The first part of this post talks about the events surrounding the playhouse and what led us there to begin with.

Now I want to talk about the actual evidence which supports my idea that someone, other than Casey, was involved in dealings with Caylee’s body.

Let’s start with some of the events that occurred following the Casey-car-chase and the sudden, mysterious odor that found it’s way into her Pontiac.

We know that Casey ran out of gas sometime before 7am on June 27th.  From there, a stranded Casey, makes a 2 minute call to Mom.  Later, she calls Amy, tells her about the smell again, and that she thinks Dad may have run over something when he used her car.  Then, she calls Jesse, wondering if he can come help out with his gas cans.  “No can do”, says Jesse.  Approximately 4 hours Later Tony texts Casey and she calls to have him come pick her up.

(What the heck was she doing between, whenever the car actually ran out of gas, and 12pm?… )

3 days later, as we all well know, the car is towed.  Done…


– On July 1st, The Anthony home blows Casey’s cell up: 1:43am, 1:51am, 1:52am, and 2:02am.  Casey checks her voice-mail after each call.  The calls start up again at 6:56am, 7:33am,  and 7:50am.  Again, Casey checks her voice-mail each time and then finally, calls back at 7:54am.  No one picked up.  About 2 hours later, at 9:33am, the Anthony home rings Casey again.  She does not pick up.  The calls continued throughout the morning and afternoon until Casey called back and had a 4 minute conversation with whoever answered.  More calls were  made from the Anthony home, sporadically, until 10:51pm.  No more contact was made.

Some type of plumbing emergency occurred on this evening, prompting the Anthony’s to call a plumber out, shortly after business hours (8pm).

8:52pm the Anthony’s make another unanswered call to Casey.

– July 2nd starts out the same way, with calls from the house, starting at 12:13am.  They tried 7 more times in those wee hours, giving up at 12:37am.  A connection was finally made, between Casey and the Anthony’s, around 7 and 8am, for 25mins.

** ( This is the same day that the “CMANTHON OF GENTIVA”, “Dairy Of Days” doc was “created at 10:42am)

– On July 3rd, Anthony home tries, constantly to get Casey to answer her phone.

Cindy Anthony creates a MySpace page and posts her “My Caylee is Missing” blog at 8:44pm.  Then Casey and Cindy start texting back and forth from 9:22pm  to 11:17pm.

– July 4th, Lee Anthony and his girlfriend, Mallory Parker, try to track Casey down and manage to get her to text and talk to them, briefly, but are not able to catch up with her in person.  This apparently made Casey upset.

***The following activity is the one that peaks my interest the most.

Cindy & George take on a huge landscaping project in their back yard, which included, laying 27 bags of concrete, replacing pavers, (including those beneath Caylee’s playhouse), new plantings around the playhouse and throughout the yard…

I get that they had grass issues and wanted to extend their patio…

I get that they wanted to freshen up the plant life with some new plantings…

*(I had apparently forgotten how to count when making the statements below about the age of the playhouse pavers.  I have made corrections.)

But I do not get why they needed new pavers under the playhouse that they’d given Caylee for her 2nd birthday.  That means those pavers were only around 1 year old.

For a family swimming in debt, it doesn’t make sense to be, suddenly, spending hundreds on unnecessary landscaping materials.

For a family worried about the well-being of their granddaughter, and calling their daughter at all hours of the night, it is hard to understand the timing of this major backyard upheaval.

And why, oh, why did they need to replace the 1 year old pavers under Caylee’s playhouse?….

If nothing else, the whole sequence of events leads me to believe that the Anthony’s, at least knew that something serious had happened involving the backyard.  What further convinces me, are a few of the items collected from the Suburban Drive remains scene.

1. Pavers (at least 3)

2. Pieces of black mesh material (weed barrier)

3. 1 trash bag full of planters

4. Empty bag of “play sand” (did they also change the sand in Caylee’s sandbox?)

These are just a few of the many items taken from the scene, but it really makes me believe that this backyard renovation had something to do with a major cover-up.  IMO, there would have been no other good or logical reason for replacing the those pavers for the playhouse, when the ones already there, were in perfect condition…

Unless they were cleaning up a crime scene, of course.

