensic science and things are rapidly developing in that area which may open the door in the future for remains to be re-examined under newer technology. Look at just how many bodies have been re-examined after burial based upon new technologies, thousands.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Oh ok. I see, but I’m not sure a re-exam of the bones would reveal what Casey’s knowledge was or wasn’t as to who, when, or how the body got where it was found. If Casey is innocent then the bones would not be a threat, IMO. I do get where you’re coming from, though.

        • JanCorey says:

          The state would gladly welcome any chance at all to charge Casey Anthony for anything. If the bones still existed, they could more easily be used as a means to re-examine those possibilities imo.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I agree they are, but I just don’t think the bones would provide grounds for a new charge, IMO. They were already so dry that they claimed it was hard to extract DNA from the marrow. I’m guessing, by now, that would be even harder to do. The drug tests were negative for everything. I suspect they probably still have the marrow sample used for the testing, so they would already have that to work with if they wanted to double check that. I actually believe the bones would have been very important for the defense to have…

        • JanCorey says:

          Based upon today’s technology CatOutLoud, but look how fast the technology is developing. There are cases where they have re-examined bones after decades to find more clues with newer technologies.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Very true, Jan. The thing is that the bones can only tell so much. They can’t tell us what Casey knew about what happened to Caylee. Whatever they’d find is not likely to determine any guilt. You see what I’m saying? They can maybe reveal that she was drowned, poisoned, drugged, injured, etc… But since we’re in the belief that Casey is possibly innocent, here, there would be nothing to worry about. The only thing there would be to worry about is what lengths the LE, State, ME’s and other State appointed experts would go to to ensure that Casey is found “guilty”of any new charges.

          I’m saying, that, hopefully, w/the advances of technology and so forth, or even w/out, that those bones (if they still existed) would actually reveal some truths that would set Casey free of this stigma attached to her.

        • JanCorey says:

          Possibly, CarOutLoud, a keen observation on your part. Thanks. I just feel more secure that the prosecution now has no bones to re-examine somewhere in the future, just like the prosecution destroyed Casey’s car which was the prosecution’s key component in the trial. The state just can’t seem to help themselves in screwing things up further for themselves.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Well, the State did screw themselves, regardless of what Casey did or didn’t do. If they had left well enough alone and didn’t feel the need to add their own “toppings”, they may have a had a better LOOKING case. When you say the prosecution destroyed her car do you mean in the processing of the car evidence, or when Cindy and George decided to have it crushed?

          That’s another decision I question, highly. Why crush the car and burn the bones? I think it was actually foolish of them to have destroyed such important evidence. I do question whether they did that “in Casey’s best interests” or if they did it in their OWN best interests… Or if someone else was telling them what they should do if they knew what was good for ’em.. 😉

        • JanCorey says:

          I saw some articles about the car being scrapped and crushed CatOutLoud, after the police investigation concluded to prevent “hunters” from purchasing and gaining possession of the car for their own benefit to exploit. Not sure on the date of the car-crushing, but did see a picture claimed to be the crushed car, and did read several articles about it.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Yes, those articles are correct, Jan. The car was crushed, and the decision to do so, was George and Cindy Anthony’s. There could be many understandable reasons for why they chose to do that. I think partially is was to “prove” they were not trying to profit off of Caylee’s demise. There were offers of up to a million dollars at one point for the car. The car was returned to the Anthony’s after the trial and they chose to have it destroyed. I do have to wonder why they would do that. I would want the defense to have access to it should they need it in the future. But SO important were those bones…

  6. JanCorey says:

    Like I said CatOutLoud, not so sure the actions of Cindy and George Anthony were callous at all considering the reasons I mentioned earlier. They may have actually done it to benefit Casey, which I totally admire them for in so doing if that was the case. To believe that the bones would not be re-examined due to all the upcoming lawsuits against the state, against the medias, against the bloggers, against the newspapers, against the magazines ect., and the then-acting-prosecutors in this case, I believe is missing a huge factor in things to come in this case. As you may well have known from the start of this case before the initial arrest of Casey Anthony, Baez hired four companies in total (by the time of the sentencing) to monitor this case for later lawsuits which continues to this day.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I see what you are saying, JC. It’s just that I think keeping the bones accessible would have actually been in Casey’s favor. The ability for them to be able to re-analyze those remains, was invaluable. As they say, “The dead speak”, and I feel that the message gleaned from those remains may have been very different from the one we’ve been hearing since they were discovered. I believe those bones NEED to be re-examined by the defense. But w/them burned and gone, that cannot be done. I sure hope what AKMimi said about a bone being kept, is true. If what I feel is true, then that may turn out to be life-saving evidence. Casey is free, but she is not living…

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        I’m reading old articles and blog posts regarding the cremation. There was some question about whether or not Caylee HAD actually been cremated. It seemed to have been kept under wraps for a while…

        Hmmm, now I’m wondering if maybe she was not cremated… Maybe they just wanted the world to think that. I have nothing to really back up that idea but I will check further and see what I come up with.

