Caylee in car-saet with Baby Mo'

Caylee in car-seat with Baby Mo' (doll #1)

We all know little Caylee Marie had her favorite baby doll named, Mama or “Mo”.  Caylee, according to those who’d spent time with her, hardly went anywhere without her “Mo”…  It was this baby doll that Cindy claimed to have found in Caylee’s car-seat when the car was brought home on July 15th.

But what puzzles me about this claim is this:


The Amscot branch manager who had Casey’s car towed, said, in one interview, that she went up and looked inside the car.  She saw that it was a little messy and remembered seeing a baby blanket on the backseat.

I do not recall if she mentioned the car-seat, but we don’t hear any mention of the baby doll.

**  The blanket she spoke of was NOT among the items given to LE and it was never mentioned by anyone.

Side View of Caylee's car-seat

Side View of Caylee's seat (all or parts of doll should have been visible)


The Johnson’s Wrecking Service manager says, when the car had been there for 4 days, he took notice.  He talked about scoping out the goods he may inherit if a car is never claimed.  So he goes to the car to check it out, sees the car-seat inside and, supposedly, noticed an odor.  He said he assumed it was just garbage or spoiled leftovers, as he was accustomed to in his line of work, and thought nothing more of it.

Again, no mention of the baby doll.


Casey Anthony’s father and Caylee’s grandfather (we know him well), looks inside the car when he opens the door.  He mentions shoes, clothes and car-seat were there…

But NO MENTION of his grand-baby’s favorite baby doll!

How is it that these people all saw the car, the seat and so on, but never noticed the FLESH-COLORED baby doll sitting in the car-seat?  They all expressed concern at seeing a child’s seat in an abandoned car, but failed to notice something resembling a BABY was in it?

Could it have been oversight?  Was it hard to see at certain angles?  Did it just not stand out, for some reason,  like the mess and the shoes and the clothes did?

Casey Anthony's back seat

Back seat of Casey's car shows car-seat, heels, boots and a dryer sheet

That may fly for Sanchez and even Mr. Birch.  But what was George’s excuse for failing to notice Baby Mo’ , who his missing granddaughter never went anywhere without?

Is it possible that maybe that doll was not in the seat when the car was left at Amscot?  Is it possible it was not mentioned by these 3 people because it was not there at all?

Could Baby Mo’ have been at the Anthony home all along?

Was the doll planted?

If so, we’d surely have to wonder, “WHY?”


Caylee’s Grandmother first mentions the baby doll in the seat in her LE interview.  Why not before?  She mentions the boots, shoes and famous gray pants in the back seat.  She said the boots were on the floor behind the front seat and she “never touched them”.

Funny, because I recall seeing those shoes ON the back seat in the photos.  Another oversight?…

Cindy says she noticed the backpack—- IN THE TRUNK.

But GEORGE said he saw the backpack—- IN THE BACKSEAT

Blue crate filled with stuff, allegedly, from Casey's car

Blue crate filled with stuff, allegedly, from Casey's car, showing doll #2

OK, so here’s where it gets a little more confusing.  Take a look at the three different dolls we see in the photos.  The one with Caylee in May 2008 (see top) shows a doll still wearing her clothes (Cindy claimed that Caylee was known to strip down all of her dolls).  Whether that is relevant or not, I don’t know.  But please note that doll #1 has permanently closed eyes and no lashes.

We have a picture of doll #2 (black white evidence photo below).  Now, this is one of the dolls used as evidence in court, yes?– Remember the doll with the stains?  In looking at this particular doll we see that it has eyes that open and close, unlike doll number one.

Another of Caylee's doll collection.

Doll #3

There is a third doll (shown above) which is seen in other evidence photos.  The doll, #3, has permanently opened eyes

We have three different dolls linked to Caylee, all of which have different eyes, but yet, only dolls #2 and #3  are shown as evidence in court.

In other words, we are MISSING doll #1!

Doll #1 was the doll seen with Caylee in the most recent photos of her before her demise.   They made a big deal of the doll as proof that Caylee never left her mother’s care ALIVE.  The reasoning behind that, was because certain witnesses claimed Caylee took her doll/dolls “EVERYWHERE”.  I’ve seen a whole lot of photos in which no doll is visible, for one, and two, if those statements are accurate, well….