I’m willing to bet there were bags of dirt bought on that trip to the home depot, along with the bags of play sand.  They’d need to replace the dirt that was used to bury the body.  George, the good ol’ detective, would know to consider such things.  Who knows, maybe the Yorkies had been doing some heavy sniffing in those areas, reminding “someone”, that it was “clean-up time”.

The Anthony’s didn’t yet know when the jig would be up and they didn’t have much time to waste.

Think about it like this, if they had simply dug the body up from under the playhouse, and put everything back in place, there would still be a scent and traces of human decomposition lingering on everything that had surrounded the body.  So they decided they’d have to replace the dirt, weed barrier, and the pavers…

But they realize that, in order to keep the attention off the newness of that one area, they’d have to redo everything…

I guess George was telling the truth when he told the officers he’d already looked beneath the playhouse.  If they only knew…  Or DO they?


LINK TO CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE: (Starts at page 91)…

  1. sonja says:


    I hope you are well. I just had a thought about the playhouse. The dogs hit on the playhouse? If so, did you ever wonder whether that was a place GA “played” with Caylee? Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe this playhouse is where the crime occured? ( This came to mind after reading the reports by Danziger and Weiss.) Casey said she didn’t know if Caylee had drowned for sure at one point… Any thoughts?

    • sonja says:

      And one more thing: have you noticed that when reading the cell phone activity, the forensics seem to have record of Cindy’s texts to Casey but Casey texts back aren’t included. It doesn’t ever show what she says back. Am i wrong about what I am reading? If not, have you ever wondered why her words were omitted? Perhaps, her words incriminated other people, so LE had their own agenda for not including her words? Am I confused about this?

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        The records I have looked at show Cindy texting (but I haven’t seen actual content, except for maybe one about “call me” and another about “we’ve got a problem”). Certain people still had certain texts still saved in their phones. Either that, or LE subpoenaed the text content that remained in the cell companies’ archives. For example; Verizon holds two weeks worth of text content in their archives at a time. This content can only be obtained through court order. I feel that most of what we saw was what happened to be left on the phones they examined.

        In the records I saw, Cindy would text Casey multiple times and Casey would not reply or she would take her time to reply. Otherwise we see that there was a back and forth text convo going on, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of content for those convo.s. If there is something I missed, please feel free to link me! 🙂 I need to see this in order to better answer your questions. Not to mention that the text records I have seen were all clearly hand typed, which means there was room for error or falsification…

        • sonja says:

          DUH i say to myself over that thought then. No you make sense and answered the question. I assumed that if forensics could read one text than they must be able to read the reply to the text! I gave forensics too much power:)))

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          LOL, Sonja, it’s ok. It’s not all that obvious unless you’ve been forced to think about it in depth. Some people delete all incoming but leave outgoing and vice versa. Some save random msgs for their own random reasons. If LE got a hold of the phones and requested content at that time, all they’d get would be the last two weeks prior to the date they made request, and whatever was left in there by the owners. SIM cards (if the phone has been set to save msgs to it) can be used to extract and recover old and deleted content, though. And I’m sure the forensic tech people have all types of devices and programs they can use to get some of that stuff off of there as well. Either way, I’m sure we haven’t seen it all. There are search warrants that are under seal. I bet they would reveal some interesting stuff!! 😉

        • sonja says:

          oh i left one more comment and questions but it was a bit long about the other things we were discussing:)

        • sonja says:

          On our recent emails, it noted that there is an attachment. I havent sent you an attachment nor have you sent me one. I think it is very strange! I included my personal info so you could find me on facebook just as you requested. Also, there are strange links in our recent emails. If you cant see this on your end, I can screenshot my emails and send them to you. Would you let me know if you are seeing this?