  7. JanCorey says:

    There are only two victims in the Casey Anthony case, imo, as Caylee who clearly was a victim of drowning, but through her own actions, and Casey was a victim of prosecutorial-misconduct which was proven in a court of Law when the prosecutors were able to substantiate only a few misdemeanor lies after the prosecutors were documented as seeking the death of Casey who turned out to be not-guilty of murder. That, in itself, is a crime in my book. Then with Ashton writing a book for blood money is another outrageous action by the prosecution team.

    • GasCanGeorge says:

      I still dont believe Caylee drowned. What I do believe is Casey may have been led to believe this and this is why she needs to bring charges eventually. Nothing could stop me from going after my abusers after what happened to my child. Jmoo

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        You know, GCG? I’m still not sure how I think Caylee met her tragic death, but I do know that there seemed to be a whole lot of scrambling around to make sure Casey was the only one at stake in the matter. People just don’t do that for no good reason. We can kind of assume Cindy was half protecting her, and half protecting George and herself. George was really NEVER, truly, looking out for Casey, although he wanted the world to believe he was… Namely, for CASEY!…

        Now, why did George want Casey to think he was on her side, and that he just “LOVED” his “GORGEOUS” daughter “SO MUCH”, while he was over there feeding and fueling LE’s suspicions, simultaneously? That one is open to interpretation, of course, but I agree w/yours, pretty strongly, at this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        I still believe there’s a huge family secret that is being protected. Always has been since day one. Logic always cried out that how can not one adult (a so called caring grandmother) go that long without seeing or knowing where her granddaughter is, same with the so called caring grandfather.

        The A’s have always stayed 20 feet infront of the investigation, all the way up till the end, wanting to sit in the court so they can take notes and tweak their answers, it was so obvious, it is sickening. It disqusts me to know end that these people continue to walk around free will after obstructing a murder investigation of their granddaughter.

        I think not taking a poly really says it all to me. They make me sick…..and even sicker knowing LE was made to look like a bunch of inept chumps by one of their own….IMOO….

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey Anon., I do very much agree w/you that there is a family secret. The extreme dysfunction does not allow these people to think logically. Their “normal” is VERY different from the average family.

          I believe that if an adult child goes off w/their kid, that the grandparents should not assume the child is going to be murdered. So, if they hadn’t known something bad could/would happen, then I don’t blame them for not assuming the worst in those 31 days. It’s how they behaved AFTER the 31 days that set my “hinky meter” off…

    • Jade says:

      Caylee never drowned in the pool. Surprise Surprise. One of her friends from prison used that defense , so her and Jose used it too.

  8. sonja says:

    Here is a thought about how CA obtained the right to cremate: victims of crimes have certain next of kin rights. Since KC, was on trial for murdering her daughter, i think the law interpreted that her parents would be next of kin, thus giving them the right to make those types of decisions.

    I wonder if KC had no rights at that time, since she was the accused.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      You are very right about that. I don’t doubt that Cindy and George had the legal right to make the decision, but since Casey was still alive and had stated her wishes, you would think that they would have honored them. They claimed total support of Casey, so it doesn’t make sense for them to have completely disregard what Casey wanted for her daughter. You know?

      • JanCorey says:

        Maybe they would have honored Casey’s request if it was in writing because then it becomes a legal issue which I am sure they didn’t need. Not sure, just a guess, but if Casey had it prior in writing, like a will, perhaps something different may have occurred.

  9. JanCorey says:

    If my young child died like Caylee did and the media was as vulturous as they are, together with the on-lookers that still have no clue, I would certainly change my mind from not cremating the remains to definitely cremating the remains to secure as peaceful a departure as possible by eliminating a gravesite that those types of people still wrongly-angry would visit and trash.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey JC,

      I definitely get the reasons for it, in hindsight, but I don’t think that’s why it was done. I could be wrong, like I said before. I will look further into that. Let me know if any of you find something on the subject, please.

      Thanks! 🙂

      • JanCorey says:

        I also believe it would only be a matter of time before some newer prosecutor would re-open the case and have the body/bones exhumed and re-examined for another new potential charge against someone since the state appears to have a hard time wasting so many hundreds of thousands of tax-payers dollars with only obtaining a conviction on a few misdemeanor lies. So much egg on their face that the main prosecutor actually stepped down. He and the lady co-prosecutor in the murder trial should be in prison imo.

        • JanCorey says:

          Hence, the reason for the cremation to eliminate that chance.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          And C&G, either had something to hide, hence the decision to cremate, or they were told to cremate and did what they were told. I’m still back and forth about their level of involvement, in what happened to Caylee, and/or what happened afterward…

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          That’s what my thinking is, too, Jan… I know it’s a little risky to speak on it, but we just have to call it like we see it, right? I mean, I have been reading docs galore and researching, and analyzing so many aspects of this case, which is how I’ve come to some of my conclusions.