UPDATE:  It has been brought to my attention that doll #3 may have been used as a “control doll”, and not necessarily from the Anthony home.


  1. HollysGmom says:

    I was thinking that doll # 1 was actually a doll that Casey had owned as a child and that she had given it to Caylee a something “Mommy played with as a child”. THat is why she called it ‘Mo/Momma” Because it had been Momma’s doll. 🙂 Also it appears to match photos of vintage dolls within the timeframe of Casey being about
    3-9. There was a big discussion about these dolls at WS also. I haven’t read or kept up on everything over there so I am unsure of what was “determined” about said dolls. Either way I refuse to stop at their “determinations”. I had stopped following the case as closely May 2009 – May 2011. I read what people were saying, both for & against but need to refresh on many things.

    • CatOutLoud® says:

      You may have a point there, HGM. Just to keep things clear, for this post:

      Doll #1- Doll shown in the 1st pic w/Caylee, pink clothes, permanently sleeping eyes.

      Doll #2- Doll in blue crate, no clothes, white body, open/close eyes.

      Doll #3- Doll in last, evidence photo, no clothes, pink body, permanently open eyes. (Control doll?)

      I agree that doll #2 looks old, and could possibly be Casey’s doll from childhood. Good observation :). So, if that were the case, it does make sense that she was named “Mama”

      Doll #1 looks like a newer doll, and this doll was named, “Baby”.

      So we have Mama and Baby. The 3rd doll was used as a control doll for comparison testing done and I assume she did not come from the Anthony home– but do not know, for sure.

      We see Caylee w/Baby in the 1st photo. This photo was taken not too long before Caylee disappeared. Seeing her in the seat w/that particular doll, makes me wonder if Baby was her favorite and not Mama. She could have alternated too, so it’s not much to go on. All I know is that Mama was never seen/mentioned to have been in the carseat until Cindy said she saw the doll there. Cindy Anthony wasn’t even interviewed by LE until July 30th! IMO George and Cindy should have been interviewed FIRST, after Casey, but G&C had 2 weeks to work on their stories. Cindy gives over the crate of things she claimed to have gathered from Casey’s car, including “Mama”. But we have never seen “Baby” since that photo of Caylee, alive and holding the sleeping “Baby”. I just think it’s odd that doll never came into play after the fact. I think that it’s possible that “Baby” is “missing” along w/Teddy (bear). I really do have to wonder if it’s a coincidence that a neighbor claimed to have seen a cloth bodied doll, laying in the woods in August, near where Caylee was found. Two of Caylee’s favorite toys are missing. How did they get that way and where did they go?

  2. catoutloud says:

    I’m glad you enjoy my blog-method, Gevey. Thank you. I have another one coming up soon, so keep a look out for it. I’ll pay a visit to your site as well 🙂

  3. JustThinkin says:

    Hi its user, i was thinking doll 1 might have been doll 3 with closed eyes, but when i look closer,to me the mouth looks different. IF CA did lie about the doll being there i agree with gas can George in it was to try and throw off investigators. With it being in the car could have been her trying to show that whatever happened to Caylee it wasn’t in the home? and was actually kidnapped. if the info is correct that all her shoes were home means to me she didnt leave alive. Again if that is true how could cops not ? GA more about it knowing he had given a detailed description of them. there’s a lot of things that may not have looked important, but imo every little bit of inconsistency should have been looked in to. Anyway i would think someone else would have noticed the doll, especially GA, he drove the car and before that opened the trunk. I don’t think it was used at trial was it? so i guess the state didn’t find it important, when it very well could have been.
    It also crossed my mind that the myspace blog could have been a set up, but idk..