          Thank you!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey Sonja! That is weird. I will check through our msgs and see if I see what you’re talking about. I hadn’t noticed any of that, though. Please do send me those screen shots. I’m Aldo very sure I never sent you any attachments… hmmm.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, Sonja :). Good to hear from you!

      I’m not sure if the playhouse was quite big enough for GA to fit all the way inside. Hmmm. The dog/s hit in front of the playhouse which led me to believe that her body had been laid there either prior to burial/removal or after being dug up. Based on the where the dogs allegedly hit, alone, I came up w/the idea that Caylee’s body had been placed in the sandbox (which had a cover) for a period of time, possibly, while the hole in the yard was being dug.

      My other thought as to how that morning (16th or otherwise) went is that George took Caylee into the bathroom for her morning wash (Cindy went on and on and on about how Caylee was bathed every morning, every night and sometimes in between, if necessary) and this may be where he took the opportunity to “play” w/Caylee. Casey’s still asleep, Cindy is gone. It’s just G and Caylee during those few hours. I’m wondering if this is where whatever happened to Caylee happened. This would also explain why GA was wet from the waist up. He may have gotten carried away on the poor baby and ended up drowning her to silence her cries… From there he dresses her hastily and decides to throw her in the pool. I’m guessing he forgot to add the diaper and shoes, though. IMO, there WAS NO DIAPER/Pieces of diaper found out there. There are no photos of diapers/pieces anywhere… To me that says there wasn’t one. This would also mean she had had her diaper removed after waking and prior to being redressed. Problem w/this part is, from what we have all gathered, these shorts that were found w/her remains don’t seem to have been on her body at the time of her being dumped. Is it possible that when the “kidnapping/cover-up story was hatched, George wanted to make it appear that Caylee was kidnapped, raped, murdered and dumped and, therefore, removed her shorts for that reason? Question there, is would they have found that she had been raped if the body had been discovered prior to total decomposition?

      • sonja says:


        It’s nice to have a little free time to comment and get back in the groove of learning more about this too! I hope life has been better to you. Things are a tiny bit less stresful on my end – knock on wood:)
        You raised some good questions and really got me thinking. Again, because I started reading all of this just this past summer, I miss important details. Can you tell me whether Cindy explained why all this bathing occured? And did Cindy make a point of saying who did the bathing? I ask because 1.) if she noted GA bathed lil Caylee it would speak to the deep denial she lives in. 2.) if she noted he didn’t bathe Caylee, well then you can see why I have a problem with that. I think if C.S.A. went on, and knowing what we know about CA, she would most likely say GA bathed Caylee as well as her and Casey.

        Do you think all that bathing is normal? I know it’s old school thinking (my mom bathes my children even when i tell her that they had a bath that day) but two or three times a day is a bit much don’t you think? And not to mention unhealthy for a child’s skin unless all these baths were to wash chlorine off from swimming? We know Cindy worked a lot, so we can conclude there was A LOT of opportunity for GA to molest Caylee during the morning bath when while Casey slept. Sadly, she could have choked. I think there are some stats out there about children dying that way. Casey said, “anal, oral and everything”. Given Caylee’s age, oral is the more plausible scenario.

        We know water, accident, drowing, has been stated. We know Casey said she wasn’t even sure how Caylee died. I could see him bringing Caylee into her room, yelling at her for not watching Caylee and Casey, in that moment, thinking he was right. Casey goes to jail and starts to face reality and realizes he wasn’t wet from the waste up! I also think molesters plan things out to some degree. They think of the “what ifs” ahead of time. Him molesting her near water makes perfect sense in that he may worry about sound, water coming from the bath would muffle things. And should the unthinkable happen such as her choking he is already near a place he can cover things up. This isn’t come from my wild imagination either. Phedophiles talk to each other, teach each other, heck the even penn books about “child love”. Yesterday, I was reading about very important people being involved in child-sex rings… These types of people interact with one another and George was a mover and shaker no pun intended. I think i better research this though and provide some credible links to the social system of a molester.