          We do our homework here and put some THOUGHT into what we say,unlike like some “OTHER” bloggers/followers ;). Keep coming back, Jan!

        • JanCorey says:

          Will do Catoutloud, I love your position, we’re in-sync on this issue. But, as you know, this is not the “popular position” and it generates tons of attacks from those that were duped for so many years on this case from the medias and their own lack of understanding of the criminal justice system. Keep up the great work you are doing and I love how you stand up to those still not-yet-familiar-enough with this case and for true Justice.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Thank you so much, Jan! 😀 I could not get anywhere w/out people/minds like yours, and fellow readers, helping to bring it all together.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Actually, I differ, in that I believe Casey/defense may have wanted the remains exhumed. I think they felt that doing so would help prove some things on Casey’s behalf. Same w/the car… That’s just IMO, though.

  10. Noni says:

    It has always bothered me that the Anthony’s were allowed to make the decisions for the cremation of Caylee, the trademarking Caylee’s name, the disposal of Caylee’s things etc. Casey is an adult and that was HER CHILD! How were they able to make those decisions? I did not see where Casey gave them “power of attorney” to do them! Maybe I missed it?

    I was surprised about the cremation myself. They sure had the money to stay in the house without working and now to take trips etc. Not have enough to bury Caylee? Phooey! There were so many people out there who cared about that child (or claimed they “loved” her) that I am sure donations would have come in had they made any comments to the press. Come to think of it, the was they have asked for and used donations to that so called “Caylee Fund” I am even more suspicious they didn’t do that!

    re: the discoloration in the bones vs the white skull – maybe that is why the 3 different stories by Kronk were not challenged by LE? THAT was suspicious in itself.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I agree, Noni! They had plenty out there willing to donate. Either the Anthony’s had something to hide or they were strongly “coerced” into cremating the eh hmm, evidence… What evidence could that be? I WONDER.

    • JustThiniing says:

      Hello COL

      through Baez she gave a statement about this, that’s the link if it hasn’t been seen. It takes me to when cindy said that they believe the body is shell and that wasnt caylee anymore, trying to justify her being in the woods IF casey was the one to do that on phil, she said caylee was going to be cremated anyway, well maybe to her she was i guess…

      • Justhinking says:

        I messed up my name

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        I hadn’t seen that one JT. Thanks!

        And I saw that you had a lil typo there LOL :D.

        The video proves that Casey did not want her daughter cremated. Those little bones were all she had left of that little girl and she wanted to hang on to them and have a place to visit her. I agree, if her family didn’t think Casey killed her daughter, or at least didn’t do it on purpose, then why would they take that away from her? That, to me, is just foul and cruel. They kicked her while she was down (in the case of her being assumed innocent)… She did not need to be cremated. There was no good reason for them to have gone against her wishes, other than to spite her and say, “we still have the power & control”…

        On a totally different note, I really do think Casey wanted the remains buried so that whatever evidence they still contained would be accessible, if needed. I really do wonder if Casey thinks those bones are not her daughters, or KNOWS they couldn’t be, and wanted to be able to prove that someday. According to Cindy, they cremate in their family, so why did Casey change her mind? It just bugs me!

        Any thoughts?

        • Arkansasmimi says:

          I am not sure why the cremation, but hind sight prob good thing. Can you imagine any of the family going to the cemetery to visit their loved ones grave? The thought of it reminds me of when Elvis was first buried and the mob of people thats why they moved his grave and his mothers to Graceland. Casey being a young adult may not have wanted it or realized it (cremation) I dont personally, but again it is a personal thing. I not sure how they got it done. I know they just recently passed a law in our state where you have to have certain info during funeral planning, evidently they have alot of problems during that sad time. Could be the same in FL.

        • Arkansasmimi says:

          Also, considering that Casey was in jail and couldnt get out on bail that may be how the grandparents were able to be the next of kin in that situation. Just a thought.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          True, AK. I’m sure Casey did what she could from where she was (which was not much), to stop her folks from doing the cremation. She probably thought telling them was enough. Casey wrote that letter for JB to read to the public because her parents had gone behind her and cremated Caylee. She felt it was important for people to know that was not what she wanted or had asked them to do. But, just like they burned the bones, they crushed the car. I’m betting Casey was hoping to have BOTH accessible if needed. JMO The State really sabotaged JB’s investigation by using up all of the hair sample, drying out the garbage, disallowing them to be at the crime scene when it was being processed, among other things… They played real dirty, and you have to wonder why, if they thought they had such a strong case.

        • Justthikning says:

          I thought it was wrong to go against her, but arkmimi is right, Casey probably never though about the mob and it would have been difficult for her to go one day. I though i read or heard somewhere that that is why she was cremated, they didnt want ppl going to the burial site and possible even doing something to it, but IDk could be wrong. when did cindy say that about cremating in fam?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I don’t know if that’s why G&C decided to cremate her. I’d never heard of that before but I may have just missed it. I think the reason given was that, in their family, they do cremation versus burial. This is what Cindy said on Dr. Phil. I, personally haven’t heard of any other reason. At the time, I don’t think they would have thought about mobs and they could have found a way around that if they really wanted to. I could be wrong though.