    • catoutloud says:

      Hey JustThinkin/User :). Glad to hear your thoughts on this. Are you “user ” from another site? 😉

      Doll #1’s eyes are also made so that they do not open. More like a permanently “sleeping baby”. I first noticed this when I saw there were no black lashes. There are some better pictures out there of Caylee and the doll that show the eyes are just plastic molded into the shape of closed eyelids. There are definitely 3 baby dolls involved. They did show the photos when Cindy was on the stand at one point when she was talking about how the doll smelled. I need to find that for further review of what was shown. Your thoughts on why Cindy would have falsely claimed the doll was there, are EXACTLY what I was just brainstorming on! To make it seem that Caylee left that home ALIVE… AND to make it appear that the last place she had been alive was in Casey’s car and NOT the home. Cindy’s blog could very well have been a set-up. Maybe Casey wasn’t complying and responding the way she was supposed to during that week, and Cindy got worried she might start talking to people? Definitely something to think about, huh? This tactic is no new phenomenon either. I’ve seen it done and it’s crazy the kind of plotting that some people will do! I’m still having some loose ends issues and am determined to at least tie SOME together before I throw in the towel. LOL

  4. GasCanGeorge says:

    Story teller Cindy always has something to say or has an ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING… She has answers for everything because she knows what happened and knew her daughter was innocent, that is why she let her gain complete control over her account during the stalling period. The doll I’m sure was bought by noneother than Cindy Anthony to throw off the investigation……..IMOO

    • catoutloud says:

      Hey GasCanGeorge! 🙂 Glad to hear from you!

      I am still digging through everything and going over certain things again and each time something new jumps out.

      The whole June 9th thing, I do believe that may have been a mistake made by Cindy which everyone followed along with, since Cindy was the one who “knew everything” and was the head of the house. Unless someone had knowledge of how to “advance” the photos and videos on her camera (LEE MENTIONED THIS POSSIBILITY in regard to OTHER photo info TO HIS DAD, BTW) I think, based on the follow-up w/the nursing home sign-in sheet and staff accounts that those photo/video documents have the correct dates. And therefore, it was sometime between June 15th and on, that Caylee went “missing”.

      I do agree w/you on whatever happened to Caylee happening when she was in the grandparents’ care. I think it’s definitely possible that they were the “nanny”, at least some of the time, and Casey just thought it would sound better to her friends if she claimed to have a nanny, and not her parents, ALWAYS watching her. If we go along w/that theory, then maybe once Casey knew something had happened, she and her mom spent all that time on the phone discussing the details. Casey couldn’t say anymore that Caylee was w/her folks because that would implicate her parents when it all came down. So that’s when the nanny became “the permanent babysitter”. Definitely something to consider.

      Cindy did a whole lot of song & dance and hide & seek w/the “evidence”. The messed up part about it, is that all of that only further implicated her daughter. She didn’t want Casey to have to take the fall either. But, if it came down to it, CINDY wasn’t going down for anything! She wasn’t going to let her “hubby” go down either. So if that meant setting up her own daughter, then so be it. But you make a good point as to Casey’s access to the money and cards. This was to keep Casey pacified. The July 3rd MySpace blog, was part of the set up. I’ve seen similar stuff done and said by the sociopath in my own life. Maybe Casey was showing signs of rebellion against the family plan and Cindy had to prepare for that by blasting it on the web.

      The dysfunctional dynamics of this family are in the extreme. The extent that they go to to hide their “flaws” is beyond the norm and it only goes to show how far she would go to maintain the shroud. Casey seems to have been the “scapegoat” and always had been. She was trying to escape and Cindy couldn’t have that!

      The doll stood out to me from day one. Cindy is the only one of FIVE people, who saw inside the car prior to Casey being found, that ever mentioned this doll being in the seat. I forgot to add Gary Ridgeway (the guy that towed the car) to the list in the blog. There’s still the closed-eyed doll missing. Why was that doll not included as evidence? Why the 2nd doll w/the opened eyes, but not the 3rd doll? Shouldn’t ALL of her dolls have been involved in that case? I think the closed-eyed doll is the real doll of concern, since it seems that one is MIA…. The blanket that Sanchez saw in the car before it was towed, was never mentioned by anyone else. I think that blanket ended up w/Caylee’s remains— AFTER the fact. Where doll #1 is, to this day, is a mystery… Hmmm

      • Joyce says:

        I bet the doll with the child’s decomp fluid went on the cruise with G and C in Dec..and ‘accidentally drowned’ when she ‘WENT MISSING : overboard… exemplifying how it is impossible to prove “intention” in the absence of evidence.
        IMO, “Moma-baby” or whatever Caylee called her doll, likely took her ‘maiden voyage’ on the HMS…the ‘heinous-murderer story’ that now protects the whole A-Family (since the trial verdict). I imagine she’s likely at the bottom of the ocean.

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