        The one thing that bothers me though is that phedophiles have an age of attraction and there is a difference between a phedophile and a molester although I’m using the word interchangably here, i think GA is a phedophile. What do you think? Casey said though that he molested her at 8. Caylee was much younger than that. I wonder if Casey doesn’t recall earlier abuses? Knowing her psychological make-up, her mind most likely repressed things. But Caylee’s age raises a question. I’m going to read more about this.

        Below is an explanation of phedophilia taken from Web MD.

        “As with all things sexual, however, it’s not always so simple. Heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual men and women may become sexually attracted to children even though they’re also attracted to adults. When this happens, it’s usually because of insecurity or stress in an adult relationship, says Anthony Siracusa, a psychologist in Williamstown, Mass., who specializes in treating abused kids and sexual offenders.

        These people, Siracusa says, are called “regressed offenders” because they have literally regressed: They lose the social skills they need to deal with other adults, which makes children more attractive to them. Regressed offenders may “bounce back and forth” between normal sexual relationships and criminal relations with children.

        Insecurity, Hord agrees, is at the heart of pedophilia. Typically, pedophiles have trouble relating to people their own age. They need to feel they have power and control in a relationship, which is easy with children.”

        Don’t some of these characteristics sound like GA?

        So back to that morning he takes her into the bathroom and molests her before or during bathing. Hypothetically, if he were molesting her, and she protested or became verbal, he could have murdered her because he was afraid she was going to start talking but that theory just doesn’t fit yet. Nevertheless, the family was in major turmoil, Casey being the catalyst, so his impulses would lack even less control although i think that scenario is less likely. I believe River Cruz. Although, people think he said the accident that snowballed out of control was him making excuses for Casey, I believe he said it because of his own guilt. The way she described his state of mind was indicative of personal guilt imo. Do you have any thoughts on his statement to her in relation to molest given what we now know?

        But by any account, a diaper wasn’t found near or with Caylee? So you right. Her diaper had to have been removed. Of course a diaper was put on before she went to sleep – nightime accidents are messy and these people were clean. He could have left off the diaper because he was in a panic. He changes her into the clothes we know about.

        About the pool, we know the ladder was left down and Caylee could have accessed it but is there any other evidence that she was in the pool? He could have drowned her in the bathtub. Since Casey was sleeping, she never would have known? This is where i need you to fill me in on the facts.

        About the shorts being removed – how did the medical examiners explain that? Since kidnapping was the whole cover story, it’s likely the shorts were removed to make it look like that. He had motive, means and opportunity in this scenario where she dies by choking. If the body had been recovered earlier, we could have learned if their were signs of past molestation as well as what could have occured that day.

        Did the dogs hit more in the backyard than the car? Or both? I think he did hide her in the backyard. He drove Casey’s car too.

        what about the nightgown/clothes she wore to bed?

        i think i should research casues of death by C.S.A. and how these creeps interact with one another. It may tell us more about whether he had the forethought to think of a contingency plan if something were to happen during these episodes. But her age in relation to Caylee’s age bothers me. I need to look into that too. This may be a future blog for you? *smile*

        Did LE ask for the nightgown she went to bed in?

        • sonja says:

          Why i mentioned what Caylee wore when she went to bed is because if he did something to her that morning, it may have contained evidence?

      • sonja says:

        Cat my dear, you have mail! I do understand how hard it would be to arrange the pics for the blog. Let me ask, does microsoft word or software help aside from editing? I ask because microsoft work 2010 has a blogpost command or create a blog and i am wondering if that helps. Im only a beg to int word user…

        Take care!

    • sonja says:


      I will send you the screenshots. Im sorry for being late with this! It gets busy in my life! Im also going to see if the icon is on other emails too and will include the answer when I send you the shots!

  2. man i didn’t even notice this article, u should have steered me here before i wrote mine, looks like i stole it, rofl but u know i wouldn’t do that, sometimes GMTA and we can’t help ourselves 😉

    this always made me wonder wtf it is one of those things i can’t get past at all… how so many others could leaves me speechless

    thanks for telling me to look it up i will def be looking into this time frame a little closer then i already was – thanks COL!!