        • Indygal says:

          Not sure on this,
          But I do remember KC GA and CA went to a lawyer shortly after Caylees birth, had something to do with Caylees father, and if something happened to Casey they were making sure the father would have no claim to Caylee, I believe Casey gave CA and GA power of attorney if something happened to her.
          I would think only in the event of KCs death should full power of attorney kick in, but I could be wrong.
          Of course Cindy would take full advantage of the power, I like all of you am disgusted with them not doing whatever CK wished!
          Like JT said, Caylee was CASEYS daughter!!!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Yeah, you are right, Indy, you are right. They did go and take some legal measures regarding the father (but wouldn’t this mean that they had to have a clue who the father actually was?) LOL. Hmmm…

          I think they probably had something notarized for if Casey wasn’t around and medical decisions needed to be made for Caylee, and, like you said, if something happened to Casey, custody would go to Mom and Dad. I guess being in jail COULD qualify them for custodial rights… IDK. Doesn’t matter IMO, they should have respected Casey’s wishes. The fact that they didn’t says a lot to me, since, thus far, I have not heard any reason for it, from the Anthonys, other than that it is family tradition.

        • sonja says:


          The points you made along with the other readers are spot on imho. I believe there was an ulterior motive behind the decision to cremate Caylee against KC’s wishes. The reason may have been sinister, as pointed out above, or simply a way to take ownership of Caylee even in death because we all know KC and CA fought over Caylee. Also we know people have more than one reason for doing things so i suspect they cremation was to hide something and to rub salt in that emotional wound too.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey, Sonja!

          I agree… I am so frustrated that we can never know now. If mom wanted to help Casey prove her innocence someday she would not have gone w/the cremation. IMO. Those remains were way too valuable to have been destroyed like that. If I were Casey, I would have been planning to have them exhumed and re-evaluated once the trial was over or I was released. But that’s just me. I don’t think her reaction to the remains being found was so strange, but if it was, it may have been the moment she realized that she was being set-up. Just a thought I’ve had…

      • Arkansasmimi says:

        Good points everyone! It seems like I read somewhere that there was a bone kept , possibly by Jose. I cant remember where I read so I would consider it hearsay. But I just wonder if its true?

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          JC. I think, legally speaking, they would have had to respect a ‘living will”, if Casey had known one was necessary. But even then, in this case, I think they could have found a way to override it… They knew what she wanted, and “claimed” she was innocent to the world, so why would they treat such a delicate matter so callously, w/out “good” reason? That’s what we have to wonder.

          Indy, Wow, if Jose kept a bone, that is one smart man! We need to check that one out, for sure! 😀

  11. Indygal says:

    I am definitely no expert myself,
    I’m sure I fooled noone! Lol

    I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing the extremly flatness of the face of the skull with the short short forehead and the thick roundness in the back, has a mongoloidish look.
    And we all know Caylee was a beautiful child lacking any signs of malformations or abnormalities.

    Is this what you were also thinking?
    I’d love to hear Zubs opinion!!

  12. CatOutLoud® says:

    I have been in the process of doing just that Sonja :). Anything on “that” subject will be removed as well, but I want to thank all for the supportive comments regarding the haters ;). Playtime is definitely over. Time to get back to what matters and what brought us all here in the first place.

    Good to hear from you, Sonja! I’m glad to hear your TG was a good one. Mine was too. Thanks for asking 🙂

    • sonja says:

      Great comment above on the bones too!

      • sonja says:

        Meaning the one about the teeth! Removing ALL the comments is a good idea! I remember getting very confused when reading those types mixed in with the thoughtful comments on the other nice blogs we read (at first).

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Yes. As I read them from a reader’s perspective, I saw how distracting and confusing they were. Either way, this is not the place for that.

          Indy pointed out the shape of the skull does not appear, to the layperson, to match what we know of Caylee’s features. Possibly, not even of caucasion origin. Caylee did have a round face but it seems that her forehead was a little broader and higher than the skull in question.

          Either way, I just can’t get away from the fact that that skull changed colors after leaving the crime scene, and that the appearance of the skull was noted to have been much lighter than the rest of the bones, during the autopsy. Whoever’s bright idea it was to alter the skeleton, must not have paid enough attention to those notes when they decided to rub dirt all over those bones. Sounds crazy, but the photos are there for all to see, and something is just not adding up. If those bones were found under the conditions that we have been told— and belonged to Caylee, there would have been no need to do anything to them. They would have been shown, as is.

          The above thoughts bring to mind Casey’s desire to “break tradition” and have her daughter’s remains buried, rather than cremated. It has always disturbed me that the Anthony’s went against Casey’s wishes and cremated those bones. Maybe money was an issue, maybe they wanted to stick to their beliefs even if it meant going against Casey’s desire for how her baby’s body was put to rest… Maybe someone “persuaded” them that doing so would be in their best interests… Hint Hint.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Thank you so much for finding those photos Indy!