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Oh no, I know you didn’t copy my post at all. The fact that you got into the subject and brought SO MUCH more to the whole concrete element of the yard work done, only adds to what I had posted on the subject. That is why I wanted you to put it up and out there. That is what I love about this group of blogger and commentors, we each bring something different to the table which supports what has already been said. This is how we w/like minds, have gotten so far! Love it 🙂

      • HollysGmom says:

        I sooo agree COL!!! It seems like our recent work has been drawing us ever closer to the truth. I pray it is so.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Yes ma’am, HGM! :D. I don’t think this is going to be one of those cases that, forever, goes unsolved. I usually stay away from stuff like this; sensationalized ANYTHING. But something made me finally pay attention to this one, and I hope it is not in vain for us and all our hard and maddening work towards the truth! Even if it takes 10 years, something more is coming out of this case.

  3. GasCanGeorge says:

    The “Jealousy” story George tried to insinuate between Cindy and Casey I believe isnt true. Like everything else pertaining to this case, I think they both were trying to create something that wasnt there! Why would Casey leave Caylee with Cindy all the time if she was jealous of her? Doesnt support what they are saying. Casey left her with her mom , and even got upset when she wasnt available according to documents. If anything I believe Cindy may have been trying to under estimate Casey as a mother, but that has nothing to do with jealousy. If anyone was jealous in that household it would be George Anthony IMOO. He definately has a mother/son relationship with Cindy, not a typical husband and wife relationship. George is/was a “Needy” person, and I believe any kind of attention that was suppose to be his from Caylee, or Cindy or even Casey could’ve been a staging for some of the dysfunction within that household….imoo

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey, GCG 🙂

      Interesting take. You know, George and his siblings were dropped at an orphanage by their father when his mother died, because Dad didn’t think he could work and take care of the kids. So it would make sense that he would have Mommy/Daddy issues. As for jealousy between Cindy and Casey? I would say what they went through was pretty typical for a young mother and child living at home. I wouldn’t call it jealousy, but more of a role battle. Cindy is a control freak and Casey was trying to be her own person and mother. I think that’s what the battle was between the two of them. George and the rest of the world exaggerated this issue and made it into a motive for murder. I have always thought that was just ridiculous. I mean jealously is at the root of many a murder, but not in this type of situation, not of a child.

      Did you know that Casey had signed up for some government assistance (according to some sources, at least)? She may have been struggling between being a mom, and a 22 year old single girl, but that’s not grounds for murder. She even said, herself, that if she wanted out, she would have left Caylee w/her folks and not gone back. She said this in the very first interviews w/LE, which shows that no one had put it in her head, it was her own thought and she considered that an option. The way Cindy described Casey as being so conscientious when it came to Caylee, childproofing, and boppies, and pillows to protect her from falling through the crack between the bed and the wall, reading parenting books and so forth… Doesn’t sound like someone who wants to be rid of her child.

      I agree…

      • sorry it took so long for me to jump over here, things as you know have been not so easy going lately, so oops on taking so long…

        you know, there is no way you could truly be the mother that you need to be living under you parents roof, or at last not when you have strong minded parents standing over your shoulder. it makes it way to hard to reach your potential and it certainly displaces the roles.

        like for example,when KCA got home and wanted to jump in the pool with them and CA said no, i am taking her out. simple little things like that add up when your a mom and make it hard to argue, because that is your mom telling you this, but as a mom herself she wants to say, well yes i want to do this with my child…. so she was def stuck in the middle… a hard place to be when you need to be a mom and a daughter all at the same time. sure there are people that do it, but it makes it almost impossible when you have very strict and controlling parents. it may seem like no big deal, but when it’s you that is stuck in that spot you can’t imagine the level of stress that comes with…

        and you mention that book they found, well to me, that sounds like someone who is searching for healthy options on how to handle her child in hard times, and that is certainly not indicative of a person who choose drugs to sedate her child.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Hey Spidey 🙂

          Glad you decided to drop in on my posts. I completely agree w/your take on the complications of being a young mom trying to raise your child in your own mother’s house. It can be very stressful and confusing, absolutely.

          from everything I have ever heard, including the dog-eared parenting book, Casey really sounds like a mother who cared and put effort into mothering Caylee to the best of her ability. I’m sure there have been many moms who apparently loved their children, yet ended up killing them, but I’m not sure that’s what we are seeing in this case. Benedryl is one thing but narcotics, and homemade chloroform? Ha! 😉

  4. notthatsmart says:

    You said: “THE FOLLOWING WEEK…

    – On July 1st, The Anthony home blows Casey’s cell up: 1:43am, 1:51am, 1:52am, and 2:02am. Casey checks her voice-mail after each call. The calls start up again at 6:56am, 7:33am, and 7:50am. Again, Casey checks her voice-mail each time and then finally, calls back at 7:54am. No one picked up. About 2 hours later, at 9:33am, the Anthony home rings Casey again. She does not pick up. The calls continued throughout the morning and afternoon until Casey called back and had
    Witnesses that were at Tony’s apt said that kc had a special ring tone for her mother and she would always go out on the deck in private when she would get a call from her. I can’t help but think that these phone calls that you speak of were coming from GA and it was the only time kc and Ga could conspire to cover up the drowning. I realize it is Cindy’s phone, but look at the timing. Just a theory. thanks for letting me post.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Hey NTS!

      Guess what else? The calls that I mentioned which you quoted, above, were actually calls from the Anthony residence, which means anyone in the household could have been on the dialing end… That would include George. And, yes, the time frame makes a lot of sense, if it was George, since he got off of work at 11pm most nights… Yup. Who knows what he was calling about, but Casey did not pick up. I feel that George was sort of stalking Casey… Harassing her and making sure she didn’t feel free to run her mouth about whatever it was that actually happened to Caylee. What do you think of that poss.?

  5. sonja says:

    Cat I hope you are doing well!

    I became very sick so I wasn’t online at all for three days! First two of my children were sick, than I got a UTI which happens to be the 6th I’ve had this year – the kids have health insurance but I don’t yet. I wanted to stop by and tell you why I dropped off the face of the cyber world before I followed up on the comments and reading Part TWO:) I

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      Yay, Sonja’s back! :D. I have been quite sick myself. I hope you are feeling much better now. Good to have you back! Sounds like you’ve had a rough time!! The bugs are alive and well now, ugh! Everyone has been getting sick. Can’t wait to hear what you think :). I shall check back soon.

      • sonja says:

        Im still having aches. The kids had colds but something is wrong with my bladder (not to be graphic). With the tax return, im hoping i can buy some insurance to get better care for this issue! Hope you are feeling better too. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I want to cook the the turkey a new way! (I’ve been watching The Chew.) I’m commented a little and im still reading all the comments which are really good by the way!

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          No fair! Did you get something for the UTI? Try some home remedies, unsweetened cranberry juice, raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed) are a few. Look online for the best ways to use whichever you choose 😉

          I always do the turkey and it is def a task! I season under the skin so gotta be careful not to rip in the wrong places lol. Good luck w/your new recipe!

  6. Engel Kobres says:

    Hum, I hate to say it but I wonder if we will ever know. A lot of murders go unsolved. I think that when the media becomes heavily involved there is more of a motive to prosecute someone, anyone. Not that I’m defending that, it’s just an observation. But, I hope that we do find out!

    As you know, I think that critiquing the faulty journalism and investigation of this is extremely worthwhile… 😀

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      We may never know. You are absolutely right, many cases do go unsolved forever. The only way I think we’ll ever know, is if Casey was not the one who killed her and she finally feels safe to tell what actually did happen as she knows it. If her family had anything to do w/anything, then she is following the family code of silence. She may speak up when their time here on Earth has passed, if she ever speaks at all about it.