      I never said it, since it is not an area I am an expert on, but I did see that the skull of the skeleton looked a little “different”.. Those photos show this. Glad you saw it too, and gave us something to compare it against. Hmmmm..

  13. Indygal says:

    I would most definately delete every last one of the trolls posts!!
    They are trashing your blog,, the people who really care to seek the truth do not want to see the trash talking they see everywhere else.
    Funny find here……
    this link is a huge article written by a troll about trolls,
    they are exactly right in their definition of a troll however they themself along with their commenters are trolls, some being the very trolls trolling yours and JBs bolgs.
    Read the last comment on the page.
    I think they call YOU a troll,
    I know they call myself and Mimi a troll, and I know damned well I ONLY post on JBs blog until recently here.
    I do not go to there blogs and disrupt there conversations proclaiming Caseys innocence because I know I’m not welcome, I do not wish to waste my time and it simply would not do a bit of good, not to mention it would prob be deleted anyway.
    It’d be like dumping a bucket of blood on myself and jumping in shark infested waters.
    Not for me.
    I’ll occasionally read and get a quick laugh but no posting for me.

    I see Jan Corely, has posted here, seems like a sweet well to-do girl and has a serious hater on the link below making ridiculous (i’m sure) accusations about her.

    Delete this as well, in a day or 2
    it’s also trash……as in not relating to what brings your readers here.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Very good points IndyGal. It is not a good look!

      I’m not sure if the Jans are the same. I will take a better look at the blog you linked me to and see if I can figure that one out. Thanks.

    • sonja says:

      Well said!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      😉 I have no problem if others see what they say about me, since it’s absolute nonsense, but I don’t like anyone thinking they can come to my blog and talk trash about other people. You have the right to know what is being said, if you care to know, which is why I left it up for you. I think from now on it is going to be deleted as soon as I catch it. I do not want others who want to leave comments on the subject to have to wait every time for me to moderate. This person/s has no place here regardless. They will not be honored.

      Thanks Ladies! 😀

  14. ZubenElSchemali says:

    Hi Catoutloud. Great article. I agree something just isn’t right but I believe the color of the full skeleton fits the description of the color of the decomp residue that the defense expert, Dr. Spitz, mentioned was pooled within the skull, proving the skull didn’t decay in the upright position. It shouldn’t be white, expecially the skull and bones that were in the bag. Sunshine is what bleaches the bones and that takes time. There may have been some filtered light coming in that close to the road but they claim the skull was still in the bag so that would get no sun and certainly wouldn’t be a lighter color than the rest of the bones. Now, I suppose the camera lighting could make it look lighter than it is, reflection, exposure, etc. But that different?

    Yes, the jury saw the pics without the pixilation. But I was surprised to see this picture on the news site. I don’t recall seeing it at more than one site and wondered if it was an accident becuase the court order was that no skeletal remains were to be published without pixilation or blurring.

    Notice too that the mandible has less teeth in place than the upper jaw, contrary to what Dr. G said. If the mandible was in place throughout decomp with the skull upright, the upper teeth might fall out in front, if there is an overbite but the bottom teeth surely wouldn’t fall out. Even then, they wouldn’t fall out unless it was jostled around after complete decomposition. Skeletons are found hundreds of years later with every tooth in place. I have found many animal jaws older than that with all teeth in place. I also don’t see how the bones would be that dry. It was very high humidity, saturated ground much of the time and it was raining that day. It would take much longer for bones to dry, especially in a woods. Also, there was some adipocere and it requires moisture for that process.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey Z,

      Thank you! 🙂

      The prob I have w/the claim of the bones having been in the bag, is that Kronk’s first claim, Aug 11th, was that he saw something round and white on the ground that looked like a skull. We hear this in the calls he made to report it. It makes more sense, based on that, because the skull would be what caught his attention in the first place– unless he placed the bones there, himself, and falsely claimed it was the round white thing that caught his attention, in order to appear as if he’d not touched anything… So this would help explain why, when the skull was photographed at the scene, that it was much lighter than the rest of the skeleton we see in the pic, (at that time). Due to the fact that it had been out in the open for at least 4 months… But that does not make sense, either, since by August (2 mos later) we would not expect the skull to have been “white” yet. Right?

      So how dead was the owner of that skull, in actuality, for it to have been sun bleached white by August? How did the white skull that Kronk saw in August, end up back in a bag by Dec? How did the hair, w/no scalp to cling to, manage to go where ever this skull went, through the winds and the rains and the flood waters rising?

      How did the off-white skull, in the 1st photo, go from that to reddish-brown in the second photo? IMO, the bones are too uniform in color to be true. The Autopsy report even stated that the skull was not dirty as the skeleton was…

      Good eye on the teeth! And did we ever wonder why the adipocere found on the body was never compared to that of the paper towels in the trunk trash?? You are right to think something’s not right here! 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! 😀

      • misty says:

        Heeeeelllo COL! 🙂 dont forget in going back and reading Kronks depo’s and reports..the colors of the bags changed as well from Aug they were light/white and then in Dec…wala..the were all of a sudden black!! oh..and how he “smacked” the skull with his stick(in earlier reports) and then on court day a totally different account as well!!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Exactomundo! Misty, how does someone forget how they discovered the remains of anyone?? That image would be burned in my head forever. Now, there was a metallic, gray, vinyl, bag/ “pool cover”-looking thing, and then a little past that there was the “round white thing” (skull). After that, the skull somehow ended up back in the bag and “rolled” out when he picked it up, but then he didn’t pick it up… He’s full of it.

  15. Sam says:

    I don’t recall anything being mentioned in court about the bones being different colors. I recall the ‘shoddy autopsy’ comments.

    I also remember Nick Savage testifying that he suspected no photos of the duct tape to scale were taken. That was a huge red flag for me and I instantly suspected evidence tampering.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Me either but I’m not a human computer so I thought I may have missed or forgotten something ;).

      Very interesting about the duct tape comment! I did not know that. Not to mention IndyGal’s pointing out the fact that the hair would not likely have stayed in place when it “rolled” out of the bag. It’s just all a bunch-o-bull, isn’t it, Sam??

  16. sonja says:

    Hi CAT!!!!! Life again has been too busy! We keep having illness in my home between me and the the children:( Are you getting ready for TG? My husband and i are having a stuffing contest/children being the judges:)
    WOW! Excellent blog! I’m just taking this in because I get LE wanted to win this case, close this case quickly, but I wouldn’t think they would go so far as to mess with the bones!

    I will ask my dad when i see him about the differences in the discoloration of bones over time and in different conditions. He would know a bit about this in reference to animals. He is an outdoorsman, biologist (retired) and has seen many a bone in his day!

    He is on vacation with my mom and eldest son until dec though.

    Do you know why exactly, the skull is blurred out? Are you saying that a picture of the skull at the scene has never been released without the blurring edit? If so, why?

    I thought Kronk was just a numbskull (no put intended) that tried to report what he looked for and found only to have his report fall on deaf ears… Hmmm. This is vedy interesting! I know Kronk was a shady character and i thought he may have known GA but never though he could have done anything himself. Either he is dumb as a fox, the world’s best actor or something because i laughed out loud over the whole rattlesnake incident and how he became sidetracked from his “discovery”. I live in NV. Rattlesnakes are everywhere -I wouldn’t let one run me off. Seriously. Are they not common in Florida or something?

    Also, this is off topic but you know how we enjoy discussing the family dynamics? Have you read Keith Ablow’s book? I always enjoyed his musings on the Anthonys and i thought you would find his expert opinion on CA very interesting and like minded. Here is a link to a recent (video) interview about his book release. He says, CA, “psychologically assassinated” (paraphrased by me) KC! He mentions GA in reference to being in the room during the birth and explains why it’s so bizarre in a much better way than I could


    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, Sonja!

      I am so sorry to hear about the bugs bringing your household down! I am still getting over my own bug. Ugh! MUCH better now though.

      I am also about to get to work on the turkey, in a few, so if I disappear, you will know why 😉 LOL.

      I can’t wait to hear what your dad will have to say about bones. Please show him the pics as well. As far as I have ever seen, there is no unblurred photo of the skull by itself on the net. I’m not sure what the jury saw but the general public has not seen the unblurred skull as far as I know. Which is why the showing of the entire skeleton is so weird to me.

      Like IndyGal pointed out, I also find it strange that the hair matting would still be attached to the completely decomposed skull if it had “rolled” out of the bag or had been out of the bag, since August, (as Kronk originally claimed). If it had been out of the bag all that time and exposed to all the elements, including flood waters, then how on Earth was the hair still in place beneath the skull. Oh MY, did they FUDGE UP on the staging of THAT scene. Yes, I am saying it outright! They staged the remains scene or SOMEONE did. The more we ponder the tiny details, the more we find that just can’t be possible!

      I will, surely, be reading that book. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  17. HollysGmom says:

    Hey COL! I really like this topic. I think it is very important “evidence”. It might be interesting to put photos side by side of other remains found in similar type conditions next to the phot of what is supposed to be Caylee’s remains. Sucked into the muck? Ha! I live in FL. A few might have been partially submerged but it’s not like the whole skeleton would be engulfed! By looking at the skeleton picture it appears the whole thing had been BURIED. While I’m looking for comparison pictures I will also be looking into the whole “dry bones” issue when the skeleton supposedly had been submerged in water for an extended period of time. Great blog! Keep up the good work!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Thanks HGM! 😀

      Please do link us to comparison photos. Great idea! I may check into that, as well, and we can put them together. I’m really starting to doubt those are even Caylee’s remains… If they are, why the need for the addition ANY type of enhancement? Or WAS it Caylee, but they had nothing at the scene to support that Casey did it? Is it possible Caylee was dumped w/no clothes or other identifying items? Had the police gone so far in this case, in which Casey was “the guilty one”, that they couldn’t turn back?