  7. Engel Kobres says:

    Well, I don’t think that it’s conclusive. But, it’s as questionable as Casey borrowing the shovel and the, ahem, one search for chloroform. It is extremely suspicious! Funny that Nancy Grace didn’t bother commenting on that, isn’t it? 😀

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      I agree. If Casey spoke, we may have some more to work with. She could lie but, even if she did, we could read into it. And, yeah, a lot of the talking heads barely mentioned the chloroform mistake. Like that’s not obvious!! But they seem to think that whatever they talk about is what people will continue to go by. They think they have the ability to control our thoughts! LMAO.. But, unfortunately, they did just THAT for so many. It’s DISGUSTING.

      • CatOutLoud® says:

        NOTHING in this case is conclusive! LOL… That’s why we can’t give up on it. There are WAY too many unanswered questions and it’s maddening. TOO MANY weird characters and TOO many “coincidences” to be dusted off.

        The only thing that’s conclusive, is that there was a bag and some bones found in the woods of a little girl, and that Caylee has never been seen again alive.

        I have some questions about the bones too…

        • sonja says:

          I knew you were going to point out the “remodel” during a very suspicious time period:))) Good job! I tend to be hopeful that if enough people read these blogs, they will attract the attention of reputable investigative reporter who in turn, may uncover enough to reopen the investigation. Based on what you know, did the Anthony’s routinely call KC in the middle of the night before all this? The bones and skull – are you saying that perhaps it wasn’t Caylee?
          PS I did go and comment to your comment – Thank you and I’m reading the website you suggested which is so informative as to how they think.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          Dang it! Another missed comment!

          Sonja, I am with you on that! I really do hope there are good investigators out there taking on this case. The more we blast it (in spite of the haters and nay sayers) the more attention it will get and, eventually, questions will start creeping around in those closed minds. Some things can only be ignored for so long.

          I don’t know how far they had gone into the records before the 16th of June but I do know that the night Caylee was taken from RM’s house in the middle of the night, Casey claimed it was her mom who called and told her to bring her home. We don’t have proof, and Cindy denied it.. Don’t know who to believe on that one. LE could have had that one figured out NP, but I guess they weren’t thinking it was necessary then. Shocker! LOL 😉

        • HollysGmom says:

          OMG! Calls from home to bring Cayle home in the middle of the night (When & where most incest occurs)
          but what if it were GA calling, not Cindy. It would explain why Cindy would deny such a thing but then again if Caylee were home in the middle ofthe night wouldn’t Cindy know? Could GA put Caylee into Casey or her room at 2 am but tell Cindy that Casey had brought her home at 6 or 7 am? Could GA have Caylee in the house, alseep & Cindy never be the wiser?
          Was Cindy covering for GA as it is very odd for them to demand their grown daughter bring HER child to them in the middle of the night? I swearthis case will be the death of me, lol.

        • CatOutLoud® says:

          I think Cindy went to bed fairly early and she had been taking some meds. I think the meds may have been anxiety related? She may have been out cold by midnight. George would just be getting settled back at home after getting off of work at 11pm, so what you propose, is very possible. Cindy is knocked out by her meds, G comes home from work, Caylee is not home where he wants her to be so he called Casey an commanded her to bring Caylee home for whatever reason. He may have claimed Cindy wanted her home. But the week of those particular calls, Cindy had been off work. So it is possible that Cindy was the one calling. I don’t want to believe that Cindy would blatantly take part in George’s alleged molestation of any child, but it wouldn’t be the first woman to have done so… Sad to say.

          The incident at RM’s where Caylee was removed from his house in the middle of the night was possibly on or around May 31st. Cindy was also off that weekend and the week following. So It makes sense, to me, that Cindy could have been the one who called that time to have Casey bring Caylee home. She wanted Caylee w/her during her time off from work. It’s very confusing and all over the place, for sure! So much left to the imagination.

      • Engel Kobres says:

        Well said!

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