  18. Indygal says:

    As for Kronk,,,
    I could go on for hours!!
    But I’ll just say this…..
    Kronk is full of shit!!
    Dunno how he knew the remains were there or were going to be there but I know for certain he did not see the remains on Aug 11 , 12, or 13 of 2008 ……. Claims he saw a round white thing (hinting it was a skull)
    Because that’s how someone imagines a skill to look,,,, but someone with a lick of sense would know that a skull is not going to be all clean, hairless and bright white only 2 months after death.
    So somehow between Aug and Dec this round white skull rolls back in the bag, slips back into the duct tape and by-golly rolls outta that bag with hair right before Kronks very eyes!!

    Don’t forget every word of that came directly outta Kronks mouth, only in parts, and when you put it together you got another suspect LE refused to look into!!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I absolutely feel you, regarding Kronk… How did such a creeper manage to get involved in this case and have absolutely no part in any wrong doing? Hey, it’s possible… but I’m having a really hard time ignoring the stuff he did to his wives and girlfriends, along w/the things he did to his son and the concerns of him being around little girls… I thought it would be standard procedure to investigate the man who “found” a missing child’s body! At least check his car and home… Or his BACKGROUND.

  19. Indygal says:

    Hello COL

    I totally see what your saying,,,,
    Very odd indeed.
    I know Indiana is not Florida but I have quite the experience in bone collecting,, I am a very outdoorsy type and bring every bone ive ever found to my bone graveyard on the side of my house next to my flowerbed,, looks neat. Anyhow, I do know that when something decomposes the bones never look the same!!
    Especially if there is animal activity scattering the bones, some buried some not, some bleached by the sun, always different colors!
    I’ve never seen this picture until now, and must say I’m not as disturbed as I thought I would be, I guess because I’m not one bit convinced that these are Caylees remains.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Well Hello IndyGal! 😀 Thanks for swinging through!

      Isn’t it crazy how important info can come out of something like that? You collect bones as a hobby, and because of that have a certain level of insight that the average person might not :).

      The discoloration is so obviously uniform, how long did they think that would go unnoticed? IMO, this has a lot to do w/why the skull was blurred out. I would assume the jury saw the unblurred version, though ? Do you know? I can’t recall. Either way, you are so right, w/the scattering of the bones and animal activity, one would assume that the bones would be a variety of colors. We also have to remember, that if the body had been wrapped in so many layers, it probably would take some time for the bones to have been scattered.

      It even said in the autopsy report that the skull was the only part that did not appear to have this layer of sandy silt on it. But Kronk said the “round white thing” was what first caught his attention that day in August. How did the skull manage to get back in the bags by DEC? I too, call BS!

      IMO, those bones in the second photo look like they came out of an ancient archeological dig…

      • Indygal says:

        Good morning COL,
        (ancient archeologist dig is the perfect description! Would explain the dryness also)
        Remember it was reported (not by talking heads reported) but in a report somewhere that the bones were SO dry they had a hard time extracting DNA?
        This following theory is way out there, but what if someone dug up the grave of a female relative ancestor of Caseys?
        With a lil help from Roots Web voilà you’d have a very easy time locating a small child skeleton with some DNA characteristics since child deaths were sadly so common as early as the 1920s prob 40s and definitely common in the 1800s.
        Who knows it’s very possible that Caylee went missing on GAs watch while Casey was sleeping, in the shower, on the phone? And they don’t know what happened to her, and the cover up began, GA knew Cindy would blame him and convinced KC that if they called 911 they’d be in huge trouble and they would never find her anyways, with or w/out LEs help.
        Maybe Kronk did snatch Caylee, and KC now thinks her father killed Caylee after he tried so hard to help sentence her to death.
        The defense went with the drowning story because it was most believable.
        You know the saying, ” sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction”.
        And just maybe the truth was too risky and the jury would not buy it.
        Remember Jose said, “we may never know what Really happened to Caylee”.
        What an odd thing to say!

        Gotta get my day started, have a good en ! 🙂

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Interesting theory, IndyGal. You know, at this point w/everything we can already see that was done wrong, regarding this case, w/the suspect “evidence”, you might not be far off the mark with that one.

          My thought was that the test results were tampered with, if those remains were not, in fact, Caylee’s. The bones could have come from so many places, I don’t think it would have been hard to find a child’s skeleton at the body farm, or among cadavers, donated for use in medical schools and the like. Yes, we do sound a little crazy! LOL… But there are reasons why we have been forced to think this way and someone has to voice it.

          Another thing that may be nothing at all but could be something, all the same, is how the bones were arranged on that table. Notice how far down the vertebral column goes down between the legs? This skeleton is missing the sacral bones and coccyx bones (which make up about 7 fused bones in the lower half of the torso). The spine would obviously be much shorter if the vertebrae were pushed up into place, but I still find it odd that they felt the need to raise the legs up so high on the spine to in order to “emphasize” the short stature of “Caylee’s” skeletal remains. If they had all the bones, that spine would have have been even longer. It does make me wonder how tall that skeleton actually would have turned out to be if all bones were in place and properly articulated…

  20. JanCorey says:

    There is no telling what Kronk did to the remains after he left the skeleton there, he testifed in the trial that he visited the site several times and messed around with the remains. .

  21. Juror 2310 says:

    Looks as if the photo was altered and or made to look like it was in the woods buried longer Than the “white skull”. Found at the scene.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Which photo do you think was altered, Juror? Did you check out the reports, again? They said all bones had a sandy, silty dirt layer, except for the skull. Yet the skull has the same exact coloring as the rest of the bones in the 2nd photo.

      I do believe that there was some enhancement done to the skeleton, after the fact, based on the differences between the before and after.

  22. CatOutLoud® says:

    Ok, JustThinkin, I just checked over the autopsy report again, and what I have found, so far, is that the only solution listed as used during the analysis was a saline rinse (which is salt water).

    Here is an excerpt that might be of interest:

    “and the bones have sandy, silty dirt on their surfaces, except for the skull.”

    Most of the testing seems to have been done on pieces of the bones that had been cut out and tested separately. Therefore, the discoloration of the bones all over (including the skull), doesn’t seem to have come from any chemical causes.

    And as you see in the excerpt, the skull came in fairly clean. But in that second photo, that skull looks just as coated as the rest of the skeleton. Would you agree?

    Here’s the link for the report if you want to take a look, as well.,%20caylee_report.pdf

    • justthinking says:

      TY for that link. what if the rest of the bones werent that color either? i wonder what could have been used to change them if not chemicals bc she wasnt buried. Some bones were still in the bags too i think.

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        YW. You may have seen it before but it never hurts to take 2nd and 3rd looks at any of the docs on this case. I see something new almost every time. It really took me a while to decide and bring this up about the bones, because of the implications.. I just have to keep it real, though and those bones remind me of when I was a kids and used to make “treasure maps”. In order to make them appear an feel ancient I would “weather” them by rubbing them and making the paper soft and then I’d rub dirt all over it to make it look ancient. LOL. I did a pretty good job of it! 😉 But these bones remind me of that process. They look like they’ve been rubbed down or dusted w/dirt. The coating looks too even to be real, IMO.

        In the report, you’ll also see that they had dusted OFF some of the dirt in order to do their exams. Wouldn’t that have left the bones cleaner looking?

        IMO, there would have been no need to alter any bones found in the woods, no matter how clean or dirty they appeared when they came in. The fact that anyone may have felt the need to enhance the skeleton for the trial, makes it’s authenticity suspect, in itself…

        • justthinking says:

          it does make it suspect, but i don’t want to believe the ME would do that to win it for the state. She was just there to give her analysis and what she thought as far the examination goes, not her personal opinions. Also the part where it says that layers of tape were found, to me its a lie. In that animation only one strip of tape was used. So what was it 3 or 1. And yeah seeing them that color i though too it looks like they have been buried decades even(im prob. exaggerating). Its like they were buried in clay.
          i left another comment in the D.O.D. blog, but i go off a bit off that topic. i just still have many thoughts/? of this case.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I agree, it is very hard to imagine that so many people on the case would be involved in it’s corruption! I sure hope the ME would maintain integrity in their examination. I hate to say it but the “law” is a very powerful thing, and when placed in the wrong hands… ??

          I’d say it’s pretty clear, from the above photos, that skull in the woods was not dirty, as it was when it was laid out on that table. WHO added the dirt? IDK but SOMEONE altered the color of those bones after they left the scene IMO.

          They say she was not buried but that her bones had been under the flood waters and then sucked into the muck as it dried up. So, I guess that’s the appearance they were going for, when SOMEONE decided to “enhance” those bones.

          IMHO, if those bones had been found in those woods, never moved prior to the final discovery, and belonged to Caylee Anthony, they should have had no reason at all to do anything to her remains, besides examining and testing them.

          Makes you have to wonder some more why the defense was not allowed access to the remains scene. Doesn’t it?

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          Hi cat

          The only other way the bones would be discolored is if there were other chemicals in Caylee’s bones that changed it Moo.

          On cell have two Id’s so hope I don’t confuse u

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I have figured the 2 IDs out. NP 😉

          Does anyone recall anything mentioned in court about the color or state of the bones?

  23. justthinkin says:

    maybe a chemical was used on the bones during autopsy for scientific reasons that left them that color? IDK…
    Too obvious the difference .

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      That is not a bad thought at all! I will look into that and do some research on any chemicals listed in the bone analysis reports. I have looked that report over multiple for times but I was not looking for the same reasons. Maybe I missed something but I do not recall any mention of the bones being discolored by anything other than “having been exposed to the elements”. I will let you know what I find, either way.

      Good to hear from you again! Stop by anytime! 🙂

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